Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We started this week by going to a new park. This one we pass on the way to and from the airport. We finally made it and Seth and Jack had a great time. I loved that it's shaped like a cucumber or a pickle. The faces pop out of the trees when you drive on the express way.

Jack was swinging and then the next he was on the ground. Kind of funny. Can I just say I love how creative these parks are.
Isaac and Seth having fun.
Jesse and I had a date night! And we went to Gen's sushi and it was so good and we are way too much. Oh man I have been wanting it everyday since we went. I'll have to go back soon.
Look at all that good sushi!
Bunko is so much fun when you win!! I got 4 bunko's and won every hand of my first round and a half. Then we took the picture and I lost. Go figure!!!

Friday night we started off our Halloween festivities with Jesse's work party. The kids had a blast and got a ton of candy. 
I just wanted one picture and well Jack did not. But I love his face in this one it's priceless. Life is just so hard!
Trunk or treat
I have to say I love his costume. And he pulls it off so well. And making underwear is no joke it was so hard, cotton does t have the stretch like knit. 
There was a carival inside and Seth fought off the bad guys.
Fishing for pumpkins
Jack and Seth got their faces painted and Jacks costume was perfected. I can't get over how cute he is.

Watch out my super heroes are here to protect me!

Then we saw a super cool rainbow.
Guess what Jesse has been gone one day and the boys room looks like this
And my room looked like this. Don't worry it's cleaner now we have until tomorrow to get it ready for Grandma Kathy.
Oh and Kade thinks it's okay to write on things.....not cool at all
We have made some really great friends recently. Ellen and Kade are in the same class at school and we also go to church with them. We both have 3 kids and they are all the same age give a few month. And our husbands are both gone a lot so Emily and I became instant friends.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We had a beautiful afternoon/evening at Maeda flats. It's fun to hang out at the beach and then do a photo shoot. 
Mom bought is this sweet collapsible wagon for Christmas. This was our first time using it. We love it!

Jack made friends at the beach. This family was so sweet and Jack kept going back for snacks.

Jack has had a million blow outs and one night at dinner it was really bad so we just threw him in the sink. Then we decided it was time to trim Jacks hair. Well it got a little short good thing it grows out!
He has learned out to blow and it's hilarious. 
This is the best picture. He is so funny and just needed a drink of water while he was getting his hair cut. It probably felt good on his teeth. Tooth number 8 is almost all the way in.
We have had fun hanging out in the front yard. 
Boxes are so much fun. 
Kade had another soccer game and played great. 
I had another shoot last night and this was the sunset. It was amazingly red! So much red it made my pictures all crazy pink.
This kid won't stop climbing it's exhausting. He was so proud of himself.
And well Lorna's plant holder acts as the perfect stairs. So Jack has had a rough week to start off he has had bad diarrhea all week! About 2 blow outs a day. I think it may finally getting better. He has also fallen down our stairs twice, once on the stairs outside and got a good goose egg, and then tonight he burned his hand on the bbq. He is getting so fast and he is walking more and more everyday. 
Jolene gave me some vynil last year and I finally got around to making something. Thanks Jolene!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


This week we took it easy. We dropped mom off at the airport and ran a few errands and that was about our exciting week.
We did convince Seth to finally get a haircut. He just sat there with a really grumpy face until the guys started to style it.
Look at my handsome boy. We also went out for lunch at the BX after. 
The kids had fire safety week and came home with sweet sunglasses. These two are now stop chatter one our walks home.
We were hanging out in the car and Jack kept trying to put my headband on. He looks so good!
This weekend we watched general conference. I had some time to work on Jack's stocking.
This evening we went down to Naha to watch the worlds biggest tug of war. It was pretty interesting and there is some history to it. It was hard to see the rope but the performances were interesting and it's amazing how many people it took to move the rope.
I'm glad we got to go and I'm really grateful Jesse went with us.
Tons of people but that brown lump in the middle is the rope
Jack was throwing a fit and a few ladies gave him fans.
And then we ended our week with sparklers. One of the neighbors came by and invited us over to do sparklers. The boys thought it was great.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mom here week 2

Well another week has flown by.
We started the week off with Jack turning one! I can't believe he is already one. He is waking more and more each day. He just cut his 8th tooth. He laughs all the time and it's a good belly laugh which makes us all laugh. He is a kid who knows what he wants it's pretty funny. We love our spunky little boy.
Mom volunteered to redo our table and chairs. She can't seem to not paint when she comes to my house, this time instead of a wall it's chairs! Seth was her big helper he would be out there and talk to her and stir the paint.
The bench is green!
We did a little photo shoot for jacks one year shoot. It was not as exciting as I thought. He didn't even eat the cake.
Daddy is home! And the boys were so excited!
There is lot of wrestling going on.
Jack didn't like his smash cake but man when he saw chocolate cake he went crazy.
He couldn't wait.
Someone was so happy
Mom and I went up to Nago and went to the Pineapple Farm which wasn't that exciting. But cute.
We had to get some pineapple ice cream

Then we headed to the Aquarium and Seth had fun on the nets.
Jack loved he fish. It's fun to watch Jack really get into things now and want to see things.

Seth is doing great in gymnastics he tries really hard and to so cute. He always has a huge smile on his face.
We got frozen yogurt the other evening just for fun.
Jesse and I tried to go diving and well the waves were a bit too rough. So we didn't go diving but watched the waves instead.
Then we checked it another pretty beach. It's fun just exploring without the boys sometimes. This beach had nice soft sand.

There were tons of hermit crabs they are such funny creatures.
Saturday afternoon mom and I headed down to Shuri castle and navy underground. It was just mom and me and it was fun not chasing a couple of little boys around. I actually got to read the signs.

Have I mentioned that I am coaching soccer? Haha oh yeah it's crazy but fun. Kade is doing better he really got into this game and scored 2 goals. And they were two really good goals! He dribbled halfway down the field past the defenders and scored! It was awesome.
We made it to Gordies for dinner. It was good we all had hamburgers except Seth who had a hot dog. It was a fun place to go for dinner and the boys could be kind of crazy and it didn't matter.
Jack loves food. He loved Jesse's milkshake. 
Have I mentioned that Jack loves being outside? He is the happiest when he is outside so we are grateful it's finally cooling down a bit so we can play outside and not sweat to death.
He is getting adventurous and climbed up the hill in the back.
For moms last day we went off to sea glass beach. It was a beautiful evening with lots of treasures to find.
Jesse is back for a bit! Yeah it's always nice to have him home.
Seth was out collecting crabs. He had a net full of them.

Okay so here is the reason why there is so much glass at sea glass beach and trash beach. This is a melted trash pile that is down on the beach and as the waves come and wash upon it it breaks the pieces away. 
He is trying so hard to catch up with the big boys.
Wow a family picture. Thanks mom
I thought this looked so pretty as we were at a stop. I love all the sugar cane we have in our area it's so pretty.