Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Phone pictures

Maybe I should upload these more often. Here is the last couple of weeks from my phone.
Acting Silly at dinner

One night we went out to frozen yogurt and used Kade's gift card from his birthday. It was a lot of fun and Kade loved it.

Seth enjoyed it too.

Made these for the boys bathroom. I think they turned out great.

Seth was hungry at a team party. I handed him a tomato and well he enjoyed it.

Someone was up way to early!

Found Kade reading one day. He is really into all the Dr Seuss books.

I've put the boys in daycare a few times and its been great. I get a bit of free time and the boys love it. Kade loved building with the wood and glue

Gunner wanted to say hi. She is getting huge.

We went to the temple and it was great! Jesse was able to do the work for his grandpa. My eyes looks slightly scary in this picture.
One day we were out running around getting ready to go scuba diving it was by the lake so we went and played for a little bit. There was a nice boy who shared his toys.

Kade is so good on his bike now! He loves to ride with the bigger kids its so cute.

The weather has been amazing and we spend a lot of time outside. Even if its just to color.

Or play in the pool with the neighbors
And then we got sick! and it would not go away. Kade threw up twice and Seth threw up every night for a week. I'm so glad we are better now. I'm so tired of cleaning it out.
Its crazy how fast these boys are growing up. Seth was painting with Kade and they were having a great time.

Our garden is growing and its so cool. Kade loves to help me water.

This picture makes me laugh.

Made some yummy treats for the 4th of July party

Nothing is better than being able to light off your own fireworks on your street. It was a ton of fun. More pictures from the big camera later.

I made these cute bonnets

Summers here in WA are amazing. One evening we took a family walk around Wapto Lake. It was nice and this park is so pretty.

This sign just makes me laugh "don't swim in areas of scum" oh ok thanks!

Seth was really into this sign

We enjoyed an evening at the Nelsons. Ayden loves to drive Kade's jeep.

Playing in the pool

This is the newest member of Jesse's team. Isn't he so cute.

Seth seems to like having a new buddy.

Someone is being put on time out. He is so funny! His facial expressions are so funny. And do you know what he actually sat there. Then today when I told him he was going to go on timeout he went and sat on the stairs! yes training him right

Then he put on his pouty face!

Mark was asking dad about new pictures of the boys so we tried to take some. 

I love my garden! Yes I'm proud!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camping Part 2

Wow for some reason I'm having a really hard time blogging. These pictures have been done for awhile and I'm just now getting to them. Sooo our air mattress had a leak (sorry if you had to sleep on it) so Jill and I ran and got a new one so here is our old one. Mike is pretty much awesome. Why hadn't we thought of this earlier. He just pumped it up and out they went.

Kade loved to paddle

We took a little family paddle around the lake without Seth. He was sleeping

Kade has really been into his monster trucks recently so I brought them along and it was the best idea. The boys played with them all over the campground.

Seth loved his as well.

So while we were in Walmart getting our new mattress Jill and I decided to do a treasure hunt so we picked up some treasures. The kids loved doing it and they were so good finding their stuff

Kade got a new monster truck.

Rex got a car's monster truck

Chloe reading the map to find the next treasure

Chloe got a My Little Pony

They were super nice and went and got Seth's monster truck. Seth got preoccupied with rocks and water

I love us

Kade showing off his muscles....or maybe just his ribs.

Bobbers that have been floating in the lake taste so good....Yuck

Taste then throw. Seth has a surprisingly good arm

Back on the lake again. Kade attempted to get in the water. he only made it half way in.

This is the way to go tubing.

It was a great camping trip!