Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garage Saling (is that spelt right?)

So I got my new camera this week and its sooo cool.  I still need to sit down and read all about it but that just seems like a big chore.  And having time has been a little hard as well, Kade thinks its okay to go to bed after 10pm.  My friend Rebecca and I have been going to garage sales every weekend and it was been so great so I thought I would share some of my treasures.  But to start off here are some pictures of Kade.
I LOVE this picture it makes me laugh so much. Kathy he loves his worm (the wooden bead toy he is holding).

I was playing around with my camera.  I don't really like this picture of me but I think its pretty cute at Kade

This picture is a little dark but I don't care. Yesterday was a great day at garage sales.  I got the mirror for $10 and will probably repaint it..any suggestions on color?  I also got Kade a ton of books. All the books I got him are pretty much brand new.  I also got him a swet puzzle.  I think I paid maybe $6 for the books and the puzzle.

Last week I found this popper for $2 and Kade loves watching it. Now I just can't wait for him to crawl so he can get the balls when they fly out.  Also got books, the top ones are soft books which are pretty cool

Rebecca and I made these Halloween decorations

I got that turquoise frame a couple weeks ago and then painted it I love that color

Here are more finds from yesterday.  I am so excited to use the suit cases in a photo shoot.  One was $2 and the other $3.  The white  thing is a chalk board with a little holder i just thought it was cute and then another toy for Kade for a buck

Last week I found the wash bin for $3-what a steal.  THen i found some hard back books that are Dr. Seuss. and the stool i found on Friday at an estate sale.  Can't wait to use these two props as well.

And I'm pretty sure I broke something on my foot.  I hit that stupid bouncy seat as I was trying to get to the phone. Anyways it hurts and it makes me mad because I can't run and its so pretty don't you think?

Happy Halloween

My cute little bear

I think he is trying to look like a scary bear =)  I know you are scared.

Jesse kept calling him an ewok so he then became an ewok. It wasn't too hard to add a cut up shirt to his outfit.  And since he was dressing up I decided to be Princess Leia.  When I told Jill he decided that she would make buns for my hair.  I think it turned out awesome.

I don't really like this picture it makes me look huge but I had to show off my outfit and my ewok

I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for making this outfit.  It was not easy fabric to sew with but I did it and it hits him. Oh and thanks to Jill for making my outfit in about 10 minutes.  I am so glad she is back

Friday, October 22, 2010

Venison and Pumpkins

Last Saturday we met up with the T family and went to the farm near by.  Its cute but not as fun or as cool as the Avila Barn back at home.  Here you have to pay to go see the farm animals and they bring the pumpkins in they don't grow any.  It was still fun and a beautiful day.  The weather has been awesome the past week.  I love the fall time except I don't like my feet being cold and now they are always freezing.  I have also been running 3 times a week with Mrs T and feeling a lot better.  Hopefully my pants will fit better. Man this little guy added fat in weird places.

Okay so it was a little bright where we put him, doesn't he look thrilled to be at the pumpkin patch?

A family picture. I love Kade's face he has been sucking on his bottom lip a lot and makes this face, it just cracks us up oh and he has learned how to spit so while he is doing this face the amount of slobber that comes out is amazing. 

This is one of our friends Lil B. Isn't he so cute!

We walked over to see the horses and Mrs T is tryint to take pictures of Lil B

We decided to start using out venison, I mean it doesn't make since to have it sit in the frezzer.  Sorry if you are grossed out but I wanted to post this because we got this meat grinder with our kitchen aid for our wedding and this is the first time we(I mean Jesse) used it.

