Saturday, March 28, 2015

White beach

We took a trip to the other side of the island to white beach. It was beautiful and there was only one other family on the beach with us. We played on the beach and then walked over to that island in the picture below. The tide was really low so we could explore a lot. We saw a little octopus and a puffer fish along with a ton of hermit crabs and sea cucumbers. The boys had a great time.
Love these three
Playing in the sand and water. It was cloudy but still really warm.
There were a few cargo ships docked.
Such cool sea life

I love this picture
Lots of old coral
He is just too much.

We got a little shade tent. It will be great this summer especially for Jack.

Watching the Moss's

Jack is so trying so hard get around and move. He is getting there.
We swapped babysitting with the Moss's. We had pizza.
Jack enjoys feeding himself
Lightsaber fun at the park
Love the playground by our house
Miss Elizabeth 
May the force be with you

Bike riding on the basketball court. Love the space.

St Patrick's day

They turned off our power for the day so Anne and I went to a new park. We can call this the lighthouse park. It was nothing special just a neighborhood park but the kids had a blast. There was a lot of challenging climbing for the kids.

Kade walking across the log bridge
Jack took a nice nap until the wind came up and knocked the stroller off the cement into the dirt and over Jack went. Poor kid had a hard wake up.
We love going to the parks with the Moss family.
This is Elizabeth she is the boss in her house. She is sure a cutie.
Jack is sitting up better and better each day.

Since St Patrick's day we had green tortillas for taco Tuesday. Doesn't Seth look thrilled.
They sure do love taco Tuesday its kind of fun
Jack hangs out a lot in his stroller while we are at the park.
He is also getting a nice tan

Friday, March 20, 2015

Another week

I got them all to take a picture together which doesn't happen too often.
They love their silly faces

He is getting so big
We introduced Kade to the wii. He is a little obsessed but it's fun to watch him understand the game and get better. His favorite is Mario cart and bowling.
Jack totally passed out in Jesse's lap while Jesse played
Mom mom take a picture of us. Aren't we funny.
Went to the 100 yen store and they have awesome carts for babies.
He loves it
And their orchids are huge and beautiful. I've got to get a smaller one soon.
After a day out we were all starving and looking for a place to eat so we drove around trying to find some place. Finally after hearing Jack scream we turned into blue seal the ice cream and were surprised they had food too. So we had dinner and ice cream. 
Such serious eaters
Jack tried some too
I love this boy 
St Patrick's Sunday. I made all these the previous years so it was fun to pull them out and have matching boys. They are way to cute
And silly
Saturday's went to Shuri castle. It was beautiful and we learned a lot and I actually used my real camera.
After the Castle we went to a new park. It was another good one.
I love when Seth gets so excited to play on the little toys. It reminds me that he is still so young. He loved this train.

Cool tunnels
Look at how amazing this place is.
And a super great fast roller slide.