Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Sale

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Monday, April 14, 2014

April Fun

Practicing baseball. Such a serious face and mouth must be open.

Having your eyes closed also really helps

Looking better, arms right, eyes open.

And a hit

Tulips in my front yard. They looked so pretty this year.

Seth found some water to jump in. He was so happy

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A house

Ok so here it is. we drive up to this beautiful well except for the yard and the hundreds of tracks around the house. someone has had fun mudding around the house. So here is this huge house that was fun to look at.

This was the note left on the door. sad and funny

The back of the house next to the porch. ummm not sure there is supposed to be a huge trench next to the septic things. 

A view from the back covered patio. and the starts of a cool tree fort

So the back door was open so well i walked in and checked it out. Above is umm the kitchen. I see lots of possibilities I mean start with a clean slate right? I'm stading right in between the kitchen and family room. Maybe the little eating area. I went pretty fast through the house. 

Turn around and here is the family room. I could see nice bookshelves going up the side of the fireplace

Standing in that same spot looking down the hall. So someone put a lot of money into this house at one time. or so it appears.

So i'm really not sure what this little area is. I thought it was a bathroom to the left but its not. Umm sorry about my finger being in the way. So its an empty room maybe was intended to be a pantry and the right side was just open. Then it goes into the dining room and living room.

So here is a picture from the entry way. Nice front office room. then a nice closet under the stairs with shelves for food storage and canning. To the right of the stairs there was a bathroom and laundry and door to the garage. It was super dark in there so no pictures. Oh yeah and how takes the railings and banisters? seriously odd.

Upstairs one bedroom

Umm no banister... it looks so strange

Its nice and open to the front door

Bedroom number 2

Bedroom number 3 with 2 closets and a square cut out of the closet.... i see future craft room

The master room. What on earth did they do to their carpets?? and they left this table thing mounted to the wall. it looked like a work bench

The hall bathroom. surprised they left the sink faucets

Master shower and bath. Dirty but looks nice.

master closet nice and big with attic access

And I'll call this the great room. Wow its pink and huge. Their kids have lots of drawings all over the wall and a huge hole...odd

Fun table

I thought this little knook was pretty cool. great use of space above the garage.

back downstairs standing from the stairs. I guess this would be the dining room

closet under the stairs

Closer room of the office

special kitchen

So I took all these pictures for Jenny since she was probably more excited about the house than i was. I mean this place would be great if the price was super cheap but probably not. Anyways it was fun to look at. Maybe one day we'll get a little farm. =)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our trip to Utah-cell phone pictures

Our trip to Utah was crazy, fun, no sleep, tiring, sickness, sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, and tons of and tons of fun.
Waiting for the plane

C-17's look so big when you are on a bus driving up to one. Seth was in awe

Our flight on a C-17. The boys 2nd time and they did great. We have to wear ear plugs because its loud, well not any louder than those little planes that fly into SLO.

Seth checking out the plane after we landed. Each of the boys took their own backpack with toys. I love that they are old enough to do that.

Started my trip off right with a trip to the Provo Temple with Emily and Mama. I love going to the temple with Emily we used to do it all the time. This was my first time going with Mama and it was great. I'm so glad I got to go.

After the temple I went back to the George's got the boys ready and we went out to eat with Emily and Melanie at a Brazilian restaurant. It was super yummy and made me miss my mission and the food there. I should learn how to cook beans and rice and make it more often. I love love love that my boys are awesome eaters and are pretty good at trying new things.

Melanie and Emily are buying a house which is so exciting. We got to go over during the inspection and Kade helped measure everything. Such a great helper

I so wish we had property. I'm pretty sure Seth would never come inside

After church on Sunday we took a hike with the boys up to Big Springs. It was beautiful weather and we found some water and rocks. All the boys were happy. I have more pictures to come once I get my big camera up

Jen made donuts. 

These two are so funny together. They sit there and yell "mine" at each other forever and then share their toys or food or whatever it is at the same time. Sorry Milla for all the bad habits Seth taught you, I hope you don't get into too much trouble

Kade loves to sit down at the piano with Uncle Andy. I hope one day he can play as well as Andy, or even half as well as Andy because Andy is amazing.

One afternoon I was bored and tired of being inside because it was just too nice outside so I loaded up the three boys (Davin was at school) and we went up Rock Canyon. We ended up hiking for 2 1/2 hours. Seth picked up rocks the entire time, the boys climbed and had a blast and Alec informed me that I was mean because I didn't bring enough snacks....oops. It was so nice to be outside.

The 3 studs

Trying to get a picture for dad. Seth never looks happy its so annoying

We dropped by the Avery's and Kade just laid down next to Cali. He really does love animals

We met up with some friends we met in North Carolina who are in Utah now and we went to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. It was crazy busy but the boys didn't seem to mind and they had a ton of fun. Kade giving it a go at rock climbing.

Construction corner. We had very happy boys in this corner

We had pizza and movie night with Aunt Erin. The boys watched part of How to tame a dragon and then spent the rest of the time running around bugging Erin's roommate and Erin. Thanks Erin for the fun night

I had some time, and i happened to bring my fabric along with me so I found a pattern and cut out all these triangles. Then Emily came over and helped me lay it out. This is so i can remember how it looks so i can try to sew it. Now that i look at it i think there are too many cats in the last couple rows. Maybe I'll move some around. Thanks Em for your help

Seriously this child. He tries to test me all the time..... I can't wait to see what happens when Jesse gets home.

We went on another hike. These boys are troopers. Seth walked the whole way because he is getting too heavy to carry. Once again not looking happy. I swear he does enjoy every minute of it because he can carry lots of rocks and sticks.

Kade is very proud of his rock collection

2nd lunch this time at the top of the waterfall. All the kids did great and it was a little chilly.

When Kade falls asleep during the day he doesn't go to bed until late. Then I make him take silly pictures with me so we can send them to dad.

We took a road trip to Vegas and stopped in Cedar City and had lunch with the Callisters. They took us out for a drive in the golf cart. And the boys got to find golf balls

This maybe one of my most favorite couples of all times. They came to SLO and Bro Callister was our intstittute director and I was on the institute counsel. Then he became our Bishop and it was awesome. I'm so glad I got to see them and that my kids got to meet them. 

We then met up with Cameron Avery and his family and we went to their bishops ranch. He raises sheep and its lamb season. It was awesome and the boys loved it. We need a farm we really do. Now I just need to convince Jesse of that.

We stayed with the Crowe's while in Vegas but we got to see the Bunn's. Mitchell and Kade fun at the park.

Seth will say cheese but never look at the camera

We were only in Vegas for a short time. On our drive home the boys both fell asleep super fast then Seth woke up super happy. He loves the blanket Aunt Hailey made for him

Bedtime story time for the 2 year olds.

Andy took us to the cannon center for lunch. Its and all you can eat buffet. Kade had 3 different cereals in his bowl, a bowl of fruit, chicken nuggets, and a huge cookie with some ice cream. Sometimes its just fun to let them eat whatever they want and yes his was all sugary.

Pretty sure this is both kids on a sugar high. I have no idea what they were doing

haha love this girl. Look at that face!

Like I said Seth and Mila are super funny together and I love how these pictures totally capture it.

After 2 weeks we headed home and were able to stop at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. The kids loved digging in the sand for bones! Davin and Kade were doing some serious work

This moment only lasted a moment but I'm glad they are sharing and starting to do so much together.
Our time was so fun in Utah thanks George Family for letting us come bug you for 2 weeks. Its so great to let the cousins build relationships and long lasting friendships. I hope we can see them so much more in the years to come.