Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The start of a great Thanksgiving the boys stuffing their faces.  They at first and then went down for naps which means we had a very enjoyable dinner.
oh look how cute we are and yes we are kind of matching!  Mom this was NOT planned I promise

The women (where is Jill) getting ready to eat.  The food was sooo good. Can't wait to have Christmas.

Jill and I.  She is freaking out because my baby bump is touching her.

My kid is so cute!!! So I saw this hat on pintrest and managed to figure out how to make it.  When I was in Utah Melanie taught me how to crochet again and helped me with the hat.  I'm proud to say i followed a pattern and did the drumsticks all by myself (well I guess there was a phone call to Melanie). 

These two are getting so big!

Kade has been using his forks and spoons and is getting so good at it. We are impressed.

Charlie took lots of pictures which was nice because I put my camera down and had fun.  Thanks Charlie, oh and half the pictures on this post are from him.

Mike carving the yummy turkey

Kade and Jesse watching jeeps on youtube.  I love watching them play and this picture was really for the turkey hat.  I loved how he wold keep it on.

I printed off this bucket list from pintrest and put it up in our house to see if we could accomplish the things on the list.  I have to say we did pretty good.  Good thing we went to Utah so we could play in the leaves because its a little too wet here and we have no leaves at our house.  Emily has all kinds of hot chocolate so I got to mark that one off too.  I've learned that we need to go on more dates.  One date every 3 months is not super great so I'm going to try and be better.  This is when I wish family lived closer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amazing finds today!

I had to show my awesome finds today.  I am so excited that I had to get these pictures up.
I got all of these blocks for $5.  There 48 jenga pieces, 4 wedges, 3 arches, 2 small triangles, 4 half circles, 9 large dowles, 14 medium dowles, 10 small ones, 12 large triangles, 17 squares, 16 rectangles, 11 long rectangles, 19 medium long rectangles, 7 small rectangles, 1 fat rectangle and 1 car! And then a few colored random blocks

I am even more excited about this amazing train set I found.  It comes with all the pieces above and then the train table which i can't get out of the car by myself.  I'm lucky I got it into the car, Kade may have had to ride in the front seat home.  I know bad mom but awesome find.

I'm adding what cames with the set so I can remember and so you can all be way impressed.  3 enginges, 2 engines that don't fit the tracks, 7 train cars, 2 people, 1 car, 3 trees, 3 signs, 2 lamp posts, I train house, 1 turn table, 4 bridges, 2 shops, 1 mountain, 1 crane, 8 train car inserts that the crane can lift up, 6 big curve tracks, 17 small curves, 2 large straight tracks, 8 regular straight tracks, 3 medium straight, 2 small straight, 2 large v tracks, 1 small v track, 2 bridge holders, and 2 ramps.  Thats 88 pieces and a train table.  Kade is going to love Christmas!!  (by the way mom this is from you, i'm going to sell the other one).  So I bought a different set on craigslist but this one is so much better I'm going to keep this one and resell the other one.  Kade may be a little spoiled and have a lot of toys but I just can't pass up a good deal.  Did I mention that the train set was $45 which is a super great deal if you have ever tried to find one.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick Trip to Utah

Kade and I took a quick trip to Utah for my old roommate Courtney's wedding.  It was so fun to get together will all the Cherry Chubbs, it was also a great excuse to go back to Utah.  We went out to lunch, had a great dinner and a fun reception.  Congrats Courtney and Roger.
Everyone at lunch, it was so fun to see all the old roommates

A cool fountain I let Kade play in, well not in but around

He loved the water he would climb up and down and run all over the place.

We walked across the street to Temple Square and took some pictures. I'm lucky I got this picture of him. He would not sit still there was just too much space to run around.

Thanks Em for taking our picture

Can you see the baby bump?  I'm 25 weeks here.

My kid loves water and loves Auntie Em

This may be one of my favorite pictures of Kade

Playing in the leaves

It was such a pretty afternoon perfect for playing in the leaves.  Thanks Auntie Em

And we had to stand there and watch the tractor like thing pick up leaves.

