Sunday, October 16, 2016

The beginning of October

Jesse was home for a whole 5 days! 
So of course ice cream had to be eaten. 

Lorna set up a super cute farmers market, she crocheted veggies, made some out of paper mache and made some with felt. It was impressive. 

Seth threw up in the morning so he didn't get to go out and play but Jack enjoyed it. He liked the corn a lot

He also liked the pumpkins

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The kids could make money(pretend yen) by selling their veggies, or planting and giving wagon rides. It was so cute. I love having a super creative neighbor 

We were up on Torii to check mail and go to the library and had a picnic dinner at the beach. Dad eventually met us. 

We had a wonderful day at the beach. Luckily Jesse had Friday off and we spent the whole day at the beach. 

The boys love to snorkel here and Jack likes to explore

Throwing rocks/coral is so much fun

Such a goof 

This is the saddest face. Jack was not excited to say goodbye to Dad. Well none of us were. 5 days was not long enough.

So we dropped Jesse off and then got donuts and ate them out front

best hat ever

We swam at the pool one afternoon and had the whole place to ourselves with friends

Seth is getting way more comfortable

We found another new park and its close to home. The boys had a blast climbing on the net

Random art on an apartment building

Kade went along on a photo shoot and was a big help

We have been busy the last 2 weeks getting ready for a Relief Society activity. By the 100 yen store there are goats. 

We have also been busy with soccer and Kade had another day off and we went to the mall and walked around and then got lunch. The boys all wanted pancakes and they came with so much whipped cream. not a bite was left.

They could spend hours watching the fish

This is as close as we get to a pumpkin patch.... a nice display in the commissary. 

Today we decorated cookies with Ephram and Gideon. The boys all did really well and were surprisingly clean

Jack pretended to frost and then just licked all the frosting he didn't care about the cookie

Jack is 2!!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe Jack is 2. Oh this child.... he loves to climb, 

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loves to get his picture taken

is a goofball

loves to explore

has found his belly button 

Doesn't care if he is sandy.
He can get Seth out of a bad mood by copying him
Has broken his arm
Gotten stitches
Is a daddy's boy, won't share him at all
Yells all the time
says about 10 words
loves to mimic his brothers

Birthday boy got some fun hats and a new ball

Jesse picked up some fun hat while in the states.

so fun to watch him get excited about presents

Got some bandaids which I'm sure he will need

A loud noisy annoying card....thanks Kathy

Jesse made his birthday cake


Love this cute crazy boy of mine. Its fun watching him grow and his personality grow. We are so lucky to have this rugrat!