Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do they look alike?

So any guess as to who this is???????Don't you think Kade looks like the picture above?
Everyone thinks Kade looks like a Farrar...well the picture above is my dad. So what do you think do they look alike? Now i just need a picture of me and jesse to put up.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few videos

Here are a couple of videos of Kade from last week. Its crazy how fast the time has gone bye. Tomorrow our little guy will be 2 weeks old.

From the looks of it Kade is going to be a water baby. I sure hope he loves to play in the water as much as he likes to get his hair washed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

due date

Today is the day Kade was supposed to be born. Well I'm glad he came early because this little guys is getting big. Today we took a trip to Averasboro battlefield and then we went to the Smithfield outlets and did some shopping. It was super nice to get out of the house. Then when we got home I was taking care of the baby and Mom and Jesse decided to paint the office. Now its almost done. Oh and I took more pictures of my cutie.This is one of my favorites

2 nights ago we had a crazy storm. Jesse had put his tent up a couple of days ago and never took it down. It has had a nice shower or should I say showers the last few days. It was raining so hard the other night that it almost blew the tent away so Jesse and I ran out to flatten the tent so it didn't go anywhere.Its great to have mom around taking pictures of us and also giving us towels. Hopefully our tent will dry sometime but its kind of hard when its supposed to rain the rest of the week.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Last Couple of days

So you see these fatties? Well they are now gone.and this is what happened to the chickens:
Here is our feast on Saturday with the Cooley's and the Johnson's. Its so great having good food and not having to make it myself. Thanks mom and Jesse
After bath timeOur first Sunday going to church as a family of 3
Okay this picture makes me laugh so hard. Take a look at Jesse's face oh man it makes him look so old. Not sure why he looks so worried.I sewed this little tie to Kade's onsie before church. I thought he needed a Sunday outfit, and I think its super cute
Hailey this picture is just for you! I love his blanket and I think Kade does too. I also made the little nightgown that he is wearing out of one Jesse's old t-shirts. Here is where I got the pattern
Friday we took our first family outing up to Raleigh. We went to REI where we bought the BOB stroller, bellow Jesse taking Kade out for a run. We also went to Costco. Kade did great on his first outing.
Here are some pictures from our second photo shoot.
Of course we had to have something army in one of the pictures
Melanie we used your blanket at church yesterday and he wore his little booties. One of the family picture up top shows him wearing it. Thank you so much they are soooo cute and the blanket is so soft.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This and that

So our son is a week old! Yikes its crazy to think that a week has gone by already. Things have been going well so far even with the lack of sleep. We had our first family outing yesterday and we went to Raleigh to go to REI and to Costco. Kade did amazing we was such a trooper. We now have a sweet stroller and tent. I'll have to take pictures later. We are also trying a new schedule for kade. The idea is he has to feed/wake time/nap time. The idea is from a book called On Becoming Baby Wise. We started it yesterday and last night he only woke up once!!!! well time for me to wake him and start our routine for today
Daddy and Kade time.

Kade LOVES to get his hair washed. He is not so fond of the sponge bath but then who is? When Jesse started to wash his hair he calmed right down and just laid there. I'm pretty sure he was like this for 2 minutes at least. I did get some on video and will try to post it as soon as i can figure out how to upload the videos onto the computer.
Ahh the chickens..... the Johnson's came over the other day and Chloe loves the chickens. I'm not sure how they convinced her to go into the cage with them but when I walked outside there she was. She was clapping at the chickens trying to give them hugs and then she was yelling Boo that them I guess to try and scare them. She is too funny. Oh yeah we are having a chicken feast today, Goodbye white chickens!
We cleaned out the pond the other day and planted some new flowers and filled the pond up with clean water. It looks so much better now without all the weeds and green water. Mom and Jesse did most of the work but I did help a little =)
Thought I would throw in a little family picture that we took the other day. After taking pictures of Kade I thought we needed a family pic so mom took some on the front steps.
So I made this little clutch purse for Erin for her birthday and since she already got it I figured I could post a picture of it now. It turned out a little funny but its okay my sister still loved it. I also made her a super cute bag but somehow I never took a picture of it

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Shoot #1

While he was awake and we had a little sun we got a few of these:This one is my favorite
I love how awake he is, 5 days old and looks at the camera I think I have a model

Grandma Kathy hope one of these work for you. Auntie Jen you can stop bugging us about updating and go update your blog =)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kade's first sponge bath

