Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

Woody and Bullseye!

Bullseye is so heavy.  Grandma Kathy got Kade bullseye and he loves it.

family picture before we went to our friends Halloween party.  Jesse and I tried to go as ken and barbie camping edition but i learned I have no barbie clothes but thats not too surprising and Jesse doesn't have Ken hair but hey whatever.  I love the boys outfits and thats all that matters.  

I've been watching Rachel since my friend Sarah started school.  Sarah has 7 kids and I love them all.  They are an awesome family.  Last week I watched 2 of her boys as well since they didn't have school.  I was tired but they had so much fun.  Here they are running circles in the living room.  It felt like a stampede. 

This little boy wants to crawl so badly but can't figure it out yet.  He is good at going sideways and backwards

He has masterd push ups.  And he is 8 months old today!  What how did that happen?

Kade has been an awesome big brother always helping me with Seth and giving him toys and playing with him.  Kade also loves his scooby doo bucket that he got from Mcdonalds.  Its was a crisis when the handle broke.  The bucket holds his cars and its so much easier for him to carry all 12 cars!

Tonight we carved the pumpkins from our garden.  My garden did really well this year I was so happy.  I can't believe I got 2 pumpkins!

Kade about to dig in and get the guts, he was a little timid

I was in shock when he actually touched it.  He is kind of funny about stuff sometimes.  He got a lot out it was fun to watch

Our final product.  Jesse had to work late so he couldn't decorate with us and had I been more on top of it we could have done it over the weekend, but that didn't happen oh well Kade and I had fun. I let Kade look at pumpkins on google so he picked out which ones he wanted and I carved.  I am very proud of my skills!

Kade was a little worried about leaving our pumpkins outside but I think he will get over it fast.  This Halloween is going to be so much fun. Kade has figured out that he really loves candy and can open stuff by himself....i might be in trouble.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge and Solo Point

Last month Jesse's work had a marriage and family retreat at the great wolf lodge.  I've wanted to go to the great wolf lodge since I heard about it in North Carolina.  Its a really nice hotel and has an indoor water park attatched to it.  You can only go to the water park if you stay at the hotel.  We were able to stay 2 nights.  It was the worst nights sleep I have ever had but thats okay we had a lot of fun.  I hope we get to go again especially when the boys are a little bit bigger and like to go down slides.  We had a good time going to classes, eating and swimming. not to bad for free!
Kade wanted to wear the life jacket. Gotta love the crotch strap

It took awhile but he finally enjoyed running under the water

I love this picture, not sure what he is doing but its so funny.

Seth loved the water too

We had some beautiful weather the begining of this month I mean beautiful. Now its gone and looking at these pictures makes me miss it.  Anyways I needed to go scout out a spot I was going to take pictures out and its a good thing we went the day before because the beach we were going to use was closed which was a bummer.  We decided then to grab dinner and head to solo point and enjoy the nice weather.  The sunset was amazing.

Seth LOVES to eat! I mean loves to eat.  He tried his first chetto and loved it

Kade must throw rocks when we are at the beach.  He is getting a really good arm and can throw left and right handed.  He tends to throw left handed but will draw right handed.

Kade enjoying his Cheetos

Pointing to something exciting, I think it was a bird

Someone loves his rootbeer

He thinks he is so special drinking his soda

I miss our warm weather!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7 months! and cuckoo Kade

I can't believe its been a little over 7  months since Seth was born.  It has gone by so fast and I have to admit I love the stage he is at right now.
Started sitting up all by himself while we were in California in August.

Had his first haircut last month by Jill =)

Is almost always smiling except when he wants to eat or is over tired.

Loves to be around people and wants to be a part of everything.  He is wanting to crawl but not there yet.  I give him 2 weeks if that.  (i'm not ready)

Loves, loves, loves food.

Is seriously one of the cutest kids ever!  Him and Kade have been sharing a room since we got back from our trip and its been working out just fine.  Kade has also really been interacting with Seth a lot these days its so cute!

Oh  my does this kid love blackberries.  Pretty sure we ate them everyday for 3 weeks.

Has been a huge helper with Seth.  When Seth is crying Kade will either tell him to "stop it" or go over and say "its okay Seth" and then hands him a toy.

He is learning to share and trade with Seth and not just grab toys from him.

This kid is super polite!  He tells me "thank you" all the time, and I mean all the time.  I was sneezing in the car the other day and he says "bless you mama".  He also thinks he is super funny and says "kade's money" or he will say "seth is money"  haha love that he can't say funny.  He also calls people crazy.  thanks to Hailey teaching him that one. then my mom taught him to say mommy is crazy and Kade is cuckcoo.  And he will say it randomly throught the day.  Love this blue eyed boy of mine.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sunnyside Beach and Tolmie State Park

The weather here has been amazing! It has not rained in 2 months and I am loving it ever minute.  We have been playing outside lots and oh man I love it.  I'm trying to take advantage of it everyday.  My house may be falling by the way side but thats okay the weather is just too nice to stay inside and do house work.
Throwing rocks is a must at the beach.

Kade always has to pick up the biggest rock he can find.  Its fun to watch but I'm waiting for him to drop it on his foot oneday.

Kade is getting a really good arm these days.  The other night he came up to me and told me it was baseball time.  He might be a little into sports these days.

Jesse builiding a rock tower and trying to get Kade involved but Kade could care less

Well I try to get a pic of my boys....

We went to Tolme Stae Park and the tide was way out. Jesse and Kade went to explore.  I love this picture.

I really do love these pictures.

Kade showing me his rock with the barnacles

Jesse caught a crap to show Kade. It was so tiny

Jumping around in the mud and brushing off his hands.

Then we found a dead jellyfish and Kade started jumping on it.  So funny.  Kade loved jumping on it.

It was pretty fun touching the jellyfish. 

It was a beautiful warm day

We took a walk and went over this fun little bridge.

Oh this kid kills me sometimes.  I don't remember what he was doing but he wouldn't look at me and it looks like he is growling at me.  You would think i take a million pictures of him but I don't or I try not to.  He is such a funny little guy I love him to death.

Pretty flowers along the trail.

Seth looking sad and sick.  I think this is when he started getting sick.  He looks so tired in this picture I wish he would just fall asleep when we were out. He would get so much more sleep

So the path took us right back to the beach but there was a little sandy area.  We sat down and had a snack on the fallen tree.  Then Kade ran around the tree a ton of times.