Friday, December 6, 2013

November Utah Trip

So I got the bright idea that we should catch a hopper military flight down to Salt Lake to visit. With Jesse being gone its the perfect opportunity. It was a little over whelming to get it all figured out how to get on the flight. you know the military doesn't make anything easy. After we made it into the terminal and knew we were getting on the flight things got much better. I am so grateful for the family that took us under their wing and totally helped us out.  The flight was great, just our flight back wasn't so, since we didn't get on. Its okay though I bought us tickets home and we stayed to play a week. Love being able to see friends and family.
2 very excited boys ready to fly

This is the top of the C17 just incase you were wondering
This is a view from our seats to the back of the plane. I would fly this way again anyday. There is so much room and its really not that loud. The boys thought it was fun. I am so grateful to all the wonderful people who helped us on this flight.

Breakfast time. I feel like we spent a lot of time around this table. For some reason kids need to eat all the time.

The boys loved playing music with Uncle Andy.

Dinner at the spaghetti factory. Mila and Seth are a month apart, Mila is so tiny compared to Seth.

5 kids in the bath. They all got a long for the most part. Good thing this is a huge bathtub.

Best buddies

We roasted hot dogs and marshmellows around the fire.

The kids played so well together it was awesome. It was a little quiet one day so I went to see what was going on. Mila and Seth just hanging out in the bedroom under the bed.

Pillow fight!

We met the Durfee's on morning and went to the BYU dinosaur museum. It was a small museum but it was fun. It was so fun hanging out with Kiera and her girls its been about 4 years since we saw them last.

A T-Rex scull.
Me and Kiera

Kade was not happy in the picture
Thanksgiving Dinner #1. We had Thanksgiving a week early because Jen wanted to eat turkey and have left overs. It was so fun to have it with family

Its so fun going to Utah because we get to see so many people. We got to hang with Aunt Erin and we found some mustache's

Wrestling we Aunt Erin

I love this look its too funny.

Kade has wanted to take lots of pictures with my camera the last couple weeks. He got a good one of Erin 

And sometimes he tells me to take pictures of him.
We also got to visit with Gentry and Bridger. They were more friends from Fayetteville. They are only a month apart and it was so nice see them again.

Playing the accordian. Kade is all about making music these days. Maybe Grandma Kathy will teach him a bit on the piano
I love hanging out with these ladies.

Ready to fly home. When did Seth get so big?? 

The flight attendant asked if the boys wanted to go check out the cock pit. I think I was more impressed with it then the boys. The pilot was cool and talked to the boys and took some pictures.

The view on our flight home was amazing. The set of volcanoes that we flew over was breath taking. Crystal clear blue skies and white covered mountains. 

Silly pictures from the plane

Love these two

Friday, November 15, 2013

Great Grandma, Great Grandpa and Grandma Kathy come to visit

Visit from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma

and Grandma Kathy

We took Grandma Kathy to the Pacific Science Center. We had lots of fun and there is so much to do there. Here is a picture of us if we were short and fat.

Ohh us skinny, we liked this mirror

Grandma trying to do the sit and reach

Seth loves water tables

Waiting to go see the butterflies 

Kade walked in and saw a butterfly and says "thats an owl butterly" yep he was right. I have such a smart kid =)

Glad Grandma Kathy is looking at the camera

We thought these were pretty cool flowers and now I can't remember the name of them.

So these next few pictures are for Kerry. We took these for you Kerry in thoughts that you might get some ideas for dinner. Grasshopper Saute

Scrambled Honeybee Larvae

Grub Kabobs

Papue over rice

Chocolate Chirper Cookies

We couldn't figure out how to do this. So aggravating. 

The boys enjoying the bookstore. Lucky boys walked out with two new books thanks to Grandma Kathy.

It was a beautiful day when we walked out for lunch. And then the clouds came and it rained. But we did enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

We went out to dinner with everyone and at Dukes. Oh man the food was so good.

I love it when the kids are in great moods when we are out and about. They were so good at the restaurant.

Yeah for family coming to visit. Thanks Grandpa for the amazing dinner

We kind of miss dad these days. Good thing we have lots of silly pictures