Monday, June 23, 2014

Bainbridge Island

So that one time, about a week or tow ago Grandma Kathy was here and we played a lot. One of the things on my to do list was to take the boys on a ferry ride. Now I have to say I thought it was going to be much more exciting but it wasn't, I mean it wasn't bad. We had a gorgeous day to ride it was awesome.
We rode from Seattle to Bainbridge Island to visit Kathy's friend Adrienne.

Eating a snack and checking out the view before it got windy and cold.

Kade didn't want to be outside. He wanted to sit inside on one of the benches. He was very adamant about it.

Seth enjoying the ride.

Do they look alike?

They are even matching

Checking out the ferry

Al Adrienne's husband owns this boat. He takes it to work everyday across the bay into Seattle. He was nice and let us go for a ride. The boys love it. 

Someone thought he was hot stuff driving the boat. Good thing there was nothing around to hit we did lots of snacks and donuts.

The camera always makes Seth appear so serious which is funny because he is not. He just gets super serious when the camera comes out.

Oh there's kind of a smile

This is the type of ferry we took across.

After the boat ride the men and Kade went back out int he boat. Kade lasted 3 hours! He is his father's son. Seth, Grandma and I hung back at Adrienne's house and her son and daughter-in-law was there with their two girls. I may have been to lazy to go up to the car and get seth's suit. he sported the nude look. Good thing no one cares.

Kade got this water gun for his birthday, then we found one for Seth. They are actually pretty good water guns and can get you really wet.

Love her outfit

Ok so this maybe one of my most favorite pictures and I'm pretty sure its going to make it on the wall. We call it Sasquatch! I have no idea what he was even doing but it totally makes me laugh. I mean look at those ribs and perfect pose!

Seth trying to get dad all wet. Kade is getting into the Pearson mode of water fights. I should be worried. one day we will need to live in a house that has concrete or tile floors so nothing is ruined by water.

We had a great time at Adrienne and Al's house. We walked around Bainbridge, had a bbq and just had a good time. Then we got to ride the ferry back to Seattle and headed home. It was a great Saturday.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oh you know catch up for the last month in phone pictures

One Sunday afternoon it was too nice to stay inside so we went to Spanaway Lake Park and went for a walk.
Throwing rocks is a must

So nice having him home

We see lots of this little butt crack these days. Not sure why his pants don't stay up.

Trying to spot the turtle on the log.

Kade got a birthday donut. He was excited.

For Kade's party we made dion masks. Seth wasn't so into getting his picture taken.

This big boy turned 4! He was so excited to be 4

Family date night out to get pizza just for fun.

One morning the weather was just too nice so I loaded them into the car and off we went to the Northwest Trek and got a membership. The boys had a ton of fun

Love these two munchins, I can't believe we are adding another one to the bunch.

We like to let Pumpkin run around in the front yard. Then we have to chase her down to get her back into her cage and that's not so much fun.

For Mother's day Jesse got our family a vitamix. Its been fun making smoothies and the boys seem to like them.

Sometimes I wish this lawn mower had blades our grass would be looking pretty good.

Such a poser

So I had to capture these too after church one Sunday. Kade just looked too cute and Seth wore goggles to church. No idea why and I didn't fight him at all he was just too cute

So Seth came up to me one day, of course when Jesse was gone for 2 weeks. He had this huge blister on his toe. No idea where it came from. 

He snuggled up and fell asleep on me. Its so cute when he does that.

On Memorial day the Snoqualmie Falls train was having a major discount. It was $5 a person when normally it was $18 a person. Its an old train ride and it was okay. Not so much fun but the boys enjoyed it. Well Kade did but I think Seth's toe was hurting a bit.

And the boys just wanted to eat and eat and eat. Good thing i had lots of snacks

I hear Kade ask Seth "Which earing do you like better?" I just started laughing and had to take a picture.

Kade practicing being a big brother. He was so cute with my friends daughter Henley

Seth loves this little hole at gymnastics. Not sure why but he is so happy playing in there.

Kade being a goofball.

One day Kade told me he wanted to vacuum....well ok so he vacuumed the stairs. I think I could get used to his help.

