Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My bed was taken over

 First off the other night I made this giraffe and i have to say i'm pretty proud of myself. Bryn came over and we had a sewing night.  I saw it on someones etsy shop and me being cheap didn't want to buy one and figured I could make my own so here it is.  I drew up the pattern on a brown paper bag and then went to town.  I put a bell inside too so it jingles a little bit thanks to the batting its kind of muffled.

I walked into the room the other night and saw this so I grabbed my camera.

Don't let them fool you neither of them was asleep. But Kade looks like he is up to something... like hehe mom I'm in your bed

They were just too funny. I did get my spot back thank goodness and I now have the whole bed to myself while Jesse is at work for the last 2 days

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My baby is 4 months and a deer

To start things off Jesse shot his first buck Saturday.  He was very excited so I now have to learn how to cook with deer meat.  Anyone have any good recipes please feel free to share

This little turkey is 4 months well I know you all know that but there are some pictures I took out in the yard the other day. He loves to play with his feet.

Melanie I know you don't like the naked pictures but he is just too cute and well he does have a diaper on.

Holding that head up high.  And I love his face I mean look at those eyebrows

I think this one is the cutest. Oh and he is laying on a jean blanket that I'm trying to finish its only taken me oh I don't know 6 months now maybe more.  I did buy batting a couple of days ago so it should be finished soon. If only Jill were here to help..sigh

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cumberland County Fair

The weather has been beautiful here.  Saturday was so nice and I did not want it to go to waste so we headed off to the Cumberland County Fair.  This is a small fair it makes the Midstate Fair look huge especially their livestock section.
Here are the men of my life
We saw the livestock section and this beauty caught my eye.  I want a chicken like this. It looks so funny I mean you can't see any of its face just its beak.  I loved it. Oh and I think this was a rooster.
Wow can you say UGLY.  Look at how scary that face is.  I feel that he is ready for Halloween, however i do think his body is pretty
So maybe this is mean, yeah I'm pretty sure it is but Jesse and I were just so shocked and disgusted at the same time.  First off I don't think anyone should wear spandex especially overweight people. So this lady is wearing spandex that really don't fit, then on top of that he had a corn on the cob in one hand and totally chowing down on it, then she had something else in her other hand, food under one arm and a huge drink under the other arm, and to top it off corn all over her face.  I'm still not sure what to think about this
This was a booth at the fair, I thought it deserved a picture because it was pretty ridiculous and we actually saw people going up to pay to go look through the window.
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to win fish....I didn't win any
Then we watched this show called the Star Family Circus, wow it was sad. I mean the guy walking on this thing was pretty impressive while it moved.  It was pretty high in the air
But then the guys wife did a dog show and it was ridiculous. She had dogs jumping over 2 foot hurdles.  Then the daughter did some hula hooping and then they rode motorcycles in a round ball. cage thing.  Anyways we just stood there and Jesse made the comment that it was like watching a really bad movie but it was live so it was so much better
Kade went on his first fair ride.  Someone gave us 3 free ride tickets so we decided to take Kade on a ride.  Pretty funny because I don't think he cared.  Jesse said that he cried every time it went in the sun and just sat there and chewed on his hand.
I think he was more interested in his hand then anything else
I had Jesse take a picture of me and Kade so I could actually be in a picture.  Yes I got my hair cut last Friday.  I like having it short except it is doing a big poof thing, I should be used to it by now.  Then as I was posting this picture I noticed the ladies hair that is in the picture.  I think I must have triple the amount of hair that she does.
The fair was fun and it was nice to get out of the house and go do something that we don't normally do.  Friday Kade had his baby well check up and he weighs 16.7 lbs and is 25.9 inches long.  He is getting sooo big but I think he is very well proportioned.  

Camping Smith Lake

Last Friday we went camping with the singles branch.  I'm not going to lie it was pretty stressful and I didn't sleep well.  I think I may have gotten 3 hours of sleep which for me equals bad very bad.  I did however get some fun pictures of Kade.  He did pretty good except when he woke up at 1am and decided it was time to play.  I love how he will let anyone hold makes my life great.
Just in case anyone was worried that my child doesn't have hair here is a picture to show all that he has plenty of hair
I love this little smile
His faces sure do make me laugh

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 months

Yesterday this little man turned 4 months.  Its crazy to think that he is already 4 months old.  He is now wearing his 6 month clothes and can fit in a few of his 3-6 months but those are getting snug.  He goes in for his 4 month baby well check up on Friday so I'll get the stats on that later.  I think he is starting to teeth do to the amount of drool and how he puts everything into his mouth.  He giggles when we tickle him and is pretty happy most the time unless its time to go to bed.  Recently he has started staying up until 11 or 12 but then sleeps through the night.  I'm working on getting him to bed earlier but he just isn't tired.
Here is my happy little man talking away in his swing
I am so grateful he likes his swing
Yes and he is due for a haircut and well lets be honest he can just wait a little longer, maybe I'll have my mom cut it when she gets here...hehe

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jordan Lake Part 2

Jesse bought himself a bow for his birthday and its a Ben Pearson bow which makes it even better because it has our name on it. Oh and its his grandpa's name.
See it has our name on it
Practicing in the backyard
Look at that focus
Okay so here are some more pictures from our camping trip last weekend.  We had a nice little set up with our new tent
Here are the views out of our tent.  I liked waking up to the fresh air and trees
Isn't it soo pretty
Here is our happy little family, even though this isn't the best picture of Kade.
Kade and I hanging out while Jesse sets up camp =)
Kade has now begun to chew on everything, especially his blankets
Hanging out in the camp chair, I love this onsie so thank you to whoever gave it to us.  He is now sporting his 6 month clothes
We Love hanging out with the Johnson's here is Chloe and JIll
This is Mike's morning face and Rex is hanging out with dad
Haha I love this picture of Jess, Can't you tell he is thrilled to be awake and making us dinner
The Johnson's had to leave a little early and they took their spatula with them, well that left us to being creative with breakfast the next morning.  I have to say the ax worked great.  We also love Jesse's burner
Hanging out
Kade went on the kayak for the first time and hated every minute of it.  He lasted maybe 2 minutes and then Jesse brought him back. So Kade's double chin makes it so he can't fit in a life jacket because he has no neck.
Chloe hanging out on her tube on the lake
I love this picture of Rex its too cute
I went on a nice quiet kayaking adventure by myself to take a picture of the bald eagle we had seen all weekend but he flew away right before I  could take a picture.
So I got a picture of this guy instead he is still pretty but not as cool as that bald eagle.  It was a great weekend

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jordan Lake Part 1

We went camping this past weekend up at Jordan Lake. Its up by Raleigh so it wasn't a bad drive at all.  The weather was perfect for camping wow we couldn't have planned it better.  Below are a few pictures that we took and I'll upload more tomorrow.
Here we are not wanting to get out of our tent. 
My boys all snug in their sleeping bags.
And Kade went in the lake as well and didn't seem to mind after awhile.  At first I think it was a little cold for him but it wasn't too bad and after awhile he liked it.  Each time a wave came up he would gasp it was super funny.  This picture makes me laugh even more he looks so silly.