Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cookie Cutters

I am so excited today Jesse and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a few random things that we realize we needed and didn't have. Some things we got we did not need but wanted and one of those things are cookie cutters. I was so excited I found this container with 100 cookie cutters for only $9.99. It was a great deal and there are all sorts of cutters. I will be set for life I think with these cookie cutters and I think I might have to make some Valentines day cookies just because I have lots of cookie cutters and I'm excited to use them. Well I just thought I would share my excitement with everyone. I was going to post a picture but can't figure out how to do it so you will just have to imagine 100 cool colorful plastic cookie cutters. Okay well maybe I found a picture.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Eve

I realized the other day that I hadn't posted anything from Christmas. I was just a little too excited about our wedding! Jesse and I gave each other our presents Christmas Eve so we could wear our new pj's on Christmas morning
Here is a picture of Hailey and my dad on Christmas Eve. Jesse and I did our little gift exchange Christmas Eve.

Here's my mom

And I love this picture of Hailey I can't tell if she is mad, intrigued about something, annoyed, or maybe just thinking.

Jesse and I decided to give each other pajamas. Really its because I had this really great idea on what i wanted to give him. I talked him into it and it was great. Thanks to my roommates for your support and help on the great project. He was excited or shocked as you can tell from below

He gave me some really really soft fish pj's that he now wants to steal.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our new place

So not having a job and not going to school gives me lots of time its crazy I don't know what to do with myself. Well I guess that is not totally true seeing how I can update my blog all the time, and spend way to much time on the internet. I should go for a run but hmmm that may come later. I thought I would take a few pictures of our house or at least the living room seeing how its pretty organized. Below is a picture of the front of our house and the red truck. I really like our house it is so cute and the perfect size for the 2 of us, seeing how we both have a lot of stuff it works out great. Thanks Natalie and Josh for letting us rent it.

Here are some picture of the living room. I took them from different angles so you could see the whole thing.

Its still weird to me that I have pretty much all of my family furniture that I have grown up with my whole life. Yes there are still a few totes that need to be put away but its Jesse's stuff so he can go through it when he gets back.

Oh and has anyone else ever lived near a military base where you think your house is about to blow up every couple of minutes?? Well we live relatively close to the firing range and you can hear blasts all day long. Sometimes it shakes the house which kind of scares me because I feel like someone is trying to break in. I know its something I'm going to have to get used to but man sometimes it really scares me.

Oh and here so pictures that I have had since Liz and I went to Paris. I finally went and bought frames after who knows how many years and now I am just trying to figure out where to put them. I am actually really happy with the way they cam out. Its amazing what happens when you put a picture/drawing in a frame.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So the night before Jesse left he decided to bbq which was great. Jesse's grandpa gave him his old bbq so we were set to go. While Jesse was cooking up some good meat he kept coming in to say that something smelt like melting plastic. He couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from either the fireplace or the bbq. Well come to find out after the meat was done he found the grill brush melted on the back of the grill. Here are some of the pictures. I thought it was pretty funny since he smelt the plastic for so long and never saw the brush. The meat still tasted great. Here are a few pictures of the melted brush....sorry Grandpa L.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Honeymoon across the United States

Here are some pictures we took on our honeymoon and some of the cool places we stopped to see. We did get to see a lot which was really cool. I'm not sure that I want to do that drive again any time soon but it was fun and I would do it again someday.
Here's where we stayed in Needles and we got our hotel room for 35 bucks. On this trip we learned the price really does matter when it comes to the quality of a hotel room.

We are finally out of California...now the trip begins.

Heres a picture of the sunset at the Grand Canyon. The lady at the visitors made it sound so amazing but it was a pretty average sunset.

Jesse posing for a picture

Here we are at the Grand Canyon

Jesse going off the trail...oops well it kind of looked like a trail.

Jesse and I at the Painted Forest. I really like the painted forest the colors were so much richer than the grand canyon. There was hardly anyone there which was great too and we could walk around more than we could at the Grand Canyon.
Here are some Petroglyph's that we saw in the Pettrified Forest. It is amazing to me that they still can be easily seen after soo many years. I wish we knew what they meant but we don't

More petroglyphys I'm not sure how well you can see them.

Us and the Penske truck in the Petrified Forest. We are sitting on a log which was pretty cool. It was just on the side of the road
This picture is just for Emily and Melanie since they both mentioned that I didn't have a picture of New Mexico on the trip well here it is. I don't recommend this place to anyone especially if you want Mexican food. Maybe there other food was okay but not the Mexican. You order a burrito with meat you get ground meat rolled into a tortilla. Yep I'm serious thats the only thing that was in the burrito. OH and I'm in the picture if you look really hard i'm to the left of the Route 66 sign.

So when we were driving through Texas we came across this site that has the largest cross in the western hemisphere.(I just saw on line that this cross was out done by the state of Illinois now having the largest cross of 198 feet which beats Texas by 8 feet)...who knew that was so important. We had to stop and check it out and did you know that Christ died and was resurrected in Groom Texas. Here is a picture of us participating in the first supper. We thought it was pretty funny that out in the middle of nowhere Texas there is this place dedicated to Christs life. We had a good time there and it was nice to get out and stretch. Below is a picture of the cross that took off the road because if we got too close I couldn't fit the whole thing in my camera. As you can see there is not much else around

Jesse taking a little nap while I drive. Don't worry I was looking at the rode when I took this shot. And this proves that I did drive.

We pulled off the road and pulled into a trailer park by Lake Eufaula because it had such a pretty sunset. I managed not to get any of the trashy trailers in the picture.

I got a little bored and took a few pictures of my cute husband driving. You can't tell we are bored can you?

We stopped at the Casey Jones museum In Tennessee. It was pretty neat and you can even spend the night in a train car which I thought was pretty cool.

The Penske truck making its way across the US of A. It saw 3 national parks on this trip.

We were trying to take a picture with the timer on my camera. This was the third try and I happened to slip right when the camera took the picture. We both look ridiculous I think its funny.

Here is a view of the top of the Smokey Mountains. It was so pretty.

Us at the top of the Smokey Mountains

I thought this was a cool picture of the water cutting its way through a fallen log.

Me at the trail marker.

Jesse cleaning of his shoes after our hike. I would say about 90% of our hike was in the mud. Below is a picture of the river we crossed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Wedding Pics

Okay so here we go with a few more pics. I am tired of organizing the kitchen so here I am back at the blog. I never knew that organizing the kitchen would be so hard. There are too many things for our cupboards. I need a pantry...hmmm maybe the entry way closet will work. Okay well back to the pictures.
And a huge thank you to all those who came to celebrate our wonderful day. Thank you Jen for doing my hair and make up. Thank you Liz for taking over my dads camera and getting some great shots. Thank you Lori for making a beautiful cake and Juleen for taking pictures at the reception. Oh and thanks to Stephen for being our photographer I can't wait to see the pictures (thanks Liz again). Also thank you to our wonderful families for putting up with us and working to decorate for our reception on Christmas day. If I forgot anyone I'm sorry.

Oh so sweet!

Em I love ya and miss ya lots

My Aunt and Uncle who claim they are from Hawaii and my 2 cousins

Sorry dad my eyes are closed

I think by this time my body was completely frozen. And it looks so pretty and warm outside. Its so decieving.

I love how the the whole temple is in the picture.

And we were just getting started. Too bad you can't see the goosebumbs on my arms. Oh and this pose is just for Court....to bad its not the hand with the ring.