Sunday, September 30, 2012

Port San Luis

We went to Port San Luis to see the whales.  This year there are lots of fish which brought in the whales.  I  have never ever seen whales at Port or Avila and there they were.  We saw so many creatures that day, whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, seagulls, and pelicans.  Its was like being at the zoo but so much better.  The sea lions and pelicans were going nuts it was awesome to watch and we spent a lot of time out there. 

The whale!

Sea Lions

Hailey so excited

Kade wanted to be held and sit in the ergo. Oh and Erin thanks for the jacket, I took it home with me since you don't wear it. =)


The whale again, sorry its  a little blurry


Oh my there were thousands of birds

I love this picture so much.  Seth hamming it up and my brother in the background pitching. I think my brother needs this picture framed

We went to Uncle Mark's baseball game and Kade couldn't sit still

Avila Barn and Grandma Paula's house

We had to take a trip to Avila Barn to see the animals and take a hay ride

Aunt Hailey and Kade went to pick an apple and it was a little sour

We went with Andres and Isabelle.  The boys had fun

Gotta throw some hay

Seth really liked sucking on the corn.  And Hailey this is one great picture of you! Ha sorry!

Kade enjoyed it too

I think i might have to frame this picture. So when Kade's hair gets long its the same color as my moms.  He is kind of a red head. 

Have I mentioned that this kid loves his bike well he does and he figured out how to go down the little path at my moms and even made the curve and all. 

Found the orange hat at michael's for a buck and Kade didn't want to take it off. 

Having some quiet time watching a wee sing movie.  He really liked them.

Of course he has to have cars with him. Thank you Uncle Mark for sharing your cars

This kid is always so happy

Aunt Hailey was so good with Kade and played with him lots.  They had fun drawing with chalk

Uncle Mark came down one evening.  He jumped over Kade as he rode his bike.  Its a good thing no one got hurt.

Kade thinks Uncle Mark is the greatest

Since dad isn't around Uncle Mark can spin him.

If I let him he would spend 24/7 on his bike.

Seth got some Uncle Mark time too.  Mark was impressed by Seth's hair.  yes it was a little long.

and he may have big ears

Celeste Mark's girlfriend also came down with him.  It was so fun getting to know her and she is perfect for my brother.  She puts up with his crap and gives it right back.  I love her already.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Disc Golf

Dad showing off his moves

Oh wow here comes daddy long legs in for the throw.  I love my bro

My bro is tying to go Pro.  He is good!

The sky was beautiful

Oh man this kid is so cute.  he is always so happy.  I'm so lucky.

Aunt Hailey rolling around with Seth

Kade + bike= love

He is so good on his bike and I'm so glad we took it with us on our vacation.  He is amazing on this thing

I think this is the most precious picture.  Mark took time during his game to play with Kade.  Kade sure does love his Uncle Mark.  Its time like these when I wish we lived so much closer to family.