Monday, September 21, 2009

New York Missionary

I just read Emily's blog and saw this clip on it. The girl in the clip is from my ward when I lived in Provo before my mission. I knew her a little bit but my last roommates Emily and Kate know her a lot better. Its an amazing clip on being a missionary in New York and it does an amazing job at sharing a little bit about the church. (I also think the photography is amazing) Take a look:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photoshop is fun

Its amazing what happens when you take time to read. I have a few books on photoshop elements that I have been looking at. I also have found some great blogs that have great tutorials on fixing pictures. So here are two I played around with tonight. It was nothing too fancy but I thought I would post something.


I love this little one and wish we lived closer so I could take more pics of her.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This week

Ever since we got back from Ohio its been non stop. On one of my walks Caren had mentioned that she buys a box of bananas for $3.99. I was so excited because Jesse eats a ton of bananas. The thing is the box of bananas are not always out but guess what they were when I went this week. So I bought a boxJesse was averaging about 3-4 bananas a day. Jesse took some to the guys at work and then made some kind of topping for ice cream. I have also made banana muffins, and plan to make banana bread. I also cut up a bunch and put them in the freezer for later. Its so fun having so many banana's.

A couple in my ward had a baby about a week ago and so I asked them if I could practice and take some pictures of her. They were awesome and let me take a ton of pictures. There are more on the photo blog.Saturday Jesse and I participated in a 1.7 mile swim in the ocean. It was called Pier 2 Pier and was at Wrightsville Beach. Jill took this picture after we raced so our numbers are coming off already. The girl who wrote the number on my arm missed my number 35 tattoo so I still have 35 showing up on my arm really nice.
Jesse and Mike tried to spear fish but it was too cloudy so they didn't catch anything. I was sad because I was looking forward to eating fish. It was a beautiful day at the beach and Jesse made a sand cave that we covered with a sheet and it provided great shade. I missed getting a picture of that I was a little tired and slept a good portion of the time we were at the beach =)
Well that was our week but man I feel still tired and today I woke up at 6:30am! The one day this week I had to sleep in and I couldn't....ahh it was very frustrating.

Monday, September 7, 2009

This weekend we had the chance to drive up to Columbus, Ohio and see Brinly blessed as well as visit with Emily, Joel and Brinly as well as seeing Charlie and Megan. It was a very quick trip but surprisingly relaxing. It was nice to be with family and we are sad that we don't live closer. Brinly is so beautiful. Congratulations Emily and Joel

Grandpa getting a change to hold BrinlyEmily, Joel, BrinlyBrinly loved to be only in her diaper. Here she is hanging out on Uncle Jesse's lapHere I am with Brinly. I love how small her legs are. At one month Brinly sure is strong she can hold her head up pretty well for being so young.Jesse teasing Megan as normalJesse and BrinlyWe hope to see everyone again soon!