Friday, November 7, 2008

Update on Phone Crisis

So last night i stuck my phone in front of the heater and woke up this morning went to class came home and decided to try out my phone....and it worked!! Yeah so that means I don't have to buy a new one and didn't loose anyone's phone number. I am so excited! Just thought everyone needed an update on my phone.=)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Poor Phone

So today was turning out to be a great day. I got a ride to school from Emily because I missed my bus..oops. Good thing she was on her way to work. I only had one class today and then had lots of time to read and do homework. Two of my classes were canceled. I hung out and went to Institute which is always great. My teacher Sister Hepworth wasn't very nice to me today because last week I gave her a wedding invitation and I guess I had never really told her I was dating anyone or engaged (who knew you were supposed to tell your institute teacher everything) anyways I get to class and she had scanned my invitation and put it on her power point! I turned bright red and was so embarrassed because I hate when people introduce themselves as being engaged. Yes I am engaged but I am still me. Anyways I got over that embarressing momement and caught the bus home and then just hung out until I caught the bus for work. I like just having time to relaz when I'm at home.
I planned on working out but my bus was really late so I didn't have enough time. I went to talk to one of the guards on deck and we were talking about working out on missions so i laid down and was showing her how my companions and I used to work out which pretty much consisted of laying there on my back for 5 minutes pretending to stretch until i woke up. Well when I jumped back up my phone went flying out of my pocket did a bounce or two on the deck and then splash into the pool. Good thing it was in the shallow end because I just stuck my arm in and pulled it out and ripped out the battery and hopefully saved my phone. I will be very sad if it does not work tomorrow. My dad said his phone got washed once and it still works so I have hope that it will be okay. Anyways I am letting my phone dry now and hopefully can use it tomorrow night. The bad thing about having a cell phone is you don't have to memorize phone numbers so not only do I not have a phone but I don't remember anyones number. Hopefully I will not have to make any important phone calls tomorrow.
Well that is the exciting story of my cell phone adventures. Today has been an overall good day because I got to come home earlier than expected!! The scuba divers got out of the water so much earlier today than they did yesterday! Thank you scuba divers.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Noah, Max and Sarah came trick or treating at our house! Emily, Noah and I raked a bunch of leaves in our front yard so we could play in them. The huge tree in our yard has dropped sooo many leaves its great. This huge pile is not even all of them.

Noah and Sarah had a great time playing in the leaves. I think Noah had a great time. He actually gave me a hug and a kiss when he left. It was so cute. Max played in the leaves too but he wasn't so sure about them.
Noah and I also picked our last pumpkin. Its the best looking pumpkin even if it is green, its huge!

After the Jarvis' left Emily and I carved our pumpkins. We decided to carve our pumpkins in our driveway because it was easier to clean up and it was so warm outside. It was funny we ended up carving similar pumpkins and we didn't even try.This is the front of our house. We had a Halloween Party so we had to decorate. I really like hanging spider webs they are so much fun. Emily also bought Halloween lights and it was great, so festive, oh and Kate hung ghosts in our tree.
This is my pumpkin. I gave him a uni brow but you can't really tell in this picture. Emily did a great job with her teeth they looked great.

Emily also made homemade root beer. We had to buy this little container to make it because Myriah was not around to sit on the lid like she did in the past. I thought the steam coming out looked pretty cool. I love homemade rootbeer its sooo good.

During our party we bobbed for apples. Erik is from our ward and was the first to go. Kate was awesome and dunked her whole head. I really like how Cathy put a towel on her head to protect her hair. We really had a lot of fun and laughed a lot.- Who knew it could be so entertaining.

Above is a picture of me and my friend Maggie. I was a postman from Brasil and she was Sarah Palin. Below is a picture of Kate (a puppy dog), Emily (I'm not sure if she ever had an official title but she looked awesome), and me again.

Here is a picture of us and our pumpkins. Kate didn't have time to decorate her pumpkin. Below is a picture of Emily dancing in the front yard or maybe she is flying because she has my awesome red cape on.

Emily really likes to catch her lucky leaf so she was waiting for that one lucky leaf to fall so she could catch it. Its amazing how many leaves have fallen off of our tree.

Here I am showing off my cool Brasilian post office shirt. Oh and I'm a Postwoman from southern brasil, thats why I have such great pants on.
We forgot to take a picture of our really cool table last night so I did it this morning. We had so much food: sugar cookies, spider cookies, blood eye cookies, 7 layer dip with pumpkin, spinach and artichoke dip, apples to dip in carmel and chocolate and lots and lots of candy. We ate soo much it was soo great and I ate soo much.

These are our spider cookies that we decided looked more like gobblins or swamp monsters. We grew up making these during the Christmas season but somehow Emily and I decided a couple of years ago to make them at Halloween and it stuck so now a new tradtion. This year I added red hots for eyes and they turned out great.

Here is a plate of our cookies. They are soo tasty!
Halloween was so great. I think holidays with kids are so much better and I am so glad that Sarah brought her kids over. I forgot to say that we had 4 trick or treaters, I guess people don't really like our sad lots of kids missed out on great candy.