Friday, December 30, 2011

30 weeks and Christmas Eve

Here I am at 30 weeks.  Kade looks so happy doesn't he?  He wanted to be in the jeep and not taking a picture.

Looks like he is being tortured

The Johnson's had a Christmas Eve Eve party and we wore ugly sweaters.  This is Kade's sweet outfit.  Found the sweater at goodwill and then these sweet pants were probably Jesse's. 

This picture makes me laugh, look at those ribs sticking out! Oh and his pants up super high with the tightness around his ankles.  Priceless......poor kid. I promise he eats, and eats a ton of everything!

Didn't realize how they are laying exactly the same until i posted this picture.  I love watching them play cars its so cute.

Christmas Eve we had dinner at our house.  Our neighbors Ken and Pam came over and so did the Johnson's and Jill's sister Dri.  We had a great time with lots of good food.

Jill, Chloe and I made a nativity. Mike helped too.  I think the stable stood for less than 5 minutes before it all crashed.  Next time we will have to cook the ginerbread a little longer.  Actually I think I'll do sugar cookies because I like eating sugar cookies more than I do gingerbread. Don't you love how its more the 80's themed nativity.

Joseph, Mary, and a shepard

The shepards decorated by Mike

A wiseman and baby Jesus.

A wiseman

Chloe having fun decorating her cookies.

Rex and Kade would not look at the camera! They are getting so big.

The Johnson's plus Dri!

Jill and her kids and the awesome pj pants she made.

Us and the Johnson's and sadly I think this is the best picture we got.  Kids make it so much harder.

Mom's with their kids, I bought Kade's pj's and didn't make them....maybe next year. Christmas Eve was a ton of fun.  Thanks all who came.
Oh and too see the funniest video of Kade check out Jill's blog you wont be sorry you looked.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We sure did.  Pictures of Christmas morning to come.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Train Ride Part 2

The train had free hot chocolate and cookies (okay not free since we paid to ride the train)

Santa was even on the train.  This was Kade's third time to see Santa,  I don't think he really cares he did however share one of his tickets with Santa.  Santa gave him a snowman rubber duckie.

Trying to get Kade to smile

Chloe and Santa, Chloe would not smile

Yummy hot chocolate!  The kids did lots of eating while we were on the train.

Rex loved those cookies

My poor child looked so sad at the end of the train ride

Jesse took this one

A river that we stopped by.  It looked like a good fly fishing river.
Mt Rainer.  The only cloud in the sky had to be blocking Mt Rainer.
Jill and Rex
Then there was this cool lake even though the picture doesn't do it justice.  We all said we should get a cabin by this lake it was so pretty.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Train ride part 1

Last month I found out about a train that we could ride and during Christmastime Santa is on it.  So I looked up the information and signed us up.  Then we convinced the Johnson's to come with us too.  It was such a fun morning.  This is an old steam engine and does a scenic route of Mt Rainer.
The sun was bright.

Really bright! but it was out and the sky was clear blue

Johnson Family

See its cold!

Chloe standing there saying she was cold.

Rex checking out the train

Engine number 2

It looked so cool with the steam coming out.

I think this may be the smallest church I have ever seen.
More proof it was cold, but really pretty.

Kade excited to look out the window

Ha Rex caught you! He wouldn't look at the camera.

Kade looks like he is holding on for dear life.  Maybe he was.  And the poor boy wasn't feeling well.  When we got home later that day he had a temperature of 102.  So sad but it made the train ride easy.  He sat on our laps and cuddled the whole time.


He cracks me up when he holds his feet.  Looks like he is trying to sit cross legged

The conductor.  He punched smiley faces in the tickets

Kade liked holding the tickets.  He finally gave one to Jesse after 15 minutes.  I have a million other pictures so this is just part one.