Saturday, August 10, 2013

4th of July

For the 4th we had a great day. We got together with some of our neighbors and had a great potluck. We hung out in the front yards and played and then let off fireworks. Its so much fun to be able to light off fireworks at home with neighbors.

Learning how to use sparklers

The guys started lighting off fireworks and the boys weren't so sure of it. I love how they are all huddled around Tracy. Kade's face in the next picture is great.

Cuddle time with Pam

Love my little family 
Seth not so sure about the sparklers

Love this kid

Cameron was digging the sparklers

Angela wanted her picture taken

Love this picture

Story time with Pam while we wait for fireworks

Cameron wanted on and doesn't wait for Kade to get off. Kade wasn't moving it was so funny.

Half our crowd for our party

Love these boys

Love their matching shirts and we didn't plan on matching with Ken. I made Seth's shirt

We had an awesome 4th. Fun was had by all.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The rest of July.

Kade is amazing on his bike
This chicken likes to jump. She is always up on the fence and yes i moved the pallets and she can still get up there.

Had a fun morning at the park. we really wanted to go into the lake but it was too cold so we played at the park instead.

My boys loving Cameron's new car. Its a good thing they can all share

Our friends invited us to the Olympia Hands on Children's museum and the boys loved it. We ended up getting a membership too. 

We get 3 guests in free so come visit us so we can go.

on the 11th we went and got free slurppies thanks to Uncle Mark. The boys enjoyed them and so did I.

Jesse's jeep was having problems so while he was gone they were all delivered and there were a lot.

Color runs are the new fun 5k's. I signed up last minute to do this one and had a great time. Sarah and her family were doing it and then we saw other friends. 

They had a little dance off before the race begin to get the blood moving

Sarah and I

Sarah's niece and nephew won some free glasses and a sweat band. They were excited

The end result. It was a super fun race and I can't wait to do the Color me Rad one in a week. (my foot better get better)

My neighbor Laurie and I thought it would be funny to wrap all of Jesse's boxes. Yep happy birthday to him. Kade was so excited.

Kade right after crashing

Better picture of the battle wound. Glad he isn't afraid of his bike. and he is one tough kid.

The weather was so nice so we turned on the sprinklers for the boys to run in. Seth just watched.

Angela came over to play with Kade. I guess its fun to get your bum wet.

Love these too. So glad we have such awesome neighbors
We went back to American Lake for a play date and it was much warmer. The boys had a great time playing in the water and sand

Getting ready for bed. Seth sometimes likes to cuddle with Kade. Kade doesn't like it so much.

I watched my friends kids and one afternoon they were watching a movie and i found them like this. So cute

I have no comment for the next set of pictures. They make me laugh so much. This is Seth not getting his way.

We went sky diving for my birthday and we had to wait a couple hours for the clouds to lift. It was so boring.

The sun was finally coming out and that was the plane we were waiting to take us up.

Getting our gear on

The boys and I took a road trip to Rexburg to see Hailey graduate. It was a long drive. 

We stopped in Caldwell, Idaho to stay with friends. The boys loved wrestling with Caleb.

The Martin kids and ours the morning we left.

We stopped and had lunch at Twin Falls. It was beautiful

An attempt at a group

In Rexburg we went to Monkey rock to swim and there was a lot of water and it was cold

Our hotel had a pool and Kade loved it. Well he loved the hot tub more but would swim too

He even got brave and jumped in the pool himself

Crazy car ride with the syblings and dad.

The awesome splash park by our hotel.

No phone pictures from Yellowstone or the cabin but this is our lunch stop on the way home. GG drove home with us.

Sad he couldn't climb up the tree

A roll of toilet paper is the best entertainment for Seth! Kept him super busy.

Then we came home and canned peaches with help of the Pearsons and GG

I love this kid

Another day at the park. This is South Hill Park. I love how brave Kade is getting.

Seth had a buddy. This is Nick.

We had a family day yesterday and went back to the children's museum. Its always fun when dad joins us 

We then got lunch at this place. it was really good. I guess Jesse is smelling our food! =)

Saying good bye to dad for a few weeks.