Saturday, October 4, 2014

Boys meet Jack

Here are just a few pictures from the point and shoot camera. I have more and so does my mom but I just wanted to get a few up before my sisters start harassing me. Love my boys
Kade holding Jack for the first time. He was excited to meet him.

And well the leap pad and camera are a little bit more exciting than a sleeping baby

Seth meeting Jack for the first time. He was a little bit more unsure. He likes him from a distance

Grandma Paula excited she made it to Washington in time.

First family picture

Love his little wings on the side of his head. Isn't he soo cute

Seth warming up to Jack. I look at this picture and think that Seth looks huge. He is getting so tall.

Finally ready to go home. I love how small they look in their carseats

Kade being an awesome big brother.

Not sure why it looks like its snowing in my house, guess i should clean the camera. Grandma and Seth having a serious conversation. We have been playing a  lot of solitare, It started while we waited for Jack to come. Kade knows how to play now its super funny to watch him. 

I can't believe we got all 3 boys in one picture! And Kade and Seth are smiling... I hope we can get a few more.