Thursday, April 30, 2015

Painting and a hidden park

This is Anne Moss my bff here on the island. We have had lots of fun adventures together. 
One of the ladies from the branch put together a night where we all got together and learned how to paint. 
Working on my painting.
Painting the geisha on.
Thanks Anne for the pictures
Love these silly boys

We got lost going to the egg store and when we turned around and saw a new park. 
It had this little play area/work out area
There were lots of tombs it was almost like the park was in the cemetery. It was very peaceful.
The boys working out

Then we found a roller slide but sadly it was closed.
Then another playground. We did lots of walking and played it was a fun find.

Camping at Torii beach

Before it gets to hot we decided to go camping and invited the Moss family to go too. They had never been camping with their kids before. The great thing was Torii beach is super close right down the road from Jesse's office. 
I was able to fit 4 pallets, the boys and half our stuff in the van.
our campsite. It was really quiet
Kade and Teague 
Across the grass and volleyball court was the beach. It was a little chilly but the boys had a great time swimming.
Bonfires are always fun. The kids had a blast and so did the Moss family. We can't wait to go again. Jill and Mike it is just never the same camping without you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boys and the botanical garden

Jack only wants to eat real food nothing puréed. 

Seth being goofy. 

He loves to drink milk after he eats his cereal.
The boys started swim lessons. They are doing great.
By the way I love their swim suits and yes they are blue and orange.
Jeremiah is so patient especially with Seth.
We joined the cub scouts at the fire station. We got to see the fire dog Sparky and then shoot the fire hose and go in the fire truck.
Also got to wear a fireman uniform
These two were a little tired
Grandma Paula sent snorkel and masks to the boys. Oh man Kade is so excited.
Seth loves to wear his but hasn't put his face in.
We went to the botanical gardens with our neighbors. It wasn't as pretty as I thought it was going to be.
We still had fun. They had a little petting farm. Kade is so good with animals.
He even loved the ducks.
Seth and the tortoise 
And guinea pigs
Then the boys spelt their names out

This one got pink eye. It came on fast and went pretty fast thanks to antibiotics.
Love this one
Gideon and Efram got a pool and are so nice to share it with us. The boys had such a great time.

Out to eat and navy underground

After a day at the aquarium we went out to eat. I don't remember what this place was called and really don't know what we are but it was fun. The bring out the food prepared and then it cooks in front of you on the table. It was really good.


Jack likes his puppy he got from gig.
Trying to get a pic of all three of them
On papa Charlie and Megan's last day we took papa Charlie down the big roller slide. 
Wish I would have video taped Megan she went flying off the slide and cracked a sled.
We then went south to the navy underground museum. This is where the Japanese navy had their headquarters and where lots of people died.

And of course we had t check out the park across the street.
The roller slides were kind of slow and squeaky but still fun

Some things never change

Saying goodbye at the airport. Can't wait for them to come back.