Friday, July 30, 2010

My Future Baseball Player

Had a fun little photo shoot the other day. I had to take pictures of him in in baseball uniform for my mom and brother who are huge baseball fans

Isn't he just sooo cute!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Birthday Part 2

This is my first birthday with a baby and it was a little different but still a lot of fun. Sunday Jill had us and some friends over for dinner it was a lot of fun and super relaxing. We made spagetti and had 3 different sauces, alfredo, red, and Jesse made pesto, Jill also made breadsticks and Melinda made a green salad. Oh man the food was soooo good. The fun part was we used the basil from our garden to make the pesto.
Jill and I decided that we need to meet more people in our ward and so we invited a few families over from the ward and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I like meeting new people especially when we have things in common and can hang out.
For some reason Jesse thought my birthday was on Saturday and since he thought I got to open my presents...I think he was more excited about me opening my gifts so he could play with them. He gave me a tripod, a remote for my camera, and a camera backpack. Wow I'm spoiled. I am so excited to have some new camera gear especially the backpack. Oh yeah and Friday night we went and say Toy Story 3 its a cute movie, I enjoyed it.
Man he is getting so cute. This picture had nothing to do with my birthday but I love his hair. It stayed like that for 2 days it was awesome. It ended up looking like a rip curl on his head.
I got spoiled this year and got 2 cakes. I was flipping through the cookbook last week and saw a strawberry triffle and a cheesecake and I told Jesse I wanted either one. Well I was loved because Jill made the strawberry triffle and Jesse made a peach cheese cake. They were both sooo good. I'm glad there were a lot of people over to help us eat it because I am trying to loose weight not gain it.

Katie and Blake, we knew them in the singles ward and then they got married so now they can hang out with us married people =) My remote is fun

This is Ethan Melinda's son. He is so cute and he loves to look at pictures of himself. And Melinda didn't want to be in the picture so she is trying to hide behind not working Playing with my tripod and remote and I think Chloe is trying to do a monkey face but I'm not quite sure
Kade sleeping on Katie's lap...he looks so cute
Somehow Chloe got a noodle up her nose and this is Jill attempting to get it out. It took awhile but she got it out and it was disgusting.

My birthday was great now its time to plan Jesse's...any ideas on what we should do??

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fishing for my birthday

Sunday was my birthday! I'm not 27 wow that is starting to sound old. We decided to go fishing and let me tell you it was HOT. We have gone fishing the past 3 years now for my birthday I'm not sure that we have actually ever planned it but it always happens. So Saturday night we loaded up the car and drove out to a little lake. Its a lot different with a kid. When we got there Jesse had to scare a snake away, then we battled mosquitos, then I saw a snake swimming in the water and it was coming right up to us, then more mosquitos, and it was so humid and we did not have on single bite in 45 minutes so we looked at each other and called it a night. It was a pitiful night for fishing but the moon was beautiful. Anyways here are a few quick pics of the night.
Kade hanging out in the chair so I could get my camera, he looks so chubby in this picture..can you see his thunder thigh. Oh and my flash was super bright
Then the light blinded Jesse

And I tried to not blind us so i turned my head lamp on.
I will add more tomorrow

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kade at 2 Months

I had some fun taking pictures the other day of Kade. I think they turned out pretty well. He is gettin good at holding his head up. I can't wait until he can really hold his head up all by himself that will be great.

He is smiling a lot these days and its so fun. He also laughs all the time as well. Hopefully I can get a picture of him sticking his tongue out but Jesse needs to be here for that because that is their little thing.
Well I guess he is kind of sticking his tongue out here. Its just too funny

We love how he is making so many faces that is until I get my camera out and then he just sits and stares at it. I guess thats what happens when you put a big black thing in his face

Its amazing to me to think that he is 2 months already. Time is flying by. I have been doing some private swim lessons and Kade goes along and the moms play with him while I teach their kids. Last week it worked out pretty well, we shall see how this week goes. Kade is also sleeping great last night he was out around 9:30pm and then woke up at 5:30am. It was a great nights sleep. And I LOVE my sleep!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Son is Cute

Kade doesn't have just one church outfit he normally wears a white onsie with a tie on it but this Sunday I wanted to put him in this super cute sweater that i got him. I didn't have pants to match so I put him in his overalls and man he just looked so cute. Of course I never got a picture of him in his sweater maybe next week.I think Kade has figured out the camera and doesn't ever like to smile for me. He will be laughing and smiling like 2 seconds before I take the picture.
This picture makes me laugh, he looks so scared in it. I pretty much just wanted to get a picture of his sweet hair, which i did. We love his hair its so soft.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Videos of Kade's first swim

Here are a few videos from the past week. Man it takes forever to load these things so you should all be very grateful they are here.

So I don't think Kade liked the water too much because it was so cold. He loves his bath so I'm pretty sure if I can find a warm enough pool he will be loving life.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

While the Pearsons were here

Kade having quality Grandpa Charlie time outside looking at the chickens

And sleeping together on the couchI really like this picture. One day Jesse was holding Kade up so he could look out the window and he just looked so cute so I got my camera out. Not really sure what he is looking at but he is studding it hard. Have I mentioned that Kade is sleeping about 6-6 1/2 hours each night yeah. We are going to try and let him put himself to sleep and so far for today's nap it worked. I fed him, burped him, and then played a little but he was so tired so I went and laid him down in his bed and he cried a little but no its quiet so I hope he sleeps. I'll keep you posted on how he is doingWe went to Holden Beach and man was it windy. Brinly's hair was standing straight up after she got out of the water.
Jesse throwing Megan in the water. Good thing the water was warmKade slept again but he was awake for a little bit but had to be kept covered because of the wind.
Kade was blessed on Sunday and we got a nice family picture out in the yard. We really missed having the Georges and Joel with us and we can't wait to see everyone at Christmas
I also made Kade a cute fourth of July tie that he could wear to church. It seemed very appropriate for the occasion

Monday, July 5, 2010

Close Up

Look at those chubby cheeks!! I love it

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick update

Its been a busy last few days and I haven't had time to upload the pictures on my camera but I just did so I thought I would do a quick update. The Pearson Family well all but Jen and family and Joel came to visit. Today we went and hung out at Mott LakeMegan made this cool hat for Kade. I think he looks awesome in it
And Brinly really likes Kade especially when he cries
More to come later