Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flight home, Kade starts school, grandma Paula comes

I think these two are a little tired after a full weekend on the go.
This one not so much. 
The airport had this cool horse display
It was beautiful and full of color
Waiting at the airport. Our flight was a bit delayed.
We made lots of new friends. This little Asian boy was cute.
Everyone loved Jack and he loved all the attention.
These ladies loved him
Seth had these group of girls to play with.
Way too funny
Keeping busy on the plane
Thankfully Jack fell asleep
We got home Monday and Kade started school a week late. He didn't care and had a great first day just a little tired.
I think he was a little nervous.
He has 2 friends from church in his class. This is Rylan, his good buddy that we walk to school with.
A play date for Seth and Ephram.
Now if this isn't good bed head I'm not sure what is. Haha love this kid and our time we get when Seth is at school.
Back at gymnastics with Seth. He is getting really good.
Grandma Paula is here for a visit and the boys are excited.
I had a photo shoot at Maeda Flats and we had fun playing at the beach before the beach. Mom was having fun looking for sea glass.
I love this picture
Grandma and her boys
See I do exist sometimes
Back to the car
We ate here for dinner and it was good.
Grandma brought Guess Who. Kade lost so he said he didn't want to play anymore.
We had another shoot at Toguchi Beach and we had grandma going down the roller slide.
She had fun
More sea glass searching
We went for Ramen and had some fun. Giving mom a taste of Japan.

Kensington turned 5 and we had fun celebrating with him.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hong Kong Day 7- ocean park

On our last day we didn't have anything planned so we decided to go to Ocean Park. It's like a zoo and amusement park all rolled into one its kind of crazy. 
We too the metro to a bus stop and then got in the bus. Let me say it's not easy getting all your stuff and kids and stroller on a bus by yourself. Thankfully we had a by of help from a girl. Then we got to sit on the top level of the bus. The boys were so excited.

Seth just stared out the window it was so cute.

We went to the aquarium first
The boys loved it
The we saw the giant pandas.
A view of Ocean Park
They had a whole room dedicated to gold fish it was awesome 
They had all these characters and they were dressed up for Halloween.
The park had a whole area with kid rides. The boys loved. Oh man Seth was thrilled he could ride all the rides. He smiled ear to ear

We headed to the train depot in the park and it was fun. It goes to the upper level of the park through the mountain.
The train looked like a submarine it was so fun.
This boy loves to clap

On the upper level it has lots of big rides that we the boys were to small to ride. We even saw some sea lions and seals because we needed to go all the way to Hong Kong to see those. There was so much more to see but we were all tired and ran out of time.
We then took the gondola back down to the lower level
It was a gorgeous view
We went back to see if the pandas were up and moving and the red panda was.
Kade liked the red panda

Seth liked the giant panda so do I
We had a great time and so we headed back to the metro to meet up with the Chows for dinner.
the Chows love food so this is our pre dinner-toast and it was all so good 
We then went to a 100 day celebration. It is like a baby shower for for the baby but the celebrate when the baby is 100 days old so they can be there. It was fun to be apart of it.
The Chows with their relative and the baby.
Kade watching how to play mongjong. 
Mr Chow kept Kade and Seth entertained.  It was so cute.

This is the place we ate
Last ride on the metro and it was pretty empty. It was nice to sit down.