Monday, December 31, 2012


Sometimes I wonder where all my time goes. Sometimes its spent in front of the computer editing pictures I was busy for awhile which was really nice. Then sometime is spent cleaning which is a never ending process especially the kitchen. But I spent a ridiculous amount of time cross stitching Seth's stocking. I didn't get it done before Christmas but thats a whole other post. So after getting annoyed with cross stitching and tired of editing I decided to sew a few things.
We went to Joanne's a long time ago but it took me forever to finally make pillow cases. Kade picked out the fabric (ok i might have helped him a bit but he choose the moose fabric)

I love making pillow cases

Kade chose the Santa's for Seth

So I have been working on this since Seth was born, not like I worked on it all the time it sat a lot!. Mark sent me a jelly roll for christmas last year and so I turned around and used them to make a quilt for him. yes its super bright but he said he likes it.

Then I decided that the boys needed christmas ties. So Saturday before church I sewed up these beauties.

Oh man aren't they cute!

They play so good together and I just hope it only gets better.

Kade being funny. If you ask him if he is funny he says "no, i crazy" -thanks Hailey
Merry Christmas, Hope everyone had a great holiday
I have a few more projects to show as soon as I take pictures of them

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree and snow

Kade and I decorated the tree while Jesse was gone but we just couldn't get the star up.

Our tree is tall!  Jesse is standing on the coffee table and they still could barely reach the top

Kade a little scared he was going to be dropped.  Kind of glad he didn't fall on top of the tree.

And the star is on. Yes its still in that position as in totally slanted but I love it since Kade put it on and it would require having to bring in the ladder to fix it.

I then just took some pics of the boys.  Our lighting in our livingroom is horrible so most pictures are blurry. I do love how this picture shows Seth's teeth.

Not sure what he is doing but I love it.  and I still need to fill that empty space on my wall... maybe one day.

This kid is so funny. I sure do love him.

Cars and trains, trains and cars, this boy can play for hours with them.

I look at this picture and think when did he get so big? He loves that silly reindeer sitting next to him on the table.  today he kept pushing the button over and over and was singing along with it.  He may know we wish you a merry christmas now. Oh and he still loves to jump, I'm thankful we have such a sturdy coffee table, and yes the tables are our fence for the tree.

My blue marshmellow!.  Oh hey it snowed here and Kade was so excited.

This is what Seth thought of the snow.  Poor kid still has a runny nose. will it ever go away?

His expressions kill me! Thanks Aunt Jen and Uncle Andy for the awesome pants.

Helping dad scrape the car or throwing snowballs at him! The snow was fun I wish it would come back its such a nice change from the rain.

Ward Christmas Party

Merry Christmas!
So a few weeks ago we had our ward Christmas party.  It turned out better than planned since it was not organized at ALL.  I took the boys to help decorate and I help set up the Santa station.  Its amazing how a few women can get together and throw something together. Doesn't this picture look great. I think it does.  My boys were so tired we had been at the church for 4 hours already and they were tired.  Yes mom I know Seth has a pacifer but it kept him happy. Kade was so excited to see Santa and sit on his lap.  Not going to lie I was in shock, he can be so reserved and shy.  He keeps talking about how he sat on Santa's lap and got a candy cane. I love that such a simple thing like a candy cane can make a child so happy.

Friday, December 14, 2012


This year we had a great thanksgiving and I kind of forgot to take pictures, i only got a few.  My mom and grandma came up to visit and the Johnson's came over for the Thanksgiving feast.  This was our 4th Thanksgiving with the Johnson's and as always the food was awesome.
Kade Rachel and I made turkeys

We also did a thankful tree. Kade loved doing it and was so cute about what he was thankful for.  Its up high because Seth kept trying to tear it off the wall.

The turkey hat lives again.

Jesse carving the turkey.  I'm pretty sure he got every little piece of meat off.

Being very precise

He is so cute. and don't mind Jill's blurry hand in the picture

Our yummy turkey.  I tried getting a picutre before we tried to move it and I forgot so this is after we started to lift it up and then it kind of fell apart. The turkey turned out amazing

Made these fun turkey cups for Rex, Chloe, and Kade.

The kid's table.  These guys are thebest of friends

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A long couple of days

I love these two.  Its awesome that they are starting to play more, or I guess I should say Seth wants to play and Kade quickly grabs his cars and runs. Sometimes he will share just not those beloved cars in that scooby doo bucket...sigh.  I decided to blog real quick because I had such a crappy night.  The boys have been under the weather not sure if Seth is teething or what but snot is all over, Kade got sick Saturday morning which was not fun. Then monday morning he wet the bed and as I was getting the water ready for his bath he peed all over my foot.  Then later I went upstairs to find glitter all over the playroom and my vacuum wasn't working, it was jammed with pine needles.  It was a long day, and then last night I got sick and threw up..That hasn't happened in a long time.  I got some great sleep, Seth slept almost 12 hours finally.  I think I finally fed him enough dinner, I may have forgoten to feed him dinner the other night and he was up every two hours to eat....Lesson learned.
So here is hoping today goes better and it already has.  Kade came down saying he wet the bed!  Ughhh oh wait I put him in a pull up!!! I win!  He drank a ton for dinner and then had juice at Ken and Pam's!  Now he is asleep in my bed, 6 was just a little to early.  Time to get some work done.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting our Christmas tree

I just have to say I really hate blogger right now and I'm not impressed! They are telling everyone their accounts are full. Is it ironic that I have had multiple friends post about it on facebook.  THen it used to be $5 for a year to get extra storage and now its over $2 a month.  So I had to shrink all my pictures even more so they may look a little more distorted.  not sure what I'm going to do.  So lame!
The day after Thanksgiving we went to get our tree. I've never gotten a tree so early but with Jesse leaving and Grandma here we decided to go. We went to the Big Red Barn and road the train.  Kade was so excited

Kade and Grandma deep in conversation.  I love how Kade's hands are so nicely in his lap.

It was a little wet but we were prepared. yeah for puddles

Trying to find the best tree.  We went for a douglas fir and they were all the same price so we had to find the best and biggest.

Kade helping cut down the tree.

I love this picture.  How many people does it take to cut down a tree??

Kade helping dad

Seth and I staying dry.  He wasn't feeling good and still isn't back to normal. Poor guy.

This time he really got to cut!

This is the little train we got to ride.  It started raining pretty hard by the time we were done.  But I'm glad we had a great time and what a fun family memory.

Sure do love this silly boy!