Saturday, July 30, 2016

I'm 33 and some other doings of the last 2 weeks.

Last friday we went to comprehensive park with this great group of friends, The Lewis, Anderson, and Bradbury Family. 

Afterwards we were hungry and went to Hamasushi which is the sushi go around. You can order your food and then it comes around on the conveyer belt. You can also just take the ones you want off the conveyer belt.

Seth loves his Sushi!

He ate all of those rolls in this picture and all the edamame!

This is the awesome Lewis family. They are awesome.

Kade's version of sushi is cheese, a little hamburger on top of rice!

Matching at church.

So the pictures are kind of our of order and i'm too lazy to change them so here we go. My birthday was on Monday and we went out for dinner to Kami sushi. I had so much fun and have great friends. 

Oh man our food was so beautiful and good!! Eva and I shared these and were stuffed. I can't wait to go back. 

My amazing friends who celebrated with me. Just missing a few like Emily and Lorna. Let me introduce them to you. Far back left corner is Stephanie, kami next toe me, Marienui across from me. Eva in front of me and Linda is in front of her and Anne is the cute blonde. So thankful for wonderful women in my life. 

So sometime we played at the park and Kade was being a hermit crab. 

The kids love the water

Fun in gymnastics

We went to Kiddie Disco with some friends and the boys had fun but wouldn't get out on the dance floor. 

Sometimes we just escape to the beach in the evenings and play in the water. 

Kade loves playing sushi go. We play it all the time. 

The morning of my birthday Heatherly and I went snorkeling. we had a great dive. 

The boys made me a birthday cake

Jack trying to reach the cake. He is getting tall and he can now take things off the counter. 

My friends are hilarious and got me all sorts of fun birthday presents. I ended up getting 2 cases of crayons and 3 coloring books! The snoopy came from the Sushi chef! it was awesome. 

The boys decorated my cake with the babysitter while i was out to dinner. Holy sprinkles

This week we went to a water playdate with wives and kids from Jesse's work

Jack hanging out. This kid is so funny

Jesse got me a paddle board for my birthday and I decided to make a turtle for it. I think it turned out perfect. 

The boys helped me finish off my cake

And then Jack decided to play with the cake! I looked away for a few minutes. Then he was entertained for the next 20 minutes. 

The Cumo's invited us for dinner and and Livie and I shared a birthday cake. So much celebrating for my birthday. 

Seth has done so great in swim lessons. I'm so proud of him. 

He is so brave now

Finally got out and used my paddle board. the boys love going for rides. 

Yesterday we took the boys swim instructors up to sea glass beach. There was a ton of glass and we picked up so new fun pieces. A couple yellow and purple!! yes mom be jealous. The swim teachers are only here for 2 more weeks until they go back to the middle of the states. They are such sweet girls and we have had so much fun having them for dinner and breakfast and showing them some of the island. 

It was such an amazing day. Dark skies and it was hot but the rocks and the water were beautiful

So Jack and I were waiting for the boys to get over to us to take a picture and it was so cute how Jack squared down with me. 

Just hanging out in a cave. 

We then went to sand dollar beach and only found this one sand dollar sitting just like this! it was so perfect.  

I went to a painting party last night and it was so much fun. I think this will look fun in the boys room. Its been a busy week and I'm tired but its been fun.

I also have to to write down what books I have read this month, not to brag but for me to remember because I have a goal or reading a book a month and I'm doing pretty well and really enjoy reading again. The last couple months I read the Book Thief, boys in a boat, and Unbroken. All of them super good. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sobe Beach and yummy food

we really do love Sobe beach its so peaceful

nope not tired at all. He is cute and look at that shaggy blonde hair. 

The Lum's brought their kayaks and Kade was in heaven and he is so skilled. 

Lots of fun with Kami!

Jack has to be a big kid and can't be left behind. He must go and do whatever the big kids are doing. 

Jack watching signing time and loving it. He is signing food. So cute

We have been doing swim lessons and Kade has come a long way. He is getting a lot more comfortable treading water and is doing great swimming long distances. 

I didn't know there were so many kinds of chetto sticks. 

after swimming at Hagerstrom pool we walked out to our car and notice 2 of the same vans. Little weird when the license plates are almost the same. It was so strange. 

boys had so much fun swimming with dad

We went out to a really yummy restaurant where we cook the food in front of us. 

So much food

Everytime we have gone to American Village as a family it has rained on us and it did this day too. We stopped to wait out the heavy rain in this covered area that sold ice cream

I love all the color!!

Seth doing lessons. He has also become a fish.