Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bed, bag, and finger painting

I was going to wait until the room was all done before posting these but then after making Kade's bed today and watching him put all his animals up there I decided I should take pictures tonight.

Kade loves his friends, he has his lion from christmas, a bear that was at Great grandma Helen's house, the green bear form GG, an elephant knitted by Aunt Megan, his elephant is burried under there somewhere, tigger from his baby shower, and then my panda who is nice and cleaned today since he was sitting in pee...poor panda!  His diaper just leaked and I didn't notice it until too late

Happy boy!  I found his bedspread at burlington coat facotry for around $30.  I was super excited about the price and got another one so the boys will have matching beds...one day.  I then made the cheveron pillow case out of left over fabric from the valances.  I'm happy with the way the room is coming together

He is so small in his bed! I now just need something above his bed.  I'm thinking pictures of the boys but not sure. I just know its empty

This is how we get off the bed.  I have been very lucky and he has done amazing in his bed.  He stays in it.  Doesn't get down until I open the door.  He does however really like to look out the window and play with his curtains, especially during nap time.

This is how we get up on the bed.  I love that stool.  I had my grandma paint it when she was visiting when Kade was born.  The stool moves around the upstairs depending on where Kade needs it.  I love that he as figured out that he can move it by himself.  It is used to get books down/put away, get up on his bed, reach something off the counter, and turn the lights on and off.  I love that he has learned how to turn the lights on becuase it saves me a trip up the stairs and we are working on turning the lights off when he goes to bed.  Maybe I should have my grandma paint another stool when she comes....hmmmm

Can you find Kade??  He loves to have all his animals and I don't have a problem with it especially if he stays in his bed all night.

Today the sun was out and we played outside a little bit before going to the store.  I made Kade a bag for all his cars/trains.  He was always trying to carry too many and it was driving me crazy so now he can just put them in his bag and carry them.

Cute huh!  I used a couple diffent ideas off of pintrest that I have tagged and then Jesse had some extra 550 cord and we used that for the handles.

I love this picture!  This is the look I got when I asked him to turn around for a picture.  Cracks me up! I also love that he has a 2t top actually that jacket might be 3T and then 12 month bottoms, and size 6 shoes.  Grow little legs, grow!

Kade was being crazy the other day at lunch so out came the camera.

This face makes me laugh.  that yogurt must be soo good.

He refuses to look at the camera.

I made finger paint the other day out of cornstarch and water.  Thank you pintrest again.  I love that site.  Anyways I thought Kade would love it...come to find out he didn't.  He doesn't like stuff on his hands/fingers.  This is not okay with me.  We will paint everyday until he is okay with getting his hands dirty!!!

I know I'm mean but this is how he threw his fit when he decided he was done and wanted out!  Funny we painted last night with Embree and Tiffany and he lasted longer and now he sees the paints sitting out ont he counter and wants to paint so maybe he just has to warm up to the idea.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A new bed

This little guy is growing up!!  There have been some big changes in our house.  Well okay mainly one and that is Kade is now sleeping in a big bed.  I finally got his bed set up i found a bed spred at burlington coat factory that matched his room and I also found a bed rail.  So I set it up and figured lets give this a try. 
He is getting kind of big for the pack n play.  He had 2 blankets and about 5 stuffed animals in there with him.  He also figured out that the matress part lifts up and would play with that forever and most the time it would be folded up and he would sleep half on the mattress and half on the bottom part.  I figured maybe now was a good time to switch him. I didn't switch him because we need the pack n play for the baby.  We actually got a new one because I wasn't going to move Kade.  I didn't think we needed to change everything on him. 
Well last night was a success in the new bed, then a nap today, and now he is asleep again.  He seems to really like it and has gone right to bed.  I know this wont always happen and I expect to find him sleeping on the floor sometime but I think he really likes his new bed.  When I went up to get him this morning he just got down off his bed and went off to play!  I think this may work!

Other new exciting news is Kade went poop on the toilet! I was so excited and I don't think that Kade knew what to do.  He just wanted to play with his cars and trains...haha go figure.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Running and Snow

Just wanted to make you smile 
Kade, Rex, and Chloe running around.  I love that my son has such a high pitched scream.
Playing in the snow.  Our neighbor Jasmine is awesome and took him down the hill a couple of times.  It was so funny.  I also love how he couldn't stand up in the snow because of his clothes and the snow was a little deep, well at least if you are small.

Silly boy

My child screams like a girl!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jill's birthday and Seattle

We helped celebrate Jill's birthday over the weekend.  Kade ate lots of sugar he loved the toppings for the cupcakes and then enjoyed his cupcake.  He even did put a few decorations on top and then took them off and ate them.  He wasn't so sure about the frosting at first but then loved it as you can tell from the pictures

Dri hosted Jill's orange themed birthday.  All the cupcake decorations were orange and we all had fun decorating them.  Jill's fish cupcake was my favorite

Happy 29th Birthday Jill

My high school friend Kjersten came to visit for a few days.  We had planned to take the ferry over to Anderson Island but then it rained all day yesterday so we decided to go to Olympia and go to the childrens museum.  Kade had a great time.  He really just liked sitting in the cars and playing with the steering wheel.  He played at the water table for a little bit and of course he loved the trains.  I'm not sure who had more fun with the trains Kjersten or Kade.

They had this really cool wall that had those pegs in it so you could make cool imprints.  Kjersten is above and then Kade thought it was fun to push the pegs in.

Kjersten trying out the safety goggles

The museum had these little cages for animals and Kade crawled into one and shut the door.  He was too funny.

