Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My boys

I am getting so sick of this weather and find myself getting kind of depressed.  I read about everyone else going to the pool and how hot it is and I just dream of being warm!  Its cold, cloudy and raining here and I'm tired of it.  How am I supposed to teach Kade how to swim if it never gets warm??  I know you don't want to hear me complain but I'm just tired of it.  I do however love where we live and can't wait to explore more but I would like to see the sun.  I am realizing that I am a California girl!  Or I could deal with having 4 seasons just not the clouds all the time!! ugg...so with that note anyone want to come visit???  We love having visitors especially next month while Jesse is gone.  If you need to cool off come on up!!
So I might be a little behind in taking these and adding these seeing how Seth with be 4 months on Friday...crazy.  I took these a week or so ago.  Check out Kade at this age by clicking here

He is one happy boy the majority of the time.  He has also found his voice.

Love this smiley kid.

I had Seth up on the counter while I was making dinner the other day and Kade wanted up too.  Amazing they are both smiling for the camera!! And mom do you notice how long Kade's hair is!! It will soon be cut =)

Kade loves his bike.  He now glides and I was trying to get that on camera but not sure I got it.  He will not ride his bike without his helmet which is good but gets annoying too.  And his helmet is already getting to small.  Yes my child has a huge head.  Sunday was  nice day we were able to enjoy being outside and just relaxing. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Finally caught him singing his ABC's.  Just ignore the fact that he keeps playing with himself I guess thats what guys do and we have been potty training. Oh and he is looking at himself through the metal handle in the shower, crazy kid.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last week

Last weekend  Jesse had Friday and Monday off!! Love long weekends.  We have been car shopping a little (Jesse a lot online) and so we wanted to see a few.  Well we came home with this beauty on Friday evening. Its a 2010 Ford Explorer has about 35,000 miles, has leather seats, heated front seats, and a third row.  The trunk is HUGE!!  I love it.  I know I'm going to cry once I have to fill it up but its nice to have a bigger car.  It was sad to get rid of the fit but it was time to upgrade.  Ken and Pam came over to check out our new car.

I had a photo shoot on Saturday and had Jesse and the boys come too so they could get outside.  While I was taking pictures Jesse took the boys down by the Glass Museum and let Kade run around.  I'm going to take the boys there more often because Kade loves it.

I love that Jesse has an iphone with a camera because he takes pictures so much more.  Yes my child was not obeying the sign.

Kade loves rocks and water and these cool water fountain things.

This is Noah. He is Jesse's teammates kid and I got to take pictures of him.  It was so much fun.  Someone even yelled Justin Beiber at him and he totally played with it. I guess he gets it a lot but is not trying to copy him.  According to Noah and his mom his hair was like this first.  He is a super cute kid and going into the 8th grad next year.  More to come on the photoblog

Pulled these off of Jesse's phone. I don't remember what we were doing but they make me laugh.

I think this should have been the first in the 3 seeing how Kade is being so cute.  Oh update on Kade he is getting the hang of potty training.  Today he has only had one accident and it was on the kitchen floor so not to hard of a clean up. He'll poop all on his own in the toilet but I have to remind him to pee.  Hopefully he keeps getting it! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Seattle again

On Erin's last day here we went up to the Freemont area to see the Freemont troll and go to the Gas Works Park.  It was cloudy and a little chilly but overall really nice.  Kade loved running around the park and throwing rocks in the water.  I was able to get some 2 year old pictures finally done!  Only a month late but hey thats okay. I somehow don't have pictures of the troll I think I used Erin's camera
Walking with Auntie Erin

It looks nasty outside but it was actually really warm

Kade wanted the ducks.  Check out his 2yr old pics here

Seth slept the entire time

These two are so funny.  Kade kept attcking Erin and trying to lick her.  Not sure where he picked that idea up from but it was funny.

I love this picture, and Kade is bare bummed because we are potty training

Look at Kade's face he is up to something and Erin is not going for it.  Thanks for coming Erin and have fun in Tawaiin, we will miss you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Point Defiance Zoo

The day was beautiful so we went to the zoo for the afternoon and it was a lot of fun.

The elephants were super active and fun to watch.

It was a gorgeous day you can see Mt Rainer in the back

Playing in a birds nest

Someone loves the sharks

So Erin and her friends have a thing with mustache's so she brought them with her.  Kade was not such a fan I think it tickled his nose.

Kade is such a good sport

Seth on the other hand didn't care

Oh man I love Seth's face in tihs one

Friday, June 15, 2012

Seattle with Erin

We picked Erin up from the airport and headed up to Seattle for the evening.  The weather was actually really nice and not windy down by the water.
Kade, Seth and I rode the carousel.

Kade was not happy he had to get off.
We went and ate at a place in Pike's Market.  Kade loved the food.

My child is so goofy

The pig.  We got to Pike's Market late and watched everyone close up shop.

Then we went to bubble gum wall. Its a lot like bubble gum alley at home

Trying to keep Kade entertained and not touch the gum

We thought it was funny some guy was out cleaning the window

some random art

We found a fun waterfall and Kade had a ton of fun