Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The end of August

We dove toilet bowl again and we saw a few eagle rays

Jesse totally in his element

big memo protecting little memo

i just love the contrast in this picture

Kade made a catapult and had a good time shooting marshmallows

Thankful for a friend who watched Jack so I could take the boys to a work party and they could go down the water slide.  Not the fastest slide but the boys still really like it. 

more running

oh these two. Just being silly

Heard Jack calling me one day. Ran upstairs and found him on top of the boys dresser playing with Legos. A few days later he had pulled my dresser on top of himself and was pinned between the bed and dresser..... this child keeps me on my toes. 

Jesse is home for a couple weeks and the boys are having a blast wrestling. I can't wait until we can have carpet or a soft floor again. 

Gideon had a painting party for his birthday. Kade painted a fish

Seth painted an elephant

The bx has set up a cute little reading area and the boys love to go sit and read books. I now have to plan to be there an extra 10 minutes so they can read. 

5 mile run with Marienui. my feet felt weird on this run, they felt like they do when they fall asleep. Thats not a good feeling when you are running. 

Seth has really been into building stuff so dad helped him make a rocket with baking soda and vinegar. this thing flew

I love how Kade can read to his brothers now. 

Jesse stayed home with Jack and I took Kade and Seth to the last play date at the beach. The weather was beautiful

The jeep is still going strong. These two love to ride around with each other

another run

more wrestling

Jesse turned 33 so we had cake

Kade really wanted Jesse's sees candy. 

everyone loves chocolate

Chocolate cake and milk for breakfast

We had a great ward activity at Torii beach. Lots of new families came and we had the most perfect weather

Then we had a bonfire and after roasting marshmallows we threw in the rest of the pallets and had a real bonfire

Kade started 1st grade and has Mrs Martin as a teacher. So far he loves her and is having a great time 

On Tuesdays the kids get out an hour early so we headed over to a beetle exhibit. It wasn't too exciting but the boys thought it was fun to look at. Then they got to hold this huge beetle on a log. 

Then we went to Torii pool and had a lot of fun. We had the place to ourselves. 

So Jack had some bug on Monday and threw up all over his cast. So we headed straight to the drs to get his cast off because a cast with throw up on it is disgusting. So we gave him a day to recover and we headed to the pool. 

So many friends at the pool 

This beetle was huge

driving around eating popsicles. They are just too cute. and I love their hats

Monday, August 22, 2016

August happenings

I have been able to dive twice in the last few weeks. I have gone to toilet bowl both times. Thankfully  Brandon a friend from church likes to dive a lot too and he and another friend April and I went out. First dive at toilet bowl we saw 2 turtles, 2 sharks and a cuttle fish

I think these trumpet fish are pretty fun to watch. 

I love taking pictures so I can show the boys when I get home. 

Sea aninomes 

Brandon and April diving

I really like this little star fish

I thought this was interesting 2 fish were eating a sea urchin

Jesse came home so the next morning we went diving and we saw 2 eagle rays and 2 sharks

Clown fish are always fun to take pictures of. 

So i love this picture. I love the contrast in this picture. I didn't do any editing this is straight from my camera. Next time we dive we are going to pick up all the fishing line. there was a ton out there stuck on the coral. 

Jack loves sunglasses these days. 

How Kade never falls off his bed is amazing. He sleeps like this every night. Since he does sleep like this he did fall out of the bed when we were at Okuma. He asked me why he sleeps like this.... yeah I have no idea bud.

We finished off our swim lessons. it was pretty great. 

Jack and his BFF Callen. They hung out on the pool deck...oh this is hours before I took him to the ER

Floating like a champ

Doesn't he look like he should be in the ER! Ha he is such a ham. 

After running around the er and the X-ray room we found out he fractured both his ulna and radius so he got a cast. Luckily the ortho guys came over and put a cast on him that day instead of making us go over the next day. 

He was so good he just sat there and let the Dr put on the cast and was like whatever this is cool. 

Seriously this guy is a clown. So many faces and always playing around. I mean look at this face! 

Showing off his cast

Started running more. We have a few friends we meet at the school. A few of us run around and a few  walk. the kids all play on the playground. 

He almost dove under the board. That was skill right three

These are four of the 5 great swim teacher. Brooke, Regan, Sammy and Angela. We had so much fun having them over for meals and showing them fun parts of Okinawa that they normally wouldn't see. We miss them already

Introduced the boys to the olympics and it was so much fun. We watched a ton of swimming and gymnastics and beach volleyball. I had to change the living room around a bit so I could plug into cable. The boys all loved it. Perfect time to be stuck inside with Jack's arm.

More time at the Parks. At one time I looked around and they were all paired playing with each other. 

These two have grown up a lot in the last year and get a long so good now. No more biting or hitting instead they hide out in the corner and play.

Ellen and Kade playing beach volleyball!! so cute. 

Thankful Jon will wrestle with my boys. Kade was in heaven and I'm pretty sure Jon was having a great time too. Emily wasn't so sure about the whole thing. Can I just say i miss having carpet and a nice thick pad under that. I am so tired of cement floors. 

Bathtime. good thing he still fits in the sink

He has been trying to do the peace sign in pictures. 

nice and sweaty after our run. I have to prove to Jesse that I have been running

The officer's club has a kiddie disco open to everyone. This is our second one to go to and the kids weren't so into the first time we went but this week they were out on the dance floor. It was helpful that Lorna and the boys were there. 

Jack got a pair of glasses 

It was Gideon's birthday this week and we decided to go out for breakfast at the Pancake house.  We arrived before it opened so we walked down to the beach. I took more pictures but my phone was acting up and they didn't turn out. I still love this picture of the boys.