Friday, January 28, 2011


I am going to make my blog private so let me know if I should put you on the list to see my blog.  Thanks

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So this is how we have been spending our time.  Okay well kind of.  Kade is starting to roll all over the place and he found the step today and decided to prop his leg up and relax.  He gets really frustrated when the wall, step, or couch do not move for him.  He needs to learn how to move his arm so he can roll the other way.  (sorry the picture isn't great its from my phone)

Kade has been a little sick I'm not sure if its from traveling or teething or what but he have been hanging low in this ridiculously cold weather.  We want to go back and play in California! 

I went to a relief society activity last week and we talked about organization and Sister Burris came up with 15 steps to help keep ourselves organized so I thought I would share and help me remember what I need to do.  Some things we have been good at and others need some work.
1. Determine Goal
2. Declutter
3. Don't rely on memory-write it down
4. Consolidate similar activities
5. Clean out files
6. Use one calender for family
7. Plan telephone calls-set time limits
8. Take time for yourself
9. Delegate
10. Identify
11. Determine best times for tasks
12. Set deadlines
13. Toss out old magazines
14. Color code closet
15.Closet and Drawers space- roll clothes

Now that Kade is down before 10 tonight I am going to make a valentines day pillow and maybe hopefully one day I will get it posted.  I ran out of pictures space on my blog so I'm trying to figure out what I should do.  I have a ton more pictures to post and a few more projects to post.  One day I hope to get all caught up.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part 3

A cousin picture for the grandparents. 
Brinly wanted a ride.  Notice the back wheel...good luck Davin

We had the most beautiful weather so my dad, Jen, Davin, Kade and I went to see the monarch butterflies and walked down to the beach.  We saw some pretty cool trees along the way.

Love this picture of my dad and Kade

Can we please go back!

We took a trip down to Solvang to buy fabric at the 99 cent fabric store.  Solvang is an old Danish town and one of the shoe stores has this oversized clog out in front to take pictures with.  Well of course I had to put Kade in it and he loved it.  I think about 20 different people stopped to luck at him.

Bath time with Davin and Alec (thanks Davin for looking at the camera)

Alec and Kade were having so much fun splashing and laughing it was super cute

Baths are really so much more fun with cousins.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part 2

Oh man doesn't he look so old in this picture?

Cliff (Jesse's cousin) and I were trying to figure out what different settings were on our camera so Alec and Kade became our models.  I think these two will be best of friends.

We hiked around Pirates Cove and it was beautiful. 

All the seals were laying out on rocks because it was such a nice day and well this is the nude beach and well it was a nice day. Luckily the only nude person we saw was a little 5 year old kid running up and down the beach wearing a super man cape it was hilarious.

Did a photo shoot with my friend Isabelle's little boy Andres and Kade joined us in the grass.  I just love the colors in these pictures.  I am kind of kicking myself for not getting Kade dressed before we went outside.

For some reason I can't turn this picture but i love how it looks like he is sleeping.

Now just look at that face...too cute.  Have I mentioned that I love the grass too.  This was in the Pearson's backyard

Having a very important discussion.

This is my new favorite picture.  I'm not sure what he is doing but I love that he is showing off his 2 teeth. They came in on dec 12.  Kade now makes this face all the time and he thinks he is so funny as he bounces up and down.  We are lucky we have one super cute and fun kid.  I still can't believe he is 8 months old where did the time go?  Okay more to come tomorrow.  I figure I'll just do a few pictures each day so there will be lots of California posts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part 1

Kade and I flew into San Fransico and our friend Kendra picked us up.  We then stayed with the Mayott's for a few nights and it was so much fun.  Kade and Dylan played great together.  Kade loved their toys.  Oh and Kade did awesome on the flights.
Here are the Mayott kids and Kade they were so funny.
Kade and grandpa Hank
We went to Montana de Oro to have our family picture taken and came across these sea urchins all together.

Kade at the beach.  His 7 month picture, well one of them at least.  I will play with these more once I get some time.  I have a bunch and I think they turned out super cute

Kiwi Ashby took the Pearson Family pictures.  We stayed around and i took more pictures. Kiwi offered to take a quick picture for us with my camera which was super nice of her.  Check out her site she is great. Thanks Kiwi
The weather was so nice that we played outside a lot and Kade enjoyed swinging at Grandma and Grandpa Pearsons. ( I love this picture)

Sitting on top of the mountain.  Christmas Eve hiked up Madonna Mountain which was fun.  Kade did pretty good for his first real hike.

Kade in the carrier.  This picture cracks me up.  His Aunt Emily made him the beanie

After our hike we went to Grandma Helen's for the Pearson's Christmas Eve get together.  There are all of GG Helen's great grandchildren (well for now)

Christmas morning
Cousins playing with their new bubbles and Aunt Kerry and Aunt Megan

A random Christmas morning picture, not sure what Kathy and Jesse are counting

Story time with Grandma Kathy. She got them all matching pj's

Alec and Brinly they are just weeks apart in age.

Kade's first Christmas so I had to get a picture at dinner before I forgot.  Okay more pictures to come I took way to many while in California and I doubt I will be editing many of them, i haven't so far and well that is just going to take time. I have a Valentines day table runner that I better get busy with.  I am so excited to work on some new projects.  If I remember I'll take a picture of my christmas table runner it was super cute.