Sunday, June 28, 2015

3rd week of June

We started the week off right by diving Monday morning. This is my favorite dive so far. We weren't sure if we would actually make it since it was pouring and there was a threat of lightening. But it stopped right as we got there.
We scoped out the area first and it was so pretty.

Tuesday I had a photo shoot at the Gala. It was a make up session so the boys came with me. Sometime I'll take the boys up and we will go up and make salt.
It's so pretty and ended up being a beautiful evening.
We explored a little bit before the shoot
Thursday we made gak with Gideon and Ephram. I want to do a little science project each weeks. The it's thought it was awesome and I was very impressed as well. I think we will try bouncy balls next

They started to get a little bored so I busted out the cookie cutters
Someone wakes up too early. So we hang out in my room he is just too cute 
Such a stinker
Saturday we went to the little water park. The boys loved it. 
Seth going down the slide.... He looked hilarious
Kade was just a little too short to go down the slides 😔 but he had a great time in the lazy river.
Kade and Robby playing
They spent a lot of time underwater
Jack loved the water too. I just can't take pictures of him in the water.
Lex, Seth and Kensington
All these handsome boys! We love spending time with the Lum's 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pool, zoo, Mama-San beach

The kids were driving me nuts one morning so I set up the pools in the backyard then Lorna set up hers. All the boys played outside it was a great restart for the day.
We ended up back in the pool in the evening too.
This kid is too cute
He loves the water

The boy enjoying the neighbors pool
Kade finally got his last birthday present. Thanks grandma Kathy and papa Charlie. It's scooter but acts more like a stair stepper to actually move.
We went the McT pool this week and the boys had a blast. There is the perfect kid area that's shades. Kade also passed the  swim test so he can go off the diving board.
We watched Kensington on Friday so we went to the zoo. 
The hippos were out waiting for breakfast

Holding guinea pigs
Then we of course had to ride on the cars.

There is a museum in the zoo called the wonder museum and the boys had a great time. It's a little hands on science museum.
Jack trying to get in on the action

We ended Friday at the branch summer party which was a lot of fun. Kade got a snake painted on his face and man that was not easy paint to get off.
Saturday we went to Ikei Island and had a great day. We played at the beach and then Dan, Jesse and I went diving. It want anything fancy but was still a lot of fun. Anne and kami were so nice and watched our kids for us. I'm so grateful for amazing friends.

The water temperature is amazing
Kade snorkeled a ton
Love this picture
There was a storm blowing on Okinawa and it was headed our way so we packed it up around 4:30 and called it a great day.
Isaak and Kade 
The Moss family plus Kade snorkeling