Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick overview for the week of April 15th

So back on St Patrick's day we had green pancakes, green eggs, and green milk with some bacon. Kade loved it

For FHE one night we planted seeds....umm the peas, bean and pumpkins did great. everything else not so much. 
Kade loved planting the seeds and loved to water them.

Gunner having some inside time. She is getting so big.

While Aunt Sally and Hailey here we went to the zoo. I forgot my camera but Hailey has pictures. Then we headed down to Owen's beach to throw some rocks.

Hailey trying to skip rocks, and Kade just likes to throw them.

I can never get them to look at the camera at the same time. It drives me nuts

I found this great table for $50!

Last night we went to the fair and took Kade to the demolition derby but first we went around and looked at the farm animals. Kade really wanted to see the pigs.

One of the kids let Kade sit on the pigs that was pretty cool.

Hailey wanted a picture of the three little pigs

Checking the hose out on the fire truck

While eating dinner (a corn dog for Kade) he gave me some great looks.

We went to look at the Aussie exhibit and Kade didn't want to look at the animals but wanted to sit on the bleachers....So funny

Checking out the sheriffs car.

He wasn't so sure about the seats since Jesse had just gotten through explaining that the seats were plastic because people pee and spit in the back of the car.

At the demolition derby. We all had a great time.

We went with our friends. Jesse works with Jake and him and Dale have two boys 2 months older than Kade.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Pearsons

I haven't laughed so hard in so long. Tonight we google chatted with 3 of Jesse's sister. Sorry Emily for calling you at 1 in the morning but you were missing out. Kerry is in Nepal, Jen and Megan in Utah and we are in Washington all connected onto one video chat. It was awesome. Then better yet I figured out how to take pictures and then we could add effects to them. I have to say we all had a great laugh. We will have to do this again really soon.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Morning

We had a great Easter this year. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day and I mean beautiful. All my pictures are out of order which is annoying but I don't want to take the time to change them all around. We had a little egg hunt inside for Kade since Seth was still asleep. Kade was totally into it this year it was so much fun. They just got a few things in their baskets I totally forgot to put candy in their baskets but that's ok. Grandparents sent enough for them to enjoy. We spent the morning outside hanging out with Ken and Pam and watching the boys play in the jeep. THen we went to church, came home rested, and then headed back outside. Our neighbor Angela was celebrating her birthday so Tracy brought out the cake and ice cream and set up a table and all the kids and adults just hung out outside. It was so much fun. The night ended awesome when Kade slammed the jeep into the table and the table buckled and everything slid off onto the floor. It was awesome. Then we called it a night. Enjoy the pics.
The boys loving Gunner. We found out she is a girl. And thank you Erin for Kade's outfit. It finally fits and was perfect for Easter

The boys getting their Easter baskets from Ken and Pam

I love this picture. They have the same facial expression!

My boys think that Ken and Pam equals food. Well its pretty true they always get food when they are there. And looks like Turbo is some crazy angry dog, he is the kindest dog.

So then Kade got his early birthday present. Yes he is one spoiled boy. Ken and Pam sure do love our kids are we are so grateful for them. Love that Kade is checking out the wheels while he drives

These boys are so happy in the jeep

Seth having a ball with all the eggs and baskets

I love that he can walk now! And he is looking so old!

Someone is excited about his eggs, he didn't even have to share with Seth since Seth was still asleep

Happy Easter morning

All his eggs. They made great egg salad.

After we did our hunt inside and ate breakfast I ran up front and hid eggs in the front so Ken and Pam could watch them find eggs. 

Seth even got to find eggs this time. Jesse had to go to work later that day for a funeral detail so he was dressed in his ACU's

Pam helping Kade

Ken watching the boys. 

The trees are all in blume and its so pretty.

The boys with Ken and Pam

Sure do love these two