Sunday, December 14, 2008

RSVP for Our Wedding

Our reception site has been changed due to the weather. We will now be having it at the LDS institute. It is located on California St across the street and train tracks from the Cal Poly football stadium. There will be signs and balloons out to show the way. Thanks and we can't wait to see you! If you do not want to RSVP here you can send an RSVP to my e-mail at

13 days but whose counting??

Today has been a great day. One its Sunday. Two I get to see Jesse in a week. Three we went to see Christmas lights. Four my friends had a dinner for me. Five I get married in less than 2 weeks.
Tonight we had dinner at Jen and Scott Wilson's house. She is an old Cherry Chubb that I never lived with but she might as well be considered an old roommate because she was always over at the house. She has the two cutiest kids. Sarah and Karl were also there with their boys. And of course my roommates were there. Jen made soup and salad, Em made her amazing breadsticks and Sarah made an awesome pumpkin cobbler. It was all soo good. After dinner there I went up to the Avery's for Henry's birthday (my piece of cake got eaten by a 2 year old but thats okay I was really full). It was fun to see the Avery family along with the Carlisle family. After the Avery's Emily, Kate, Cathy and I piled into Brittany's car and drove around to see Christmas lights.I didn't take any pictures of the lights it was too cold to roll the window down so I took some pictures of us in the back seat. As you can tell I didn't do the best job. Sometimes having a big camera is not always so nice becasue its hard to take pictures of yourself and friends. I would have taken more but the flash was a little bright. Sorry Kate and Brittany I couldn't get a picture of you in the front.

I really do like Christmas season even though this year I haven't really been in the Christmas mood. Hopefully I will be when I go home or maybe its this whole wedding thing that is throwing everything off. There is a lot going on but I should be able to get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe its because they try to start celebrating Christmas before Halloween. I really hate that, all the silly Christmas things out in give it a rest. Well 13 more days until I get married. It sure is coming up fast.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jordan River Temple

So a couple of weeks ago Emily and I went to the Jordan River Temple. She had the day off work and I only had school in the morning so we took off and went to the temple. We wanted to go to the Jordan River Temple because neither one of us had ever been. It is really pretty (well I'm not sure there is a temple that is not pretty). I love going to the temple and I love having one so close. I have been spoiled and blessed by having a temple less than 10 minutes away.