Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping trip #1 of 2011

We went camping last weekend and it was so much fun and beautiful.  Have I mentioned that I love where we live? It took us under 2 hours to get up into the mountains and to Silver Springs campsite.  There were tons of trails and waterfalls and it was so peaceful and beautiful and rainy.  Oh how I love where we live....whose coming to visit?
Jesse and I took a walk and everything was so pretty.  It rained all night and in the morning the clouds were lifting out of the trees and it was so pretty.

We hiked up to a waterfall. 

We went with the Johnson's

Did I mention that it rained...well it did and a lot.  Roasting marshmellows in the rain was not so much fun but taking pictures of raindrops was.

Chloe is getting so big!

My happy boys.  Kade loves to point at stuff now.

Saturday morning we went on a short hike and found a huge douglas fur.  It was 9 1/2 in diameter.  I like how it makes mike look small because he is about 6'4"


They have the same mouth its crazy.  I don't know how many pictures I have of them with exactly the same expression on their face.  It makes me laugh so hard.

Hugging the huge tree and Jesse saying I hate pictures like this. Now everyone can call him a tree hugger!

Kade and Jill
Check out my photo blog I put new pictures up from Kade's birthday shoot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing

Today Jesse and I embarked on a deep sea fishing trip and it was so much fun.  We drove down to the beach which is about 2 hours btu a really nice easy pretty drive.  We woke up at 2am! yes way to early.  We had to be down there by 4:30 to check in. Lets just say that I had a very good nap on the boat.  Jesse was really excited to take me deep sea fishing he is always talking about how he used to go with his friend Jaren back at home.  I did not get sea sick and had a great time it was so relaxing.  And a huge thanks to Jill for watching Kade for us all day! She is pretty much the most amazing friend ever.
The boat we rode on the Rock n Roll

The bay at a ridiculous hour...I think 5am ish

We are ready to go

I caught the first fish and this is the first Salmon I have ever caught. 

This is the view from the back of our boat early in the morning.  Not sure what time but it was pretty overcast for the morning but then cleared up and was nice and sunny with a little wind.  Okay a lot of wind. We saw some porposises pretty close, a sea lion, a seal, and orcas way off in the distance.

Jesse was the third person to catch a fish and his was the biggest.  Sorry the picture is blurry

We caught a total of 4 fish which wasn't that much.  We could have each walked home with 2 fish each but we were happy with our one.  One of the other guys on our boat caught the other 2.  Mine is the second going left from right and Jesse's is the end.

Here we are happy with our catch for the day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

We are all updated!

Kade loves his new playroom and being reunited with his toys.  He was having so much fun pulling them all out.  The tent behind him is what my mom gave him for his birthday and he loves it

Oh the glasses have been found again and he loves them

Finding his old toys

Aunt Megan made him this fish hat for Christmas and he likes to sport it.

He likes to help me unpack the boxes

The other day I found him standing on top of this box with his hands on top of the balcony.  I think he was trying to climb up.  Good thing he cant.  Then he somehow got into this position and was whining I thought it was pretty funny and my camera was right there so he got a picture before i helped him.
Make sure to go back 3-4 posts I have been updating a lot tonight.  Alos if you want to see the picture more clear click on it.  Hopefully I can update more frequently.  We LOVE living here and LOVE our new home.  Come visit us!

The Pacific Beach!

We had the most beautiful day at the beach.  I got fried but good thing I put sunscreen on Kade.  The beach was wonderful. We walked around the little town then walked to the beach and played for the day.
Building a sandcastle

My mom got Kade this shirt from Hawaii and it makes him look like an old man tourist. 

There was a baby seal realaxing on the beach until people started to scare it.

Somersault? Crawling with his head in the sand?  I guess things are more fun when they are upside down.

Trying to put his hat back on

He is so happy to be at the beach!

In the water.  He has the shortest legs those are shorts on him not pants

Family picture

The beach we walked on

We stopped to check out the light house

Somebody is happy

Family picture

He loves to stand and check things out.

1 Year Old! Photoshoot

Tried to do a little photoshoot with Kade for his year old pictures.  It is becoming a lot harder to take his picture he just wants to move and since we were at the park he wanted to watch all the dogs not look at the camera

Pondering something.

Trying to fiugre out what the balloons are and just wanted to play with them.

Telling me a story

Hard to have balloons when it is so windy

Kade loves dogs

Watching everyone at the park.  I have yet to photoshop these pictures so they should look much better and more clear on here.  Now I just need to get the desktop to work.

This face!

Isn't this face cute!! Yep this boy is mine mine mine!

He loves to talk on the phone and is always picking up different things to talk with.  Have I mentioned that he is a talker.  He now talks all the time with his hands as well.