Monday, November 24, 2014

A few more pics

There was cotton candy at the Halloween party

Our Pirate family. haha look at our little pirate

We got some frozen yogurt with Grandma Kathy. Its so yummy

The Yetti

I tried to take pictures of the boys for passport pictures....Haha yeah

3 boys in a tub. I'm still amazed at how successful it was.

More pictures from Casper Baby Pants

Seth and Libby are so cute they love holding hands...future couple??


Kade wanted to take a picture of me and Jack. And look my house is still clean! (well was,...haha)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Most of November

Megan made Jack this awesome blanket. Its super soft. I am still not sure how she has time to knit on her mission

Kade ready for church. He picked out his shirt and tie, and then put his new hat on and mustache and was ready to go. we just died laughing. He wore this to church for the primary program well not the hat or mustache but man such a sweet outfit

My handsome boy at church. I love that sweater

So i normally don't take pictures at church but this picture is so sweet because Luke is autistic and doesn't normally play with kids in nursery and seeing Seth and him play was just too sweet.

Having a serious conversation with Grandma Kathy

The George's came for Halloween and Jack's blessing. It was pretty funny looking over the railing and seeing the dads with all the kids on some type of electronic. Exciting times over here I tell you. 

Cousin time!!

He is just too cute

We carved pumpkins on Halloween with the Georges. 
Super Seth

Trick or treating fun. I have lots of pictures on the actual camera. Kade decided to go as Darth Vader and Seth was super man. Seth sang a lot while trick or treating. He sang spiderman, spiderman, over and over, or he sang happy birthday. He is my little singer

It was a clear cold night to trick or treat. I had to take this picture because dad sent me a picture of it raining there and it was clear here so it was kind of funny

Papa Charlie flew up for the weekend to bless Jack. He likes to take a Sunday nap.

Aren't these boys handsome? They look like they are ready to go to work. Yes the boys have been into their mustaches since they found them in the drawer. Thank you Erin.

So we have the worst luck with animals. We lost Oreo, I'm pretty sure someone just really liked him and took him in and he can't get out. Sally was very sad and became super whinny. We let her in the house a lot more. Well now Sally has found a new home at the neighbors since we are moving. I'm sure she is loving it over there. She gets a ton of love and there is another cat. Glad we don't have to drive to CA with her and super happy she is at a great new house.

Aren't they the cutest

Scripture time in matching jammies from Auntie Lisa. Jack needs to grow a little bit more to fit in his.

So he hung out at Ken and Pam's for a few days while we showed our house. I'm grateful we only had to keep it super clean for a few days. We put it on the market on Thursday and had an offer on it Sunday evening!! Wahoooo

While we hung out at Ken and Pam's Jesse helped install their dishwasher so none of us had cooked so we went out to dinner and had a great time. We will miss them so much.

We hung out at the Johnson's for a lat lunch after church. Man we will miss them too. It will be sad not to see the boys grow up together.

He thought he should wear this vest for pictures...i love him

kade finally held Jack and the picture is blurry...dang.

I attempted to bathe all three boys in the bath and it was a success. 

I love this smiley boy.

Waiting for swim lessons to be over so he could swim. He insisted on wearing my goggles

Some mornings i'm too tired to get out of bed so Seth gets to watch a show on the ipad or play a game. Its fun to just lay in bed with him

Jolene and I took the kids to see Casper Baby pants. Seth and Libby got up and dances while Kade sat there bopped his head and tapped his foot. I think he was too embarrassed to get up and dance, he was a lot taller than the other kids

This kid LOVES legos!