Saturday, December 31, 2016


These two still and always double trouble. They were soaked after this 
Another cool park shaped as a Japanese boat

Bought a $10 christmas tree and put it on the table. Boys had fun decorating it. Its fun having the disney ornaments we had growing up and I love that they are wood. 

One day he will figure out how to hold up the peace sign but for now its his two fingers.

A sweet group of young women sent us a care package for Veterans day. Lots of candy and some fun activities. Balloons are always fun. 

Since our thanksgiving meal wasn't very good we decided to redo. Jesse did a great turkey and we had rolls and jello salad and more stuff. Always fun with the Parks family. 

I took the Park girls and Seth and Kade out to see if a few parks would be good for park day. It was a park fail. This was the only play structure out of 2 parks. 

Also came across a tomb

Another park day this time at the Ewok park. The designs of these parks alway impress me. 

Hey mom look I'm up in the tree. Such a climber, doesn't matter what its on. 

Did another bingata painting on a bag with wives from Jesse's work. I really like how it turned out. 

Ephram painted jack with chalk! Not going to lie he did a really good job painting his face and not getting it in his eyes or mouth. 

We had a fun Christmas breakfast with people from Jesse's work
The Santa set up was great. (funny i just noticed the cups by the tree). None of the boys cried and they were excited to tell Santa what they wanted. 

Jesse went fishing while we went to the Chirstmas party and caught lots of tuna. this was his biggest fish.  We have been having lots of fish recently. 

And incase you didn't get our Christmas card or didn't read it we are having another baby. This picture was taken at 14 weeks. Crazy we can find out the gender next month. Part of me wants to wait to find out the gender the other part of me can't wait to see what it will be. 

More November and Thanksgiving

Where does the time go? Parts of this year have gone so slow and other parts have flown by.
Boys finished off a great season and had wonderful coaches and a great team. 

He knows he is cute

Making some Halloween crafts

Made these pants for Seth and so glad jack can wear them. They are so cute.  
I can pretty much tell how much he has grown by these pants alone. He still loves them.

Another tooth gone

A tiny little park near a place I like to take teachers

Dad came home a few days before thanksgiving and the boys were so excited. Jack can't leave him!

We went to Okuma for Thanksgiving and all of us stayed in a hotel room thats pretty small but it works . I loved watching these two play on the iPad  

and then all 3 of them played on it.

One thing i wanted to do while up at Okuma was to hike to Hiji Falls. The weather wasn't super great actually really windy but while on our hike we were very protected and it was great. Callen and Jack did awesome and hiked most of the way by themselves. This is them very impressed by the waterfall.

We can never get both of them to look at the camera. 

Jack thinks he is a big kid and totally acts like one. 

I see an engagement picture like this in 15 years. 

We ignored the signs and climbed down on the rocks close to the waterfall. The waterfall was really pretty and its a bummer they close it off so you can't swim in it. 

We explored the mountain a bit more and found this park with a decent roller slide

And then we went to the wooden Yanbaru Forest Toy Museum. Everything was made out of wood and you could play with it. The kids all loved it. 


A large bit of wooden eggs

Kade wanted to be buried

They had some of the cutest toys all made from wood. I would have bought some but they didn't have much to sell it was mainly a museum. 

It was windy and cold most of the time we were up there. Not as much fun but the kids still had a great time. 

Thanksgivng food wasn't very good, we at ate the restaurant and the music was too loud and food blah but the crab legs and fruit were good. We had desserts and cheese ball later that evening and all hung out in the laundry room which was close to our rooms. Really hilarious to see 30 people in and out of the laundry room. But it worked out great. 

With so many friends up there we split up into two groups and had meal groups. The Parks, Lums and us swapped out doing breakfasts and dinners. Its a great way to keep meals simple and easy. 

Enjoying the bit of sunshine that we found

The younger kids loved wresting with big kids

The day after Thanksgiving we went to Hedo Point and climbed around. 

We then headed to Dai Sekiranazan Park. This is the view from the top. 

He is so special

These ladies have been my angels the last year. Don't know how I would have been able to handle the past year without them. 

This is one good group of kids

Yeah for a family picture and our family being together!

Kade really really wanted to rent one of these bikes. I was so lucky to get to pedal the whole thing by myself because Kade's legs were to short. These things are heavy!

Oh i love this face and he is so silly. 

Emily and I