Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Taiwan Day 4

We left Taipei for Haulein and in the bus station there was this huge Christmas tree covered with Thomas and Friends

We found Krispie cream donuts

Waiting for the train is so much fun

Our awesome orange was an older train for sure.

Ipads and iPods were great for the train

Jack cannot sit still ever!

The view on the train was awesome. It would have been so fun to explore the beaches


I'm assuming these are rice fields

We stayed at a B&B and it was great. It felt so fancy

A nice bathroom

So when looking for a place to stay i tried to find the most ridiculous looking place I could find and this one didn't disappoint. This was made out of a ton of little rocks.

This was the common sitting room. The place had 4 rooms. We actually never sat here because we were on the floor above it.

A view of another room. We would totally stay at this place again. The hosts were great so kind and gave us some great food.

After we checked in and hung out in our room for a bit we wandered around the town. Marble is everywhere!

Walking through some of the night market

Getting smoothies

We got dumplings from this place and they were so good. 

These workers were so busy.

These dumplings were so yummy

We tried to get a mango dessert but they didn't have any so we got this pudding one instead. It looks really gross but it was actually really good with 4 different flavors of pudding.

Another view of the sitting room

The view from our bed

We made a little bed for Jack and he seemed to like it.

I think someone was tired

Oh just kidding he wasn't

A view out our window.

Our hosts brought us yummy breads, milk and cereal for breakfast. It was really good.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Tawain Day 3

Its taken me a bit to get these pictures uploaded my phone was being dumb and didn't want to load them. So Here we go
Day 3 started off great we hung out at the apartment and Jesse went to the temple I was to meet him after....well lets just say the boys and I didn't find the temple as easily as I thought and ended up walking around for 2 hours. This awesome group of youth were our life savers and got out their phone and walked us to the temple. 

We ate at Beef Noodle a really popular restaurant and come to find out this was the very first one. It was right around the corner from the Temple

Jack is becoming quite the big boy

Have some noodles

Much easier to eat this way

Oh look we found the temple! It was nice that both of us were able to do a session.

After walking miles Jesse took the boys back to the apartment and I met up with them after I went to the temple. Then we all went out to eat at the Toilet Restaurant.

These boys loved riding the Metro

We walked around a bit. This part was much busier then when we went

It was fun to take the boys to the Toilet Restaurant since they are always talking about farts and poop. It just seemed right. They thought it was pretty awesome. 

This is what the table looked like

The walls

Checking to see if they were real toilets

Dad I think your toilet would fit right in at this place

Seth may have been a little hungry in this picture

The drinks came in urnals

Seth got a kiwi drink that was so good

My noodle dish for dinner

Jesse eating out of his toilet

Kade got a full blown meal.

We ordered a side of pancakes and they were really good and of course shaped like poop. And then it came with ice cream and candy.

The meatballs looked the worst but they tasted pretty good

I never know with this kid

a pancake poop

The food was okay but it was more about the experience

Everyone had to try on the little poop hat..okay it was coving something on Kade's tray but they thought it made a better hat.

Then we all got served ice cream in squat pots

some of the decor

The bathroom sink

More wall art. It was a lot of fun. 

Some random balloon art we found on our walk back to the metro

This is a view out our window. We were on the 30th floor

Seth could eat fruits and vegetables all day.

This was Jack's little room and the boys thought it was a cool place to play.

The boys got this nice big bed in the loft

Asians have the smallest living spaces with the most storage its incredible

A view during the day

Our bed downstairs was also on a little platform.

I liked the little birds

Not a bad bathroom

This was the kitchen with the washer/dryer. I think most people eat out because there is not much kitchen space.

In the lobby there was this really nice Christmas tree so I insisted on a picture.