Stuck in the leaf pile

Happy? Mad? not sure

Kade loved playing with Auntie Em.  He started going up to her rather than me. (I'll take the break) =)

Playing with blocks at the reception

On our way into the UVU womens basketball game.  Thanks Cathy for the shirts.

Mitchel and Kade at the game.  They were not so happy to get their picture taken but they loved running around the gym and watching the game.  I wish we could go to more but we live too far.  Good thing they are playing in Seattle can't wait to see them (ok really just Cathy)

We also got to see Aunt Erin because she came down and stayed the night.  Thanks Erin!!

Emily was Kade's favorite person because she gave him anything to eat and then would watch animal and car clips on youtube.  Kade loves to watch jeeps.

And it snowed one night while we were there and it was so pretty.  Thank Emily, Mamarine, and Kate for letting us crash at your house.  We miss you guys.
There is also another post i just added.

Zoo and cars

I know it has been awhile since I updated so here are a few pictures.  We went to the zoo with the Johnson's a couple weeks back and the kids had so much fun.  Kade loves to wonder around and its always fun with friends.  Thanks Johnson's
Rex and Kade playing in the hippo toy.

Kade loved the goats because you could pet them.

The baby leopords they were born at the zoo and they are getting so big

Sometimes I'm just not sure what my child is doing and this is one case.  He was trying to put his head in the box.  He was not very successful because the box kept moving.

Typically he carries 4-5 cars around with him

And sometimes he sits in his diaper box to play with his cars

His expressions always make me laugh

He loves that silver car

I found a bag of 44 cars at the thrift store a few weeks back and Kade was in heaven. He was sitting in the box and Jesse dumped all his cars on top of him. It was amazing he just sat there and played.  The $3 I spent on those cars was totally worth it. Have I mentioned that I love the goodwill here, cause I do.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So these are just a few pictures from my phone that I took to send to my brother.  I decided to put some here just for a quick update.  Kade loves his cars.  He plays with them everyday and carries them all over the house.  We always have some in the car and one always in my purse.  He is actually pretty good at leaving them inside when we go out which is good so we don't loose them.  Uncle Mark gave him some cars when we were in California last time and he has not let go since.  Then Ken and Pam, our neighbors who live in front of us gave him a few more and he was so happy.
He was doing something super funny with his eyes.  He felt he needed to blink them alot for the picture.

He did not like being interupted!
I love that he loves his cars because it keeps him out of trouble.  He no longer gets into the bathroom cupboards because he takes his cars into the bathroom and plays with them.  He also has gotten pretty creative with where he drives them and hides them.  I'll try to get some better pictures because I don't want to forget how much he loves these cars.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Last Sunday we went to the Johnson's for dinner and we took our pumpkins with us since we hadn't carved them.  Sadly my pumpkin was left because it was rotting on our porch.  We were able to carve Jesse's and Kade's so that was fun. 
So Kade may have been a little tired and didn't want to help or touch the pumpkins or innards and obviously didn't want his picture taken.

Then we sang 'If you're happy and you know it' and Kade sang along.  He really likes the hooray part and puts his hands in the air.  So at least he looks somewhat happy now.

Here are all three of our pumpkins with the Johnson's.  Thanks Johnson's for dinner and letting us make a mess in your kitchen.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Super yummy pumpkin pancakes found at

I bought these wonderful honey crisp apples and we ate some with carmel and they were so good

Then Jill and I canned applesauce it was an all day ordeal but it was worth it.

My cute little puppy who wouldn't look at the camera.  I found it at a garage sale for $1 and I couldn't pass it up.  Made Halloween super easy this year.

We went to the trunk or treat at church and then came home and went to some of our neighbors. Kade got lots of candy which really means that mom and dad got lots of candy.  Thanks Kade.  He really got into getting candy he liked being able to choose and shove his hand into the candy bowl and put it in his bucket.