Saturday, March 26, 2011

The North Carolina Zoo

Kade and I went with the Leishman's to the zoo last friday and it was a ton of fun.  I love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals and I was very impressed with this zoo. First off its huge!  Not as big as the San Diego of course but it is still really big.  The zoo was divided into two sections, Africa and North America. I guess the plan is one day have all 7 continents.  The Africa part was 2 miles and the North America was 3 so we got a work out in as we pushed the double stroller.  I loved how this zoo had so much space for animals to roam. They actually looked happy and I say that because they were all out moving around.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures that I took while there.
They had a beautiful aviary full of the neatest looking birds and it was so green and beautiful.  I could have spent hours in there taking pictures.

Dad I thought of you when I took these

Such a pretty bird

I don't remember what this bird was called but it was sure funny looking.

Baboons are just ugly creatures

We hung out watching the elephants for awhile and it was great because 2 of them were moving all over the place.

Kade out stretching his legs.

The Leishman's

Such an odd looking bird.  I have always wanted to ride an Ostrich, I think that comes from watching Swiss Family Robinson.

Eli making funny faces

This is Luke he is 2 months older than Kade and this is how they spent their time at the zoo and seemed to love it.  Kade lost his pants after he leaked through his diaper but he was probably loving it seeing how it was in the 80's this day.

How cool is this.  The bear just stood straight up.  I'm telling you it was a good day at the zoo.

Here we are at the entrance.  I got Kade an elephant and he seems to like it.  He cuddled with it the whole way home and now its in his bed.  He lays in bed talking to it and playing with it.  Man I love this kid he is always making me laugh.

Oh and nothing to do with the zoo but yesterday morning I was just waking up when Kade started jabbering away going ma ma and who knows what else and then a crystal clear "mom" comes out.  So clear that Jesse who was in the kitchen went in and got him and we just laughed at how he had just said mom. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My little man

So this picture just makes me smile.  It was taken when we went to the zoo and it was a very very warm day I think mid 80's.  Kade loved the zoo and was great the entire time and just hung out in the stroller.  I just love his bright blue eyes...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching up #2 a hair cut

You see Kade's beautiful this hair?

Nice side view

Well here is what happened next; a little buzz and Kade wondering what in the world his dad is doing to him.

and off goes a little more

Grandpa Charlie this picture is just for you.  He had your hairline for a few seconds (jesse's words not mine) and well i'm not sure why he still has green beans on his tray while getting his hair cut.  I promise you he wasn't eating them while getting his haircut.
And then Jesse makes the statement "man this is going to be hard he keeps moving" and I say "aren't you just going to buzz it"? Wow I'm not sure I've ever seen Jesse jump with exicetment but let me tell you he did.  He quickly changed the guard on the clippers and well this is what happend:

Isn't my boy cute! He looks more grown up and looks like a little boy now.  Its a little shorter than I was expecting but its okay hair grows out.  It was the perfect time for a change because he is now crawling all over the place and can pull himself up on all the furniture and the steps.  He also walks all around holding onto the couches or the table.  He is on the move and I don't think it will ever slow down and I'm loving every minute of it.  Man I sure do love my little man he is the cutest!

Catching up #1 Fort Fisher Aquarium

We took a day trip out to the coast and visited the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  It is a nice aquarium and is focused on local animals and sea life which is really cool.  Kade seemed to enjoy it which was fun.
I forget what these are called but they had their heads poking out of this hole in the tree and didn't move it made for a great picture (this was taken through glass, I  love the way it came out).

One of the ducks that lives at the aquarium.  They have a great aviary area before you enter the aquarium part.

Kade got to touch a snail, and crab.  I don't think he really cared all that much but he did want to splash in the water

A stare off with the puffer fish

Kade loved looking at the fish and couldn't figure out why he couldn't touch them.  He pounded on the glass it was pretty funny.

More cool fish

I love taking pictures of jelly fish they are such cool creatures

Hanging out in the stroller as we walked around the outside of the aquarium

This may be one of my favorite pictures from that day.  These turtles were so entertaining to watch.  You can't tell from the picture but the log kept moving back and forth and man those turtles tried to stay on with all their might.  It was so funny to see them all lined up, almost by size.

Found this frog and of course had to get a picture.  No one else was around when we got there and then all of a sudden 4 other families came up and wanted to play on the frog.  We nicely shared even though it was a little annoying.

After the aquarium we headed over to the beach I think this was Carolina Beach (they all run together so i'm never sure) anyways we stopped and got some fudge at this cute little fudge shop before heading down to the water.

Had to get some cute pictures of Kade first.  These were for his 10 month pictures.  Where has the time gone?  and how is he 10 months?

I"m not sure what these two are doing in this picture but Kade's face sure makes me laugh.  He also has a death grip on his new great white shark that Jesse got him at the aquarium.  There are very few toys that Jesse cares about but man getting Kade a toy shark was very important to him.  He told me all about his favorite toy shark growing up that he got from Sea World.  So Kade got his first toy shark and held it for ever.

Well held it until he was more interested in the sand.  He only tried to put it in his mouth once.  I thought that was pretty good.

On the move

And there he goes in his bear crawl. I'm not sure what he was trying to do but he was probably trying to sit up.  He likes to crawl then sit up, crawl, sit up. He doesn't get to far.

This is my favorite picutre of Kade for the day.  Can you tell it was a little windy?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

So I just can't help taking pictures of my kid.  He is just too cute and these pictures are just too funny.  I found the hat at the dollar store and then I found this cool tutorial on how to make a tie and then the ideas for the picture just came about. By the way the tie is super easy to make. I have a feeling my poor child will have tons of embaressing pictures of himself.  Sorry  Kade, okay well i'm really not that sorry because he is just too cute.  He is looking at Jesse in everyone of these pictures it makes me smile. We did cut his hair and that will be in a post to come but for now have a happy St Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Kade has learned to crawl and now is everywhere.  Actually he is pretty good and doesn't get into to much.
I bought signing time dvd's off of craigslist a few weeks ago and Kade really enjoys watching them which is fun.  He has yet to sign anything back but hopefully one day he will.
Kade loves to crawl to the sliding glass door and see what is going on in the backyard (not much)

I have been pretty busy sewing the last few days/week.  It seems I do a lot of photography stuff for awhile and then switch to sewing or some other project for awhile.  There have been some sewing projects that I wanted to get finished before we get our orders so I can take finished projects instead of unfinished ones.  I also helped my friend Crystal make Daddy dolls/pillows for her boys.  I didn't make one for Kade maybe I will someday.
Here is Eli with his daddy pillow. They turned out pretty well.
I finally got around to making my fall pillow.  Rebecca made one and I thought it was so cute and never got around to making mine until now.  I was able to use scraps I had left over from our turkey pillows.  I love the way it turned out.  The tutorial can be found here
I made this heart pillow for valentines day and yes it was done before valentines day.  It is pretty cute I think and got the idea from here. By the ways I LOVE both of these sites they are such great inspiration.
I then tried to make a clover pillow like I did the ruffle heart and well it didn't turn out as cute as I would hope everytime I look at it I think it looks like a big thing of broccoli.  Well I'm not going to redo it anytime soon so there it is.  I followed the heart tutorial and just found a clover instead of a heart. 
More updates to follow I just need to find the time.  The weather has been too nice to stay inside on the computer and I'm reading a good book so pictures will come when i get around to it. =)