Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camping Lewis Lake Part 1

These are in no order except the order I felt like editing them and so here is our story. We went camping on post at Lewis Lake the weekend Jesse got home. I wasn't wasting anytime while he was home and it was the most perfect weekend to camp. And camping with the Johnson's is always super fun. Its been about 2 years since we last went.

Rex and Seth had fun laying in the grass.

Seth has the best pissed off/grumpy faces ever. We have no idea what he was mad at but this isn't an uncommon face.

Ready to go kayaking. I love all of their faces, true personality coming out!

2 three year olds, 1 five year old, and 1 one year old makes camping fun.

took a walk down the road by the lake.

An awesome view of Rainer. Jill and I ran home we forgot a few things and then I forgot our air mattress had a hole so off we went to Walmart. good thing it was only 20 minutes away. Anyways as we were driving by we saw this so we turned around and took a few pictures.

Brought some bubbles for the kids to play with they were a great.

Bringing the chain saw and ax camping with us makes Jesse a happy camper. He found some logs and went to town. Lets just say the Johnson's went home with some firewood.

The view of the lake from our campsite. We were all alone on this side of the little lake and it was great, so peaceful.

Kade lost his pants

haha not sure what Chloe was doing

This kid is crazy

One of my favorite pictures

Something Jesse has been waiting for for a long time... fishing with his boys. Kade did pretty good his attention span wasn't very long but he loved it.

Seth just likes to throw rocks

Kayaking with dad. Kade loved to paddle and didn't want any help

Kade loved the worms that Jesse got to fish with. He only wanted these little ones and loved playing with them

Just missing Seth on our family paddle

Trying to get some sun on my white legs

Kade helped catch one fish. He wasn't so fond of touching the fish.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nepal and Great Wolf Lodge

Trying to update the blog a little. Here are some pictures from Jesse's trip in Nepal
This is the hotel they stayed in.

Jesse was able to meet up with Kerry in Pokhara and they spent the afternoon paddling on this lake

Cows are sacred there so they don't eat them and just let them roam.

On the lake

Jesse said these kids were super funny in the back of their bus. I like what the back says.

A monkey god

A tree growing out of a monkey shrine

This weekend we went on a last minute marriage retreat to the great wolf lodge. It was a lot of fun and the boys loved it.

Both boys did awesome in the water. 

Seth's shorts may be a little long.

Not sure what is up with his tongue these days. He sure does like to stick it out and make silly faces these days

We do feed our kids I promise

Kade was so brave this time. He went down all the slides he could and wasn't even afraid. Last time we went which was about 9 months ago he wasn't so brave.

Dad had lots of fun too

Love this picture

Seth has the best face when he gets wet. Even people around us would stop to comment. The lifeguards all just laughed and said he was a super cute kid. I agree he is super cute

Another awesome Seth face. and look at that belly

Well I tried for a family picture. Don't mind the guy in the back who looks like he is trying to poop.

Kade was so brave he even went down face first.

See that handsome guy coming down the slide? Kade went down this one too I guess it was super slow. Jesse had to push himself the whole way

Someone is loving the water. Its time to start swim lessons. Not sure how time has gone by so fast. We had a great weekend at the retreat and the marriage classes weren't so bad. Its easy to sit through 6 hours of class when you get a free hotel room and get to play at the water park. Thank you Army. oh and we learned Jesse is an introvert and i'm an extrovert...shocking I know!