Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun in Idaho

 While in Idaho we got to play a bit. Some of us went to the ice caves. There were fun and cold and the drive out there was so much fun... Mark and Hailey singing disney songs and who knows what else. It was very entertaining.

The water at the beginning was so gross

Me sliding on my but

We made it to the end of the tunnel

Dad and Mark going down the little slide at the end

Erin trying to get up. 

Our car after offroading to get to the cave.

We went to Hailey's old work to get lunch and ice cream. The boys loved it.

Mark and GG having a very serious conversation

My handsome boy

The boys got to ride their bikes around the hotel parking lot.

Seth not happy it was time to get off and go inside.

There is an awesome water park in Rexburg and Kade was brave that day and went down the slides. He was loving it and started to go down on his stomach.

We also headed to Monkey Rock to swim but the water was freezing and there was a lot of water. I guess it was twice as much the time before Hailey had gone. The boys were happy throwing rocks into the water.

Hailey Graduates

So we made the long trek to Idaho for Hailey's graduation. Hard to believe she is done with school that just makes me feel really old. We had a great time as you can see in the pictures.
Hailey got to say the prayer for her group

Yeah she did it

Happy to be done

Oh my siblings make me laugh

Look and then we can be a cute normal family

Mom and dad you have awesome kids