Today was such a fun day.  I have always wanted to see the troll.  After watching 10 Things I Hate about you about a thousand times I was so excited.  Well Jesse thought I was nuts and not to mention so did my sister in law Megan.  Well it was today that I got to go see it because Kjersten wanted to see it just as much as I did.  We found it with Kjersten's amazing skills.  They were doing some construction around it but we could still go up to it.  Kade loved it because he could watch the construction guys working.  It was supposed to rain so we were all decked out in our rain gear.

Thank you Kjersten for wanting to see the troll as much as I did =)

After the troll we were cold so we went to a coffee shop that Kjersten really wanted to go to so Kade got chocolate milk in the cutest cup.  I got hot chocolate in a cup that was a little bit bigger.  It wasn't the best hot chocolate but Kjersten said her coffee was really good.  I just love how cute the cup is that they gave to Kade.
After the coffee shop we went to REI and didn't find anything good.  We were both to cheap.  Then we went to Pike Place Market but I didn't get any pictures because we used Kjersten's camera.  It was such a fun few days and I'm so glad we got to hang out. It was so fun to have a reason to go play.  I can't wait utnil our family comes so we can go play more....now the weather just needs to be a little warmer.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

34 weeks and more snow and some ice

I think I grew overnight.  I looked in the mirror and went wow.  I guess that could explain why i can't stop eating and I'm super tired. Oh the joys of the last month.  I'm just praying this little guy will be smaller than 9.3lbs. Oh my check out my childs face!

Kade was actually excited to take the picture.  Maybe because I let him stand on the stool.

As many have heard we have gotten a ton of snow.  Probably somewhere between 6-8 inches.  We had to go out and play!

Kade could barely walk in the snow.  He ended up crawling around after he fell down. I love how he looks like a blue marshmellow.

These pictures are mainly to document the snow and also to show you how cool and pretty it looks.
Our front yard

Can't see the walkway.

My hydrangea plant.  I sure hope it makes it through the winter because they are so pretty.

Jesse's jeep covered in ice and snow.  I love all they icicles.  They are so pretty.

Umm is the mirror supposed to be at this angle....not sure.

Everything is covered in ice, even the tires

A few plants and trees covered in ice I think they are so cool looking.  They may look cool but man they sure are causing problems around here.  There are a lot of trees that have fallen and hit power lines. We have been without power a lot today thanks to all the trees that have fallen over.

This may be my favorite picture that I took today.

This is how our street looked today when I was out taking pictures.  These trees look so cool they remind me of the trees in Lord of the Rings.  I'm so glad that my house is no where near these trees so I don't have to worry about them coming down on my house.

The snow has been fun.  I felt a little house bound today because I just wanted to get out but there was no way I was going to drive in the crazy snow and ice.  I am grateful for my hometeacher who came over to shovel my driveway and then took us to his house to have dinner with his family. So it can either continue to snow or all melt but please no more freezing rain. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A good day

Kade sitting on his perch watching Thomas the Train.  Oh how he loves those movies.  He actually turned around and said cheese! 

Our pantry has been driving me crazy.  The other day I went to get a can down and i had about 10 fall.  Not cool.  Our pantry is pretty organized but cans are never easy to stack.

I guess its clear that I'm nesting and trying to get everything done.  Jesse better be pleased.

Looking on pintrest I have seen lots of different ideas but nothing I really liked or wanted to make until I saw these.  They are just carboard and I had to put them together (which took awhile at first).  The price was perfect it was $13 for a pack of four. Which makes them a little over $3 a holder.  I thought that was a good deal.

Doesn't it look good.  I still have lots of random cans on top but they are only things that I have one or 2 cans for.  I also like how this helps you rotate your cans so you use the old one first.  I got them from here you can order diffent sizes which is cool. While organizing the pantry I realized I have a ton of crackers.  Good thing I like to eat crackers and cheese. Now the pantry is even more organized!!

Last night the Heindel's (our neighbors and members of our ward) came to get their sleds back..oops.  They were out playing in the snow and having a snowball fight well that sounded like fun so off we went.  Kade was so happy and loved running around in the snow at night.  He also loves the Heindels they are all teenagers and they love him.  Well last night Jasmine, Kade and I made a snowman and he looked pretty good.  This morning not so much. I guess some animal ate his mouth and he somehow lost an eye but I still wanted to get a picture of our little snowman.  Kade also loves the snowman song.  In the picture is our friend Lux.

I love this picture of Kade!  We have the perfect little hill on our street so I called up a friend and we attempted to go sledding.

34 weeks and sledding!

Its a little hard to sit on a disc with a kid on your lap while pregnant.  Wasn't sure what to do with my legs.  And yes I'm wearing my rainboots. They are easier to put on than my hiking boots.  Sorry dear.

Up the little hill

Getting ready to go down. Kade seemed to have a good time.  We just need more snow.  We are supposed to get more tonight so my fingers are crossed.  Its great just being able to walk down the street.
Katrina and Lux getting ready to go down.

Kade decided to go on a walk.  Maybe he would stop running into stuff if he opened his eyes!!!

Lux loved it.

Watch out there is a bush! Last night when Jasmine took Kade down she ran over the exact same bush.  Jasmine took Kade down last night and I was able to get video of it.  I'll just have to add those later.  I'm telling you Jasmine is awesome!

Lux wanted to go again but then she had an accident so we had to go back to the house to change clothes.  Oh the joys of potty training.

It is so fun to play in the snow when its at your house.  I don't think Kade would last very long if we went to the snow but this way we can go out and enjoy it a couple times a day.  We are supposed to get 5-10 inches tonight.  Lets see if we really get the snow.