So its way to early but this child wanted to eat and now I'm wide awake and can't go to sleep so I figured I would do something with my time. I'm amazed at how I can still function with such little sleep. Last night was much better than the night before. We may slowly be getting the hang of it all.
Kade's first sponge bath. He was not a big fan of it but he didn't mind getting his hair washed.Daddy giving Kade his bath and yes he peed all over his new towel

If only we were Jewish...So Kade hates the flash on cameras. Its pretty funny the faces we can get when the flash goes off.
I LOVE his hair! There is so much and its so soft. We are going to have to do something about those side burns one of these days they will be down past his ears before we know it. I think Jesse is jealous of all the hair our little guy has
Here's a picture of Grandma Paula. I need to get more of these. Thanks mom for being here and helping us out you have been a huge blessing. Do you see Kade holding his pacifier he is getting really good at keeping it in place. The best is when he puts his finger in the hole to keep it in place.
Hopefully we can do a little photo shoot today. I sure hope so because I can't wait to take pictures of my little guy. Check back soon I'm sure I'll be updating with more pics.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Kade Daniel

He is here!! 11 days early but he is here and healthy as many of you know. He weighed 9.3 oz and was 21 inches long. His apgar test was an 8 and then a 9. We are getting used to feeding and our new schedule. We are sooo happy to be home oh man its so nice to be in the comfort of our own home. Here are some pictures of our sweet little baby.Minutes old
First family pictures

Daddy and Kade
Getting ready to go home

First picture at home (also my fat picture)
Thanks everyone for your support

Monday, May 10, 2010

15 More Days

So it has been another few busy days. I don't know if I mentioned before that Jill and I were going to make diaper bags. Well here it is. We both made one and we love them. They don't really look like diaper bags which means we can use them for lots of different things. It has lots of pockets and so far we are both Loving our bags. If you want to make one yourself click hereHere is my garden I realize I took the picture kind of far way. Things are growing good I have 3 or 4 zucchini's about ready to get and my tomato plants are getting big they are even starting to flower I guess I better get their cages up. Do you see the lawn?? Yes I mowed it today and man that is hard work. I decided not to try to teach myself how to use the weed wacker. I know it should be pretty simple but it kind of scares me so I left Jesse something to do when he comes home.
Here is a before picture of our not so pretty pond. Today Mike helped me drain it. Oh man it is disgusting and my plan is to clean it out tomorrow. I also bought some shade plants today to plant around the pond. I figure I can enjoy the pond a little bit more than last year since I will be home.

Our chickens are HUGE. Do you see how FAT those white ones are you can kind of see the back of the red ones but man the white ones are taking over.Is it normal for them to be almost as big as their water feeder
And this is why they are so fat they have to sit down to eat and drink. Do you see this one, he has to sit down and drink.
Lets just say Jesse is coming home tomorrow and I feel that we will be having some kind of chicken on the bbq sometime soon. Mom be ready to pluck some chickens when you come!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

37 weeks! and a busy week

Today was a great day even if it felt long. Jill and I plus her kids drove to Willmington to meet up with a friend who was visiting. Wilmington is a cute old town and we enjoyed walking on the waterfront and eating lunch. We also stopped by the beach for an hour or so. I feel like we should have done a lot more today but with a 2 month old that needs to be fed every 2 hours it slowed us down a lot. I guess I should be getting ready to throw our new schedule in too. Hopefully Rex and baby boy will be on the same eating schedule but my luck they wont be. Here is a picture of me at 37 weeks and 3 days...not that I'm counting.

I am now really starting to feel pregnant. I guess I should since I have less than 3 weeks left. Its amazing how a little walking can make me so tired and then sitting makes me tired and its just hard to find a happy medium. I think my body feels so much heavier and I blame not being in the pool for 3 hours a day for that. I am however loving not having to go to work.

This week has been busy I have been working on lots of different crafts trying to get things done. I got a massage on Tuesday which was wonderful. I watched Chloe and Rex while Mike and Jill went kayaking for their anniversary (thank goodness Rex took a bottle, it was his second time trying the bottle) yesterday I finished a diaper bag that Jill and I were making. It turned out great
It was however a lot of work but I think it looks great and so does Jill's. Today we went to Wilmington and tomorrow I have a swim lesson, then learning how to quilt with a lady from work and then another friend is coming over in the afternoon. So if I say I'm tired I guess its self inflicted but I really just don't know what to do with myself if I don't have a list of things to do. Oh yeah and I need to clean the house before Jesse gets home in 4 days. Where did this last month go?

Oh and Below are some cute pictures of Chloe. I lover her glasses and her hair cracks me hair thing just good old sweat and salt water holding that baby up.