Sunday, December 27, 2015

Taiwan day one and two

The week we left in our trip Seth had his Christmas program. His class sang Rudolph the red nose reindeer and it was super cute.
I love their red noses
Santa even came and brought them presents.
Thursday morning we took peach airline down to Taiwan. It's a short trip just under 2 hours.
Always have to get an in flight picture
We took a cab to our Airbnb and then headed out. Our first stop was the memorial. We got to watch the changing of the guard and the building was beautiful. The building below is the national theater and the detail on this building is amazing.
We then went to Taipei 101. This was the highest building in the world in the early 2000's but now it's the 4th. We took the super fast elevator up to the 89th floor to see the lookout
This is the contraption the keeps the building grow swaying.
At the bottom of Taipei 101 is a mall so we went down to grab some snacks. We got some bubble drinks and donuts. All very delicious. I really like how most Asian treats are not too sweet. 

Jack was a fan of the food
For dinner we at at the little food place at the bottom of our apartment complex. Our apartment was righ above a little mall and the MTR (metro).
Seth insisted on a few pictures
We ate some ramen and curry our first night. Not amazing but not too bad.

Looks like Jack is trying to figure out how to take a true picture in Asia. Gotta get the peace sign in there!
We were on the 30th floor and Jack loves to look out the window while the boys were mesmorized by the tv. 
Our first full day we headed off to the Taipei Zoo which was great. We had planned to get food as we got on the metro and then we didn't so we were just going to grab something when we got off. Well there was nothing when we got off but there was a McDonalds in the zoo so we ate there.

The boys getting lots of attention from other park visitors.
My favorite exhibit of the day
It was fun to see rhinos so close
We went back to the panda exhibit on our way out to get the boys shirts and the pandas were up moving and climbing it was so fun to watch 
Look he is up in the tree!
After the zoo we caught the gondola and rodent to the top of the mountain. The boys loved it.
And we're getting kind of tired and crazy on the ride back down. At the top we ate some food and walked around and saw a temple.
These two are crazy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A few more days with Kerry

We drive out to Myagi island and went to the salt factory. So this isn't snow it's salt. 
There are workers that comb through all the salt to make sure there is nothing in it.
There was a beautiful look out point. 
And it was just a little windy
Then we headed out to Ikei island. Love how there are Shisa's everywhere.
Jacknis getting spoiled by Aunt Kerry
Tuesday we headed out to walk around Zanpa lighthouse. It's was really windy but besides that a beautiful day.

Then we took Kerry to our new favorite beach. And it was so calm and beautiful.

Found a few golf balls
Seriously it is so pretty where we live.
On Kerry's last day we were going to go to the gardens and walk One of the main tourists streets. Well the garden was closed and the street was okay. But we did find this cool dragon.
After we dropped off Kerry we found a cool park. The boys needed to run around and get some energy out.

Jack loves climbing around at parks. He is too cute
This is how Seth was counting for hide and seek.

I volunteered to help Kade's teacher put calendars together and ropes Emily into helping me. We had 2 busy nights gluing the pages together.
I finally got to put out my glowing snowmen. I love them.
Santa came to storytime. The boys loved it
Kade brought his list to read to Santa
We made snowflakes and Jack loves them. 
He also loves climbing on the table and just hanging out.

And then he jumped off.
And gets mad when we don't let him back on.
Seth mesmorized by the candles and the spinning.
Wrestling on mom and dads bed

A perfect day to spend the afternoon at the beach. 
And the. We dress like woody to go to church. Some fights just aren't worth it.
And this dude is just too handsome.