Seth's post op appointment. Everything looks great and he is speaking so much better now its awesome

Seeing this picture still makes me sad. Our dear friends the Flagel's moved back to Idaho Falls. They were our go to last minute adventure friends. All the boys got a long so great.

We picked Jesse up from the airport in the morning and then hung out at Saltwater State Park until we went and picked up Grandma Kathy. It was fun and warm so that was nice. Kade is really into trying the monkey bars. 

Water fight with dad

When I first looked at this picture I thought it was Kade, I was shocked to see how much the boys actually look like each other. 

I guess he wasn't so excited to be home...ok he was just being annoying for pictures

On Monday we took Grandma to the zoo and spent most of the day there. We were super lucky to see lots of animals being fed.

And we finished our zoo day by riding on the carousel. 

Kade doing the bat at gymnastics. He worked on this at the park too.

He is feeling much more comfortable on the balance beam.

Grandma ordered the boys their very first lego set. It was a fire station and a police station. They love playing with it. I think the lego addiction has officially started.

The boys at the dentist. This was Seth's first appointment and that face doesn't lie he was so excited to sit in the big chair

Our dental hygenist is awesome and let Seth touch some of the tools before she started so he wasn't so scared. He did awesome and was able to get his teeth cleaned.

Grandma bought Kade a new helmet. We have a very excited biker now

We have had an awesome crop of strawberries this year. I mean tons and tons of small ones and they taste good too!

Liam came over to play. He is right in between the boys and they all get a long for the most part

The weather was really nice so we got a slip and slide and little pool. The boys don't slide on it but like to run down it. Maybe they will get the hang of it by the end of summer.


We took the ferry from Seattle to Bairbridge Island. The boys were super excited

Kathy's good friend Adrienne and her huband Al live over on the island so we went to visit them. Al took us out on the boat. Kade got to drive and was so excited.  Good thing its lots of open water with few boats.

After Seth, Grandma and I got off Dad, Kade, and Al went fishing. Kade did awesome he spent 3 hours on the boat and was totally happy

My neighbor brought me peonies from her garden and they were beautiful.

Then I got an early birthday present from Hailey. I love my new salt and pepper shakers.

Ordered new fabric for new babies quilt I am going to use the airplanes because its so bright and fun.

So Kade stubbed his toe when we were at Saltwater State Park and cried a bit but then ran around playing. A few days later it wasn't looking so good and after trying stuff at home and it not working we finally went to the dr. Turns out its a strep infection in his toe and she thought it was broken.

After his appointment we had to go get it xrayed. He is such a good patient.

Papa Charlie came into town and we took him to Dukes for dinner.

Then we took a nice stroll down the path next to the water. Seth is getting super good at his bike.

There is this fancy bell so of course we had to play with it.

Kathy has helped me get a few projects done and one of them was this amazing blanket Erin cross stitched for Seth...umm yeah I've had it for way to long. She helped quilt around the animals to keep the fabric in place and the bound it form me. I'm was so grateful for her help. And look my belly is sticking out in the camera...yes I'm getting big.

We went and explored the Children's Museum with Grandma Kathy. The boys always love it there.

This past weekend we went camping at Scenic Beach State Park. The first day was a little gloomy and windy on the beach and the tide was way in.

Our campsite was beautiful and it was just our little family Friday night then our friends the Nelson's joined up Saturday night and Grandma and Grandpa came over Saturday evening for a few hours but chose to go back home and sleep in the comfortable house.


Saturday morning the tide was really far out and we explored all the sea life. We dug for a clam

I guess I should say Jesse dug for it and finally found it. It was huge

This kid is such a ham. He totally makes me laugh and is so sweet and kind.

This is a sad dying starfish. There is a huge epidemic going on with starfish from Alaska to Baja and they can't figure out whats killing all the starfish. We've never seen so many dead starfish. They just disintegrate and no one knows why.

There was a little park in the campground that all the boys loved playing on. Glad they have good little buddies.

Kathy made a great dinner for Father's Day and then 2 amazing pies, a chocolate cream one and apple. They were so good. So fun to celebrate it with Papa Charlie

Last night reading stories with Grandma before she goes. She has spoiled us in so many ways while she has been visiting. We will miss her lots and of course Papa Charlie too. We are so blessed.