Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Update

Here are some great pictures we got of Kade the other night. Yes Jesse is making him smile, is it bad that I have done that too? Oh man our poor child.
He is smiling all the time now. Well that is until he is hungry or has gas.
And Kade is great at making bubbles
Jesse decided to take up sewing, he says and I quote "its just another piece of machinery and I don't mind learning how to use a new machine". So he learned how to make a pair of shorts out of a pair of pants
He did a great job I think and wears them almost everyday. Oh and he made 2 pairs.
I have had a hard time with my garden this year but when I went out I saw the marigolds and thought they looked pretty cool
Grandma also helped me put up these shelves in our living room. Now I can put up more pictures of Kade.
My grandma painted this super cute stool. We had one growing up so I wanted her to paint one for Kade. I think its super super cute. Thanks Grandma

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm missing...

There are just some things that I am really missing these days. Not saying I don't love my life right now because I do. I love being a mom, I LOVE not having to go to work, and I love that Jesse had a whole bunch of time off work so we could go play and have fun the last month and get used to being a family of 3. Now he is back at work and family is gone well that is until more come on Tuesday and its weird.

Anyways I have been missing being able to work out...not saying that I did it a lot but not being able to has been kind of hard. I would love to be able to sign up for a triathlon but well I'm not in shape right now for that. I just hit my 6 week mark.... what Kade is 6 weeks thats crazy in itself. I will start working out next week...well maybe after the in laws go home. I guess that means I get to sit around for another week and stare at my smiling baby. I know I'm not the only one in my situation and this is why I'm posting these pics. I know Melanie and Melissa are feeling the same about not being able to do triathlons this season. Hopefully one day in the future we can all do another triathlon together.

I am also missing Emily and Cathy a ton. I hung out with them all the time before I got married and moved away. I am also missing Utah and its nice weather without the humidity.

So I thought I'd show some pictures from a triathlon we did in 2008 where I signed up for the race 2 days before it started because Melissa told me it was still open to enroll. I've learned that I should not do that again and training first is probably a good idea.Melanie I'm sorry for this picture but I didn't have one picture where you weren't making a funny face.Emily was such a great cheerleader and Cathy was such a great photographer. I'm not sure how Emily ended up with all the bags but it makes me love her even more.

So we swam

We bikedAnd we ran in the beauty of southern Utah
I'm sure I will be adding more fun pictures as I come across them in the next few days sure do miss you guys! Oh and I'll upload new pictures of Kade too, mom I will I promise

Monday, June 21, 2010

Emerald Isle

To stard do you see this shell??? Jesse found it while he was out snorkeling. It is soo cool. I have never found a cool shell like this and either had he so we were super excited. It is very pretty and now sitting on a shelf in our house. Oh the water was super clear we were able to go snorkeling and had great visibility. Okay now back to the beginning of our weekend adventure.Grandma Erm and Erin were here for a few days and somehow had connections for us to stay in a house near the beach that was located on the intercoastal waters. This man that we didn't even know let us stay in his house. Here is the one we stayed in. A perfect little house near the water.
Here is their family house that they stay in when they go. Its great they have a little dock that we could fish off of.Grandma and Kade spending time together. I love how he looks at her its too cute
We went fishing I caught a fish right away and Jesse wouldn't even let me touch it he was mad I caught a fish in about a minute of throwing out my line and I'm not kidding. Erin caught 3 fish pretty fast which was fun. while we were out with Jesse he caught 0 but then we learned he had good luck after we left and even caught a sting ray.
And once again this is how Kade spent his day at the beach.Erin and Grandma in the water
Grandma and I swimming
I just have to put this picture up because I love the fact that my grandma goes to the beach and still lays out! Lookin good grandma
It was a great relaxing trip. We also did some kayaking and played some card games it was super nice and we hope to go back again soon. They said we could.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sitting Up

Here are a few pictures of Kade sitting up on the couch. I'll update more when I get Erin's picture about our fun weekend. I love how his face looks so fat but really its not...I promise

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Florida and 1 month old

First off I can't believe Kade is a month old. Not sure where the time went but he is already 1 month. Lets see he is starting to smile back at us now which is fun, and sometimes we think he laughs but who knows it is probably just gas. He really knows how to mess his pants, he goes through so many diapers its insane and on our trip I had to change his outfit at least twice a day. Oh and he definitely takes after grandpa hank because he can pass gas like crazy. He is sleeping great during the night and only wakes up once. And he LOVES the car and his bob stroller. Most the time Kade is a pretty happy kid and we love having him in our family. He is just so cute
We took a 6 day trip down south and after getting home Monday after driving from the bottom of South Carolina this is how my boys spent their afternoon. Oh and I think it funny how they are matching and no mom I was not wearing navy blue.
So to start off our trip we left last Wednesday and drove a little over half way and stayed in Brunswick, Georgia which is almost on the Florida border. We checked into our hotel and then decided to drive to Jaykell Island. We had dinner on the island and then walked down to the beach. It was super windy so we couldn't stay too long. Kade's 2nd time at the beach.
He actually kind of woke up for this beach excursion but it was so windy I had to keep him bundled up.
We arrived in Florida on Thursday afternoon and hung out with our friends the Lahr's. Ben is Jesse's childhood friend who now lives in Florida. I somehow did not get a picture of all of us, oops. Friday we went to Sea World. We decided Sea World would be easier than Disney World with Kade. We went to see Shamu and Kade slept through the whole thing.

Here is a picture with the dolphins it was their feeding time so they were super active. Here is Kade kind of awake. He spent the majority of the day asleep which was nice for us.
Saturday we went to Holmes Beach just south of Tampa. The water was so clear and warm the only downside to the gulf is there are no waves so I think it makes the beach a little boring unless you want to lay out the whole time. Here is how Kade spent his time at the beach. Good thing he likes his bob so much. (Mom do you see how well protected he is from the sun?)

Sunday we started our drive home and we took a little detour to check out another beach in Georgia this time outside of Savannah. It was pretty crowded at the beach so we walked for a little bit oh and then Kade decided to get hungry so here is how I spent my time at the beach while Jesse tried to find a crab he had seen and then he looked for shells, that doesn't ever happen but it was Sunday and he didn't have his kayak. Oh yeah its not so easy trying to feed Kade on the beach or change his diaper he got a little sandy =)
For some reason I love this picture of Jesse and Kade
Oh and there was this cute light house as well.
We made it back safe and sound and now getting ready for Grandma Erm and Erin to come so we can go on more adventures. Kade did wonderful on the trip can't wait for more adventures. Oh and I think its funny that Kade has been to 4 different state and has been to 4 different beaches and he is just a month old. Too bad he wont remember this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


He was happy right before i took this and then I think he had some gasHe does really good in his car seat. He always falls asleep its great when we travel

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3 weeks

Before I forget I made these for Kade's room.. some freezer paper and paint did a great job.Here are some fun faces of Kade. I can't believe he is 3 weeks already. Time has flown bye.

Sleeping with dad. Don't mind the mess of stuff on the couch
Kade loves the outdoors so in the morning we walk around outside and then he gets to sit in his bouncy seat with the door open until it gets to hot. He seems to really like to hear the outside sounds or maybe its just the fresh air