Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jesse is home and I'm 32

Jesse came home with a beard.
We went by the mall made one more free legionary then ate pizza and pineapple cream puffs.
The boys are thrilled to have their dad home
We collected more sea glass and the kids played in the water. This is the murkiest I've ever seen the water.
We made it to beach buddies. It was at Zanpa beach and it was so pretty but also had a ton of tourists. Their is a net and you have to swim in the netted area it protects from jellyfish.

This boy is getting way too big and he is into everything
Their was a Typhoon on my birthday so we could t go diving but we did make it out for sushi at Newport sushi
Jesse made a beautiful yummy cake
The Lums joined us for cake
This is kami she is the best

Tiring the boys out by having them slide down the hill
So much fun

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Park and Legos-that's our life

Let's try this again. I thought it saved and it didn't so here we go round 2.
We went to the egg farm and they wanted a picture by the scary toteouise
Hungry monkey
Seth is getting good on his bike
We love turning our park into a water park.
We swam with the McPherson girls. These kids have a lot of fun together.
We went on a field trip with the Svhillig center. They offer free trips for those who just got to the island. It's like an introduction to Okinawa. We got to ride a bus with the Lum's
Robbi and Seth
Jack and Kami. I'm so grateful fornKami she has become such a good friend.
We checked out BiBi beach it was pretty but kind of far from where we live to just go to the beach.
Then we went to a glass factory/store and blew glass cups.

Rolling the glass out into a cup is hard.

Jack took a little nap
More park fun.
Jack enjoyed his dinner outside
We went to Torii beach and played Friday evening it was perfect. The boys love the splash pad there.

Kade sure does love to boogie board.
And Seth could care less about the water.
It was a beautiful sunset.

I watch the Mcpherson girls Saturday morning and they LOVE Jack
Then we went to a Lego thing at the mall. You could get a set for free and build it. The boys did  it three times they were so excited.for their Legos 

They also had an amazing set up in a truck. So many Legos it was incredible.

We ended the week with dinner at the Lum's and the boys had a good wrestling match
Not sure why these are out of order oh well. Here is the aquarium at the mall. Kade took the pictures

More park fun
And more wrestling
And progress on jacks stocking.
And we have a ton of freaking ants in our room. We killed a ton the other day. It deserved a picture.