Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and First part of our trip

We spent Christmas Eve with the Johnson Family. Jill's sister was also there she is the one in black. We hang out with the Johnson's all the time at least once a week. Chloe is also our favorite and I think she likes us too seeing how she loves to come to our house and can say both of our names.We made gingerbread houses. Jill and I worked on this one with a little help from Adrienne. Jesse made a sweet cow but I don't know where that picture went but I will find it later.
And I guess a picture of the 2 of us would only be appropriate. Not sure what is going on with Jesse's smile but this was the best out of 5 pictures.
You can tell what we both wanted, we got each other DVD players. Now we just need an updated TV. Hmm maybe that will come one day.Don't mind Jesse but I really wanted a picture of the tree Jesse went and chopped down for our Chirstmas tree. It is a very special tree to say the least. At least we got lights on it.Our first stop was Cleveland. We went to a science museum and wanted to go on this ship but it was closed for the season. So Jesse gets his picture with it instead. Behind him is Lake Erie. We then drove around parts of his old mission which was fun seeing where he served.
I think i was the most excited to see the Newel K Whitney store and Jesse probably thought he married a little kid. I'm not sure why I was so excited to see it. I guess because i have read about it and heard about it so much in church that was just really exciting to be there in person. The coolest part is its 75% of the original building.
Took a trip of the Kirtland Temple. Its amazing how many different hands this building went through and is still in good shapeThe John Johnson farm was our favorite. The spirit there is so strong and its just amazing to think of and learn about all the church history that happened there. Below we are standing on the same steps that Joseph Smith stood on to preach. Oh and I am wearing my really sweet jacket that Jesse found at Marshalls. Its a Marmott and I LOVE it. I have worn it pretty much every day on our trip.We saw the falls American Falls at night. Maybe next time we will have our passports and can go on the Canadian side. Its still pretty from the US side.
We went on the Cave of the Winds tour. You take an elevator to the bottom of the American falls. During the summer they build boardwalk type things so you can walk out farther but its a little dangerous with the snow/ice so they take them down. We stayed pretty dry where we were and it was still cool to be down at the bottom of the falls
We went out to the view point and froze our butts off. The wind was so strong. We ran out took a picture and ran back to get out of the wind.
I will post more pictures later we are in Palmyra now and its cold. I haven't taken too many pictures because my fingers freeze when they are not in gloves. Tomorrow is on to Connecticut to see the Pearson Family!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas

We didn't get Christmas cards out this year. Oops I guess you are supposed to do that kind of thing when you are married. Anyways life is great and thanks to Joy you can now enjoy this song. Thanks for sharing yours Joy. Merry Christmas to everyone! -Jamie and Jesse
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Pictures

Last Saturday I froze my butt off along with these fine two people to take their engagement pictures. It seems every time I have pictures to take its the coldest day of the week. Taking engagement pictures are fun because the couples are always so silly. Thanks Kati and Blake!
Later Saturday afternoon I went over to my bosses house and took his family picture. It was a challenge 1 because they wanted it indoors(I don't blame them because it was cold) and 2 because those kids were hyper. I think they turned out okay not my best or favorite but hey i took them indoors and almost everyone is looking at the camera. I was so worried about having the 2 older kids look at me I guess I skipped the baby. By the way that baby is super cute.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wilson Family

I love taking pictures but I do not love the cold. I want summer back or at least a warmer fall. Why does it have to be so cold? I thought you were always supposed to warm when pregnant...so far I still have freezing hands and feet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This weekend

There is a little bit of fall left around here but not much. I just thought this leaf was pretty. The singles ward planned a pig roast this weekend at a member of the churches house. Jesse and I went down to help get things ready. It was freezing but so nice to be outside for a whole day.
Here is the pig on the roaster. I kind of wish we got to butcher the pig and all that fun stuff but we didn't. Bro. Locklear just bought it at the store. I was amazed at how much pig there was. We had a ton of food.
Brother Locklear has a river that runs at the back of his property. It was so pretty. He told us we could come and swim during the summer and I plan to take him up on that. He also said we could go tubing and kayaking. That might be a little challenging with a brand new baby but I think we can figure something out.
One thing I love about North Carolina are all the trees that grow in the water. I think they look so cool.
After a few hours of freezing we decided to build a fire. It was a nice big fire and it was HOT but felt sooo good.
Here are some of Brother Locklear's cows. I liked how there are pastures in the middle of all the trees
Jesse kept himself busy by chopping down stumps and trees. Now he gets to go back out in a week and get free firewood!
While Jesse worked hard I kicked up my feet and hung out by the amazing fire. I was also playing around with my camera.Some decided hugging a tree upside down was fun

Here are somethings I made for our house for Christmas
I like my fireplace I think its my favorite. Mainly because I have the ornaments we used for our
My wreath isn't so pretty but I also only spent $4.oo on it. It looks better in person too