Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Bobby Cake

Happy Birthday Carson and Chloe

Jill and Caren thought I did such a great job on Jill's birthday cake that they decided to talk me into making another one. Carson was turning 5 and Chloe 2 and they had a joint birthday party at the church. The church is a great place to have a party just let the kids run around in the gym and you don't have to worry about anything breaking. Since I am such a great friend I made another Bobby cake (Chloe calls him Bobby). This one was a little different and was fun to make as well. No I am not going into the cake decorating business.

Jill is amazing she made this Sponge Bob bean bag toss. She drew it all out and then painted it. She said it took about 5 hours. Some of the kids liked to poke their heads through so I captured a picture of Ryan in there.Singing happy birthday to Carson and Chloe
Jill also made a Sponge Bob Pinata. Here he is before he gets destroyed:Here he is missing most body limbs and eyes and right before he took the fall
Oh and she made Jelly Fish bean bags for the bean bag toss. Jill is amazing that's why I'm her friend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing in the Rain

Monday I met the case family downtown for some pictures before they leave. Of course it was the only morning it rained this week so it made it a little difficult to take pictures but after we did some family pictures we got to play in the rain. Well i guess the kids did.The kids had so much fun jumping through the puddles and I sacrificed myself and stood out in the rain to take pictures. Okay it was only sprinkling.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What should I do with this:

So I have this CD holder. Well you know to put the cases in it. I have not used it in years it has just sat around my room for ever so I decided I want to do something new with it. The front is fun because you can put pictures in it but as for the inside its kind of a waste. I pretty much got rid of all my CD cases that have cracks in them and then i decided I am going to use the jewel cases for other things.

So please if you have any ideas on what I should do with this please send over the ideas. Oh yeah see the picture above thats where I can put pictures. Oh and my plan is to take off all the little wood pieces so its more of a cupboard and not a CD holder

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Las Vegas Part 2

We had a great lunch on Saturday. Here is some of the preparation going on. I love Melissa's kitchen its so big and open. Thanks Mel for letting us make lots and lots of messes in there. Here is a view of the prep work going on from the loft
While the ladies were preparing lunch the older kids made a little fort and got to watch a movie. Somehow I was able to get this picture without Noah telling me I wasn't allowed to take his picture. All three were very into their movie.
Here is the great lunch. We had a salad
Brie with crackers and apples
Homemade croissants and there was a soup sorry Mandy I didn't get a picture of that The weather was so nice while we were there so we decided to go for a swim. This is the only picture that Noah would let me take of him.

We warmed the hot tub up but not to hot and let the kids go. There wasn't much room in there once everyone started swimming around.
Noah was practicing swimming and Max was right there with him.
Fay and Emily were super brave and went into the big pool. We tried to heat it up a little bit but it only got to 75 degrees. I am amazed at how long they stayed in the big pool. I think they liked having so much room to themselves.Thanks Melissa for taking the pool pictures

Friday, February 19, 2010

Las Vegas Part 1

The first night I was in Vegas we took the kids to the park by Melissa's house. Its a great neighborhood park and during the summer time they have water toys. Too bad they were turned off and it was a little chilly. Below are some pictures from that evening. Max and Noah going down the slide together.Rubie going down another slide
Kimball riding someones scooter.
Fay going down the slide. I think this pictures describes how she was feeling...not so good. Poor girl
Noah and Eric going down the slide.

Here is Julia sleeping.I was trying to play with my camera one morning and Max just happened to be around and eating his fruit snacks. He was the only one who didn't care if I took his picture but I was also far enough away that he wasn't really paying attention to me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had to post these pictures even though they are blurry because I think this little guys is sooo cute. This is my cousin in laws boy Tyler and man is he all smiles. His sister can make him laugh pretty hard and its so cute. I am really mad that the pictures are blurry and it just makes me realize how much I need to learn about taking pictures inside and learning more about my camera and its settings. That is also why I bought a new photography book while I was in Vegas. I hope that if I can read and take more pictures I'll get better. Thanks Jen and Cliff for having such a cute little guy. I miss you guys already.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt

Here is my pinwheel quilt that took me forever to make but I have to say it turned out great. It took me a lot longer than I ever thought it would and hand quilting is not the best but it looks so good and I made it for my sister. Yes i love her a lot. Now that this is done i will have to think of a new project but that shouldn't be too hard.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My trip to California has been fantastic so far. I have spent time at a beach every day. Its so fun to live near so many beaches which are all unique. Below is a picture looking at Pismo Beach I love how green the hills are. Thank you rain.
I had to get a picture with Hailey. We rode our bikes down to Pismo Beach with my mom. I really love how close she lives to the beach.
Dad and I went hiking out at montana de oro. Its one of my most favorite places to visit.

I have spent a lot of time with family this trip which has been wonderful. Its so nice having family so close. Below is a picture of Tyler my cousin-in-laws son. I love his cheeks and he has to be one of the happiest babies ever.
And her is Julia her daughter. It was great hanging out with Jen we talked about all sorts of crafting projects I sure wish we lived closer.
My dad is known as the bird man and I think it is a good fit. It seems like each time I come home he has a new bird. He is on a bird rescue team and his most recent rescuse was Cosmo. He is a beautiful bird. Not as loud as the parrots but still entertaining. Hailey and Mark seem to love him as well. He will give Hailey kisses its so funny.
I also got to visit my great aunt Pauline. She used to watch us when we were young so its always fun to go and visit her
So this has been my trip so far and I still have a few more days. One more full day in California and then its off to see the roommates in Vegas.