Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun

We have had some wonderfully warm weeks here.  (as i write this its not so nice..grrrrr).  I got to watch Rex and Chloe one day and it was so much fun.  The kids played so well up in the playroom and then we walked down the street to our community park and the climbed and played with the basketballs. It was so nice outside that I bought Kade a little kid pool.  We set it up in the backyard and he loved it.  We used it for 3 days and then well the weather has cooled off again.  Its supposed to be really warm this weekend so hopefully we can fill it up again.
These kids are hard to take pictures of.

They are such good friends

Chloe loving the slide

These boys are so funny together.  They were watching an airplane hence the pointing and staring off into the skye.

Happy boy outside in his pool


Doesn't he look like he is up to trouble?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July this year.  We were invited to a couple different parties but were only able to attend one and it was so much fun.  We went to Jesse's work party.  So Jesse works in a team and its pretty small so we had it with them.  I think there were about 15 adults, 4 little kids and then a few 12 year olds.  It was so fun to get to know the people Jesse works with and their wives.  I am glad to have met them early so when the guys deploy I will know the wives and we can get together to do stuff.  The afternoon was perfect, the food was good and we just relaxed and had a good time.
Kade is ready to play ball.  Where is Uncle Mark?

So it looks like he is peeing on the tire right.  Well he's not I wish he was potty trained that would be awesome.

Hanging out in dad's lap with a stick of course.

This is what happens when someone doesn't get a nap.  He crashed and then quickly got back up to play.

Family picture.

Kade loving the fireworks. He would watch the guys light them then follow them up.

Getting a picture with 4 kids all within 2 months of each other is super hard.  I was surprised they all sat still but not one picture of them all looking at the camera.  The three other kids are children of Jesse's teammates.  It will be fun to hang out with them more they all got a long great.

Kade is the youngest but man he is a big boy.  Granted the twins were born early and only weighed 3lbs so they are still pretty small.

Kade was not super happy when the boys took his toy. 

So they had this super cool lantern thing that you light and the hot air takes it up.  Kind of like a hot air balloon. So when you light it and then let it go this is what happens....

It goes up up and away.  Hmmm kind of bad to let something on fire go.  Good thing its pretty damp and there was no report of a fire the next day.  It was really cool to watch it go up.

This guy loves to be outside.  He also loved to find the parachutes that came out of some of the fireworks.  He would carry them around everywhere.

Oh and check out his man capris.  They are size 18 months and they actually fit around the waist but where are my childs legs.  He is just now starting to fit into 12 months and they still sag.  Oh my poor child grow some legs.

Eating parts of fireworks are not so good.  We had a great 4th of July and had the most perfect weather.
Check the photoblog for more pics

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The other day Kade found my hat and put it on.  I guess he likes to wear it backwards. He kept that hat on for awhile it was so funny.  Then yesterday he found Jesse's hat.  Maybe he is going to be a hat guy.
Hanging out in my hat

Making sure its on right

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shi Shi Beach

We met a couple at Cape Flattery that had just spent 3 nights at Shi Shi beach.  That was pretty exciting because I had seen pictures of Shi Shi beach in a photography magazine and wanted to go and I knew it was close but wasn't sure where it was.  I asked the couple and found out that it was about 15 minutes down the road so off we went.  It was so cool. It was 5 mile hike round trip and we hiked through mud the entire time.  We found out that you can go backpacking down there so we might try that sometime. This place is seriously awesome.
Kade loves to throw sand up in the air over his head. 

Kade walking on the sand.  It was a little tricky for him but he got the hang of it.

It was kind of hazy when we got down here.  But here are the cool rocks,

You can camp right along this beach in that forest that borders the beach.

Trying to get down the little slope

and then he slipped and rolled it was pretty funny.

The other direction on the beach

Sometimes we just need a picture of the two of us

A family picture where Kade refused to look at the camera

This is the root system/underside of a tree it was huge.

This was another fallen tree but then there was a tree growing out the top of this mound and it made the coolest little fort.  It would have been a great shelter for camping.

Melanie I thought of you when we crossed this bridge so you get a picture of it.

And we had one tired boy at the end of our hike. I was actually surprised he fell asleep I guess it was all that fresh air and playing on the beach.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cape Flattery, Washington

Each time I start a post I think I'll just put up a few pictures but then I can't choose which one to put up so then I just add a bunch.  There are just too many pretty places to show.  While we were camping we went out to Cape Flattery.  Its the most northern tip of the peninsula and wow it was beautiful.  It was a short hike down to the tip and wow it was awesome.

Towards the tip. I love how cool the rock formations are and all the trees growing on top.

The water was such a cool color and then you can see some kind of bird out on the limb of the tree.

Most of the path was a boardwalk which was fun.  We learned later that its probably because the ground gets so muddy that they try to preserve the area a little bit by having people walk on platforms.

Isn't this beautiful! We want to take kayaks down there sometime. 

It really is awesome around here

The colors are simply amazing

There was an island out there but its a bird sactuary so people aren't allowed to go out there but there is a light house and another radio tower building that they blew up after they used it so hippies couldn't go live in it.

My handsome boys

Our cute family

And then some of the path was like this.  We really didn't walk on the ground most the hike it was pretty fun.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bear Creek Campground

We were able to go camping one more time before Jesse has to go back to work.  This time we headed out to the Olympic Peninsula.  I found a free campground so off we went. It was so much fun the campsite was beautiful and right along a river.  We were able to go hiking and go to the beach.   It was a wonderful 2 day get away.
Here is our campsite.  Can you see Kade hiding by the tree?
Kade loved walking around the campground and it was hard to keep him at our campsite.  We took a lot of walks.

This child must touch all plants. He spent a great deal of time picking the little flowers off a bush in our site and trying to eat them.  I was lucky enough to catch him from really chewing on the flowers.  He loves being outside.

First off I have to say that I was going to put him in his pajamas soon and didn't bother to button his onsie. I did not realize he was going to go on another walk and play in the mud.  It had rained the day before we got there so there were lots of puddles in the road.  There were only so many times I could keep him out of the mud and water until I just gave up.  I mean we were camping and we were supposed to get dirty right?

He had so much fun splashing in the pudding and getting really muddy.

My sweet boy.  Before we left Kade somehow scratched his face above his lip and then the first day out while he was walking with Jesse he fell and hit a stick with his face and just missed hitting his eye.  He looks a little beat up.

Telling me a story while we took a walk.  I just held my camera at my waist and took a bunch of pictures of our walk.  It was a lot of fun and he had no idea I was taking pictures. More pictures from our trip to come in another post.