Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some of our Engagement Pictures

We took our engagement pictures this last week at a lake in town called Rim Lake.

Here is a picture of Joel and I. He is the little boy i live with.

This picture is just for Courtney!!!

Another one for Courtney and Emily. Which one of these should I choose?

Or we could do one of Jesse trying to eat the sun

Or how about Jesse all by himself

Brielle the 4 year old drama queen that I live with.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are engaged

So Jesse proposed on Saturday August 9th after spending the day at the beach and then kayaking in a lightening and thundering storm. We went to find shelter on a little island..yes its better to hide under a tree during a storm than playing out on the water. For some reason we felt that these way sweet life jackets would help keep us warm and dry. I love the mesh part of the life jacket.
We had to take one cheesy picture with my cool Walmart ring.
So these pictures are after we came back to the dock after our adventures. See the dark green blob in the right hand corner that is the island that we stopped on and where he proposed. Our outfits are pretty sweet.

Right before and right after we kayaked the skies cleared up and it was nice and sunny. Just while we were out was it pouring rain and cold. It still was great and a lot of fun and now we are engaged!! Craziness!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kathy we just wanted to show you that Jesse has hair!!!

Fishing for my birthday

So I made this blog because Jen gave me a hardtime for not having a blog so I made one and now she has to update hers!!
Jesse finally caught a fish and man is he proud of this one he says it was the biggest one of the night so he thinks he won the competition but I still caught more than he did.
And my third fish, well actually its my 4th but my third one jumped off the hook when i got it to shore so we counted that as me catching 1/2 a fish. Oh and Jesse still hasn't caught one.
My second fish and Jesse still hasn't caught one!
Jesse had to use my fish to take a picture because he still hadn't caught anything.
This is the first fish I caught.

We went night fishing for my birthday and I caught more fish than Jesse it was so great! This is us waiting to catch something. We sat around for about an hour waiting for the fish to bite.