Thursday, November 29, 2012

A picture

I am not a huge fan of blogger right now!  but here is one pic as i try to figure out what I have to do to upload pics on here without having to pay.  Grrrrr but such is life.  The quality isn't going to be great but hey i guess most people don't care.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Green Alien

Again I don't think I have to put words to these pictures. My little green alien is just too cute and thanks to the amazing Jill Johnson he has the sweetest beanie. When I looked at these pictures I couldn't believe how big Seth looks.  I think its about 8 months when babies don't look like little babies so much and more like little boys. I mean yes still babies but something changes I remember thinking the same thing not to long ago when I looked at Kade's pictures.

This is my favorite!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I don't think I need any words for the pictures below.  I have the cutest silliest Woody around

Trunk or Treat

I love these guys.  I love that we could get them all to dress up for the same movie.  Thank you Chloe for being Jessie at the last minute it was perfect.  I put on the trunk or treat for our ward this year because last year was pretty lame.  It was super easy to organize and turned out awesome.  We had over 40 families there.  Jill, Dri, Rex and Chloe came down for the fun. 
This year I decided to go easy for Halloween.  One because Kade doesn't like to dress up, he doesn't like stuff on his head (except hats) so since he is obsessed with Toy Story I thought Woddy was a great choice.  It turend out to be super easy.  Different friends let us borrow boots, and the Woody hat.  I got a white shirt from another friend dyed it and then used  a red sharpie to make the lines.  Super easy and kind of fun. I found the vest at good will for $3 and the hankerchief for a $1.  It doesn't get much better than that.
Seth's costume was super simple too.  Thanks to Jill and her amazing skills she whipped out the beanie in a half hour one afternoon while she was here. Turned out amazing!! then I found a long sleeve blue shirt  for $4 and flipped it inside out and put on a pair of his pants.  Now he has a new shirt and a new beanie that we can use over again.
I found Rex the buzz costume at goodwill for $6 and Jill made him the wings, and then she made Chloe's chaps and shirt.  I think we pulled off Toy Story super well this year.  I love that we as parents still have a say in what they wear.  I think that is going to end in a few short years.  Crazy how time flies.

More Halloween Pictures to come I just had to get this one up.