It works great

I thought the close up was pretty cool

And we made spaghetti with it.  You can't even taste the differnce.  The best part is venison is supposed to be really lean meat.  And how cool is it that it came from a deer Jesse shot. Tonight we made tacos and they were just as good.  I think I could get used to having a ton of meat in the freezer and never having to buy any.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rice Cereal

Kade tried his first rice cereal Saturday, its was pretty funny.  Actually I think the second day was more comical but no pictures from that.  Last night he ate a lot more but we think thats because we were eating at the same time we were feeding him.  Someone gave us Halloween bibs and how appropriate for the season.  This shirt also makes me laugh it reminds me of my brothers shirt, so Mark Kade is trying to dress like you =)
Getting ready for his first bite, someone looks happy

Not so sure

Well its not so bad

This is my favorite face

Monday, October 18, 2010

A few more from the cotton fields

So I went back out to the cotton field and took Jesse along with me.  I wanted Kade to look at the camera in at least one picture and I think it worked out great.  I really love having a husband that supports me and all my crazy fun ideas. 
Yep he is talking, and he has been playing with his tongue a lot these days.

Here is my happy boy, oh man his hair just makes me laugh

I am having a lot of fun playing with the pictures in photoshop I just can't decide which one I like the best I think it just depends on the picture.

So this cotton field has already been picked and its amazing to me how much cotton is left behind.  I guess using the machines is easier and more cost effective even though it leaves a ton behind.  I love how Kade is playing with his tongue in this one.  And I'm loving this wagon.  I just picked up a red tricycle at a garage sale. Can't wait to use that in a photoshoot.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo shoot with the little man

Had a photoshoot with the little man 2 days ago for his 5 month pictures.  It was so much fun because I went with friend and her two kids. I also got to use the coca cola wagon my mom bought me when she was here.  Then last weekend I was able to find a cool tray of old glass coke bottles.  Seeing how we live in the south and there are cotton fields all over the place we decided to take pictures out there.  I think they turned out pretty good except Kade wouldn't look at the camera. I also played around when I was editing them because I downloaded some new actions. Please tell me which one you like the best and I'm sure I'll post more as I get them edited because I am having so much fun with them.  Happy 5 months little man

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Weeks Happenings

So the other night when I was changing Kade I left his onsie up on his head and then he started to make all these funny faces so I set him up ran and got my camera and took a few pictures,

I don't know if I like this picture better or the one bellow better because they both make me laugh

I mean look at this face.

So my friend Jill has been gone for over a month! and its killing me but it also made me get out and meet new people and I am thankful for that because we have hung out a lot with Britta and Jersi.  We went to the Gillis Hill Farm last week and looked at all the animals. It was a lot of fun until Kade spit up all over me.  He never does that so I didn't have anything with us so we walked around with throw up all over us.  OH well it was still fun.

We saw Hamlet the pig and Jersi really liked him.  First the hand.

And then I nice big slobbery kiss.  It was soo funny.

Britta held Kade for me so I could take some pictures.

Sitting up high on the fence. Only worried about putting those hands in his mouth.

Found this seat at a garage sale last week.  I will have to post about my finds they were great.  I love garage sales. My mom and I had just been talking about these little seats and how great they were.  Wel I found this beauty for $2 and well as you can see Kade seems to enjoy it.  He liked watching his toys float around in the tub.  HE aslo kicked his legs the entire time it was so great.  And mom do you see the wash cloth?  He didn't slip once

He wouldn't look at me once while I had my camera out.  I am a huge fan of this seat!

Grandma came to visit

 I took my mom to Mazerick Park because it has a great walking path and is so pretty.  I love all the trees in the water.  The weather was perfect crisp fall weather.  Now its warm and humid again.  Kade seemed to like it outside he is doing really good in his stroller, for the most part.  And I just had to take picture of these men fishing because it wouldn't be a Sunday afternoon in Fayetteville if you did see a few men fishing.

My mom came out for a week and it was wonderful.  Kade like Grandma Paula he even fell asleep on her shoulder.

Story Time. Kade is really starting to like books which is fun

And those hands he just can't keep them out of his mouth.
I do have more pictures to upload so maybe I'll get those done sometime soon but for now enjoy these cute pictures.  Oh and he will be 5 months tomorrow....craziness.