Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas week

Okay so these are all out of order but I'm too tired to try to fix them all. This is the week of Christmas. We made the nice long drive down to CA we stayed the night in Oregon to break up the trip. Jack cried the first 2 hours right after we got in the car but thankfully he slept the whole next day.
Jack meeting GG for the first time.

Playing at Grandma Paula's. The boys had fun wrestling with Aunt Erin

We got out Mark's legos and hotwheels. The boys were heaven.

We took a hike up Reservoir Canyon.

This child is so funny. He is so opinionated and stubborn and I love him

The older boys climbed a tree and thought they were so cool

Erin and I went to Paul and Sue's to make candy. Auntie Al always spices things up.

Seth woke up early at Grandma and Grandpa's house and got to spend lots of quality time with Granpa. I came out one night and they were reading stories on the stairs it was so cute. 
Pinterest is great, Thanks to Jill I found Christmas BINGO and the kids a great time playing.

For new years eve we had a bonfire in the patio and roasted hot dogs and smores. It was a little chilly but so nice with the fire. Jack loved watching the fire. And Kerry was home from Nepal for a month

After Christmas Eve dinner we went over to visit the Andrus' we hadn't seen Danny and Nancy in years. It was fun to catch up.

Jack meeting Darlene Andrus

Grandpa Hank has a new bird and Kade totally loves it. He wasn't afraid to hold the bird at all

Seth was a little tired and didn't care much about the bird

John Henry and Jack Henry

Kade and I headed downtown to meet up with the Mayott's and we got to see Santa. 

The kids also rode the carousel. It was a little scary but the kids loved it.

Clair is so adorable and funny. 

More Christmas Eve Pictures. Everyone eating lots of yummy food

Great Grandma Nise. I love this lady we have so much fun joking around together.

Mila and Seth are two peas in a pod. They have so much fun together. Its so cute but man can they get themselves into trouble.

Don't steal my smore...death look

Acting out the nativity...kind of. Seth is Joseph with a light saber, Mila is Mary with a puppy and Jesse was the manger holding baby Jack who was baby Jesus....always fun with stubbron 2 year olds.

Leaving Washington

Jack's first Thanksgiving.

It snowed a little and the boys wanted to go out and play in the snow. The snow didn't last long but the boys had fun. I have to say I'm not going to miss the cold weater

Kade likes to take pictures with our point and shoot camera. He is getting pretty good at focusing and holding the camera still

We gave the boys part of their Christmas present early so they could play with it a bit before it got packed up when we moved. I found a great deal on legos so they got one of the bags. Kade was so excited.

I love this chunk.

Auntie Lisa sent the boys matching pj's. The boys love it when they all match

We went to Bass Pro Shop and saw santa. It was a great santa
Watching the fish at Bass Pro shop

A few days before we left we with a lot of our friends met up at Charlie Safari to play. All the kids had a great time and we will miss them all dearly. Kids (from left to right) Seth, Ayden, Rex, Cody, Chloe, Lilly, Zac, Kade, Liam and Ben is down in front.

We did Christmas with Ken and Pam. We will miss them for sure, they have been such great adopted grandparents for the boys

Oh Seth.....

We spent our last night before driving to California with the Johnson's. These kids are so funny.

Best friends

Life isn't very exciting when your house is boxed up.
The truck was loaded and we waved goodbye to all our stuff. Such a crazy feeling.
Liam and Seth are so silly together
Our empty house.
Tummy time for Jack
Last big bubble bath

Super Jill. I still love that we had our boys a week apart.

Goodbye Washington. Onto California only a 15 hour car ride.