Friday, August 26, 2011

California part 2

We had a fun time seeing lots of animals while in California it was a lot of fun and Kade is a big fan.
Kade loves Daisy. He loved feeding her plums and makes a great donkey sound.  Too bad Daisy isn't rideable but the kids did enjoy sitting on Daisy.

Aunt Kerry helping Kade sit on Daisy.

Robert helping Liam

Robert helping Julia

Avila Barn feeding the animals with Grandma Paula and Grandma Kathy

Kade thought it was so much fun

Checking out the goats

Now time to feed the cow

This cow had the longest tongue I guess Kade felt he needed to touch it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

California part 1

We had a great time playing in California.  The weather was beautiful and we had lots of fun playing with grandparents and aunts and uncle mark. 
We went to Cuesta Park to play and let Kade play in the little creek.   He loved it and he even got to take a little swim not by his choice.

Sitting in the cold water

Water...yes please

Pretty sure he could have played in this fountain all evening.

We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Lagerquist.

Wane did not want to have his picture taken

Kade loves his great granparents and I think they are pretty smitten with him.  Kade ran right up to grandpa L when we saw him for the first time it was so cute.

Someone loves playing the piano

Look at that concentration. Even the tongue is out.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


August has been a very busy fun month.  The weather has been beautiful and eventually I will post about our trip to California but that means I have to go up to the desktop and pull up all the pictures and well that just hasn't happened yet. Maybe tonight.  We have had wonderful cherries for the last 2 months.  They are so good and a great price and we buy them from a lady that has a stand on the side of the road.  She gets the cherries from Yakima which is over the mountains and next week she will have peaches and more other good stuff!

The day we got back from California we went blueberry picking.  There is a free blueberry park and you can just pick and eat as many as you want.  Its so cool! 
We went with some friends and it was so much fun. 
This is Kade on our way back to the car.  Not sure if he just wanted to pick the flowers or he sat down because he was mad that he couldn't just wonder off.  Oh and check out his sweet nike's.  They were Jesse's shoes when he was little!

Here are some of the berries we picked.  I went again yesterday and got some more.  This year wasn't super great according to my friend but we were happy with what we got.

When Jill comes over its time for random pictures off the ipod.  Oh and most these pictures are off my ipod or Jesse's point and shoot. 

I took the Kade to a little fair last Saturday to see some animals and just get out of the house.  Jesse has been gone a lot so it was nice to get out and do something fun and different.  Above Kade is chekcing out the pig and her piglets.  There were a ton of piglets.

Then he got to pet a cow.  He was a little shy but then I would be too that cow was big.

For dinner we got expensive $4 corndogs but they were hand dipped and were so good.  We went and watched the horses while we had our dinner.

Kade truly is a boy he loves his cars and tractors and wheels.

They had all these different tractors set up and Kade was loving it.

I put him up on the tractor and he loved it. He thought he was so cool.


Look at hard he was concentrating.  It looks like he knew just how to drive a tractor.  He was not to happy when I took him down.

Then he got to go put on a fireman's uniform and hat and get up in a firetruck and take his picture.  He loved it and did not want to get out.  I'm pretty sure he threw a fit when we took him down.  He could have sat up there all day.
Check out this sweet find I got at a garage sale today.  It was a buck!!! yes $1!  Well the lady wanted $2 and I asked if she would take $1 and she did.  Merry Christmas Kade. I'm just going to hide it way for now. I was so excited about my find.

And her is my sewing closet which I love.  Jesse and I put up the wire shelves and when I say we I mean Jesse I did help hold them.  We then made the blue shelves to put my spools on.  I love being able to see what I have.  I have tons of brown and black.  I also loved that we used an old map to back it.  Then I hung my cutting mats and plastic cutting thingy.  I love how it all came together and when I don't want to see it I just close the doors.  Now to get motivation to sew and work on the rest of the house....or I'll just go enjoy the nice weather outside.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flaming Gyser State Park

While the Pearson's were here we went up to visit Adrienne and Al who are their good friends.  We had such a fun time visiting them and the kids loved their house. The best thing is we live relatively close and Al loves to fish and so does Jesse and he said we can come up anytime to go fishing and clamming. 

Brinly loves chips and salsa

Hanging out and Jesse feeling really really sick.  Pretty sure he didn't make it off the couch more than twice that evening, poor guy.

My child is ticklish, just a little bit

The weather was so nice that we ate outside.  Ken and Pam (the nieghbors who live in front of us) gave us this awesome picnic table that Ken made.  It is awesome and we are so lucky to get it.  Maybe it will make it to the backyard sometime but for now it is in the front yard and we like it there. Funny story about the table the other day i heard kids out front which is odd since we live on a flag lot with our house in the back.  Anyways there were two little boys playing uno on the table...just a little strange but cute.

Kade loved his cafe rio style pork

We went on a little adventure to Flaming Gyser State Park.  It was super nice outside and we had a picnic.  Both these kids LOVE food.

Kade loves his Aunt Megan and I think its safe to say that she loves him back.  Thanks Megs for entertaining him while you were here.

Papa Charlie and Brinly playing in the park.

Papa Charlie and Kade going to check out the river

Papa Charlie trying to keep Kade out of the water. That is a tough job Kade just wanted to go down and throw rocks in the water.

Rocks and water equals a lot of fun and some wet bums.

Playing in the back of Papa Charlie's truck before we go on our hike/walk

Me and my boy.

Here is the flame. Oh wait you can't even see it in the picture. Its coming out of the cement circle by Charlie's feet.  So we thought we were going on some nice hike to this place...nope it was maye 500 ft off the road.  At least their was a nice trail by it that we could go on.  It was a fun hike but not much of a geyser.  Oh yeah the geyser was created years ago when they were mining the area and hit this natural gas line and now there is a continous flame there, its not very big but still cool.  Thanks Kathy for taking all the pictures its nice to finally be in some.