Friday, October 21, 2011

Sunday and more

We went to another farm last week and got to go on a hayride.  Kade was so excited about the tractor. The weather was horrible it poured most the day but we made it outside for a little bit.

Kade would not smile for anything

Sunday Kade looked so cute so I took him out front for a little photoshoot

He is getting so big and talking a ton.  He is in a 24month top, and 18 month pants.  Most the time he is in 12month pants, poor kid has no legs.

My happy child

Can you guess what he is pointing to? Yep an airplane.
Here is the front ouf our house. I just wanted to show that we have done a little landscaping.  Found the hydrangeas for an amazing price at home depot.  We plan to get a few more plants for right side where it is just mulch.  So our pumpkins is about as much decorating as I will do for the front since you can't see the front of our house from the street.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random pics

Papa Hank and Kade

Eating green tomatoes is not the best idea.

Kade playing with Ginger Bean

"oh man I have to drive the pink car"

Snack time at Mema's and papa charlies

"I'm so cool"

"Yeah I'm talking to you"

Checking things out

I just don't know what to say about this one!  Erin got this vest for Kade in Tawaiin and it finally fits so I put it on the other day.  Then he found his sunglasses and well then he just started being silly.  So grateful I got the camera out to capture this moment.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Farm

I found this awesome farm not too far from home.  Thanks to a lady in the ward telling me about it.  I set up a play date and we went and enjoyed ourselves.  Alaira and her daughter Alhanna were the only ones to join us but we had a lot of fun and Kade loved it. Its a lot like Avila Barn with the animals, and pumpkins.  They even have a corn maze and a huge hill of saw chips with tons of toys for toddlers to play on.  It was so kid oriented it was awesome. 
A few days later we went back but with Jesse this time to pick out our pumpkins.  Kade loves to be outside and this place is perfect.  I'm pretty sure we are going to go again this week.  Below are pictures from both outings.

You can't tell but he is on a hill made of saw chips. No idea what he is pointing to, probably a bird.

Kade and his new friend Alhanna.  She is just about to turn one and Kade is now 17 months.  Look at how big his head is!

Checking out the sheep.  There was a mama sheep with 2 brand new lambs.  They were only 16 hours old when we saw them.  It was awesome.

Giant pumpkins

He loves these cars I wish we had one but we will enjoy them where we can.

We fed the chickens and Jesse got pecked by a chicken.

My kid is so cute!

Running through the pumpkin patch

Someone was not so sure about a wheel barrow ride.

Riding the toy horse and making his horse sounds.

Me and my boy

More time in the car

Driving the tractor.  I love this picture I think I may have to frame it.

Its a....

a boy
Look at our little man! Nice profile huh

His little hand

His foor and ankle
Now time for choosing a name

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did you vote??

I put up a voting pole for this little baby. go to the right and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Conference Weekend

Kade was in such a good mood on our flight home from California I just had to get some pictures while on the plane.

I'm pretty sure he talked to everyone around us and he loved the high school guy sitting infront of us.  He talked to him using his growling voice it was super cute.

He thought he was so cool sitting on the armrest.

See that lady behind Kade?  She was really nice and sat in the empty seat across the aisle so we could have both seats.  The lady infront of us gave her the idea and I was very very grateful to have both seats. Thank you nice ladies on the airplane.

See how happy this child is.  Oh and not to flight attendants its a really bad idea to park the drink cart right infront of a kid.  Kade just kept reaching up trying to take stuff off.

This is how we spent the Saturday morning watching conference.
Last weekend was General Conference which is always so nice. For those of you not familiar with Conference it happens twice a year where we get to hear the Prophet and apostles speak.  Its so great and uplifiting with wonderful messages.  To find out more go to
  We hung out at home all weekend which was also really nice.  Kade was really really cuddly on Saturday which is not normal but nice.  I think he has been overwhelmed with all the traveling.  When the the Mormon Tabernacle sang Kade felt that he needed to sing and lead them.  Here are a couple cute videos and sorry if they are sideways I dont know how to flip the video.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A few pictures from our quick trip to SLO

We took a quick trip to San Luis for Grandma Helen's funeral.  We took some time to play and enjoy the nice weather.  The best part is Jesse was with us and we have not traveled with him since last Christmas and it was so nice to have him around.
Kade was a little scared of the bridge at the park but after a few minutes he was running across.

It was a little hot outside

Ace hanging out in the swing

I love his little smirk

Yes Jesse was there!! We took Kade to the Avila Barn to feed the animals and he loved it.

The crazy cow

Not sure about this face but I love it.

Kade feeding the cow and then the cow got his hand.  Kade was not so excited about this but recovered quickly. 

This cow has such a long tongue its crazy

Yes I'm in a picture and feeding this crazy cow.

Kade loved loved loved the goats it was so funny.  You can kind of see my baby bump I'm 17 weeks in this picture.

Jesse took this sweet picture of the ugly turkey.

Trying to get a cute picture of Kade in the pumpkins was not easy.  He has started giving me this face when I have my camera.  Erin he is scrunching his nose just like you!!

Another funny face

Family who was at Grandma Helen's funeral.  Funeral's are sad but it was nice to meet more Pearson cousins.

Jesse had lots of fun feeding the sheep.  Not sure why this picture is out of order but oh well.

4 generations. 

Kade loved his soda.  Good thing Papa Charlie filled it with water.  He thought it was so cool to drink out of the can.

Kade and Great Grandma having a stare off.

2nd cousins. They are only a couple of weeks apart and Kade looks so small.  Well Avery is really tall but Kade isn't really sitting up.

Kade laughing at MeMa.  That is what Kade started calling Grandma Kathy.  More pictures to come later.