Monday, May 19, 2014

Kade is 4!

I can't believe this kid is 4! he woke up the morning of his birthday flexed his arms held up his arms and said "I grew I'm so much bigger cause I'm four"
We had a party for him the day of his birthday and it was dinosaur themed. We made dino masks, then went on a dino dig which turned out way better than I thought. We made dino eggs out of dirt, flour, salt and then molded dirt around plastic dinos to make eggs. The kids loved finding them and breaking open the eggs.
It was so hot the day of his birthday we started playing red light green light until everyone had their swim suits on and then all the kids played in the sprinklers
I take no credit for any of these picture but maybe 3. Thank you Jill for taking pictures. I love this picture of Seth.

Sprinklers are so much fun

And then someone had to go pee....ummm yeah can you tell he is used to peeing in the front yard??

We also played with marshmellow shooters. They were a ton of fun. Those things can fly!

I ttotally love this picture of Rex

Meet Brie! She is a crack up.

One of the cutest girls ever

Sticky wet marshmellows don't fly well so the kids ate them instead

Kade opening Jill, Rex, and Chloe's present. It was an angry bird balloon that flies....thanks Jill

This is Jill's evil laugh over the present

A t-ball set

And then an awesome orange bat from Uncle Mark

And we have amazing neighbors. Ken and Pam got Kade a bigger bike. He had totally outgrown his old bike. He learned  how to ride it in just a few minutes. Its a little big but he has figured how to get on and off.

Kade's awesome cake. I love making dirt cakes they are so easy. And put a few dinos on it and bam we have a cute cake. 

This is kind of how I felt after the party...crazy. There were a couple of kids who just do not listen is super annoying

Such a cute, tan boy with his true smile

Someone likes his cake!

And to finish off the night a nice picture of Jesse....Kathy this one is just for you.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh the last 3 weeks

Kade loves Pumpkin
Love our cute little bunny. Kade named it Pumpkin

Every once in awhile we get nice weather and we go out and ride bikes. Seth is learning to ride the balance bike.

Kade is getting good in gymnastics

Seth got himself stuck it was pretty funny. Sometimes he is so stubborn

Opening Easter presents from Grandma Paula

Erin got the boys these cute shirts. 

Selfie. So glad he is home.

Two weeks ago we took an outing to to Rainbow Falls. Doesn't Kade look awesome

Nothing like a good family picture

Playing baseball

Our friends gave us a ton of fish so Kade helped Jesse make dinner

Jesse made a crawl space door. It was a dirty job but hopefully no more rats living under our house!

Good morning!

Jesse and I were able have 2 dates last week. We went to the gym and played racquetball and then we went to the temple. Thank you Hailey for doing family history so I could take a family name

Kade at t-ball practice. He really does love it and is getting pretty good. Seth loves it too and joins in sometimes or just wanders away.

We had game night with the Penberthy's and I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. It was super fun and I'm grateful for friends

Jesse has lots of time off now its great. He has had Friday and Monday's off which is super fun to have 4 day weekends. Its also a little strange and I'm getting used to it. We have been getting lots of little things done around the house and we also get to go on adventures. He went down to the Ape Caves.

At the end of the cave. These caves were formed by lava way back when. Oh and this is at Mt St Helen's. Kade has become an awesome hiker and well Seth did good until the end of the tunnel, I think he just got to cold. It was a fun family outing

We then went and explored an area right by the caves called 2 Forrests. It was a ton fun and the boys loved climbing around.

More caves to explore

This is how the boys wrestle

The Johnson's came down and played. Kade and Rex are so funny together.

Another sunny day. We spent a few hours at the park. I got burned, Seth got an awesome tan, and Kade got a bit of a tan. Seth has the most amazing skin.

I had a photo shoot so the boys came with me. Kade found some crab legs and liked them and wanted to keep them. No thanks those things stink
Checking out the boats. 

And as we were about to leave there was a train and we had to go watch. They loved it.

Seth at pre-op doesn't he look happy.

Kade thinks he is so funny with 3 hats

This is how Seth goes to visit Ken and Pam. 

And we ride bikes with no pants.

Kade was exhausted after Seth's surgery and took an awesome nap.

Seth post surgery. Everything went great and he took a great nap then woke up and ate ice cream. He was one happy fellow and was then up running around that evening.

Last night we went camping at American Lake with the Johnson's We are so grateful for Jesse setting up a tarp because it rained off and on all evening.

Oh boy these two!

The stream of water coming down from the tarp... just a little wet

Mike and Jill made a sweedish log and it was great. everyone trying to get warm around the fire.

Had to get a picture of Jill and I since we took pictures of the kids the whole time.

We were able to to make smore's and the boys liked them

Doesn't Seth look thrilled to eat his smore

Getting ready for bed

Jesse is great and bought this heater last year. I'm not sure why i think part of our preparedness kit. It was so nice to warm up in our tent. Its like having a mini fire in our tent!

The boys were not the first ones up! Seth slept pretty well all night. I love sleeping kids

Kade woke up at 5:30am. I told him he had to lay down and go back to sleep and he did thank goodness. He was just a little too excited about hearing ducks at 5:30. He looks so peaceful

This hat is so funny. GG sent the boys these animal hats and Seth loves his. 

The point of us camping this weekend was to wake up early and go to the sale they were having at the adventure center. It was great we were there early and got a few things and then they had a bounce house that the boys loved.

The boys tried rock climbing as well and Kade did awesome he didn't make to the top but about 3/4ths the way up.

Seth even tried but he didn't like it as much as Kade.

The kids rode bikes a ton

A stick fight! Today Kade told me that Rex was his best friend ever. So cute I'm glad these two are such great friends. And cant wait for their brothers to be good friends too!

Finally got a good picture of Seth looking at the camera!

The kids loved playing in the water. Pretty sure Chloe's boots were filled with water and this was about 5 minutes before Seth fell into the water and was then soaking wet.

Mike brought his kayak. He made this kayak! Kade cried when he had to get out because he wanted to go for longer!